Reflection, Taking control and Being Happy

The art of reflection. The ability to evaluate things that have happened and see situations in a more objective and logical way. When bad things happen – a fight, a bad report at work, a flare up – we have this automatic response, a primitive one, to place blame elsewhere, or to hide away and … Continue reading

The Oil Cleansing Method for Problematic Skin

I mentioned oil cleansing in my July Challenges and have now been using it in the evenings most weeks since then so thought it would be a great time to review it! This literally involves using a combination of oils to cleanse your face with. Pros and Cons Summary Pros: Simplictic DIY Far cheaper than … Continue reading

DIY Beauty Haul : The Soap Kitchen Ltd (UK)

My oils and body butters arrived from the Soap Kitchen today and I’m so excited that it’s a bit sad! Thank you to the soap kitchen for delivering today. That is 2 working days from when I put my order in and they had a great summer promotion on at the moment so I couldn’t … Continue reading

Homemade Solutions: honey, sandalwood and lemon face mask

A face mask for both dry and blemish prone skin types. Honey and sandalwood make a great combo. Cheap yet effective, moisturising yet antibacterial, the list goes on. Always ensure you but natural ingredients (organic if possible) so you have the purist forms. Sandalwood can help to fight blemishes, spots, whiteheads as well as blackheads … Continue reading

The July Challenge

Thanks for all of you who voted for the July challenge. Now I know not all of the options were skin based but sometimes with the negativity that comes with having a skin disorder I think I’d like to also promote positive thinking (that’s the psychologist in me talking I guess!). Sometimes, it isn’t my … Continue reading

The Oil Cleansing Method: My Cleanser

You can read about my steps to choosing my oils in my last post about getting started with DIY beauty, but here I thought I would list the properties for you so you can see why I have chosen to put these oils together to form my oil cleanser. Now I have concentrated my product … Continue reading

Homemade Skincare Solutions – DIY beauty – Getting Started

If you have read my recent post on Homemade Solutions: complete skincare makeover, you’ll know that I am now step by step aiming towards a completely natural and DIY skincare routine. I’m not sure about you but buying products has cost me so much, literally 1000s of pounds over the years and its astonishing. Now … Continue reading

Homemade Solutions: Complete Skincare Makeover!

So after struggling to both find products for my acne/eczema prone skin and products which are natural but not too high a cost, I have come back to something I actually mentioned back in 2011 when I began this blog…..DIY products! Now for me one of the reasons I never got into it is because … Continue reading

Homemade Solutions: Camphor for itching and inflammation

I came across Camphor when a father commented on my ‘about’ page in regards to its positive effect on his daughter’s eczema (thank you !) and I did my research….sure enough it is definitely a bonus for eczema and as a plus acne too!   Camphor is best purchased as an essential oil of 100% … Continue reading

Homemade Solutions: Gram Flour Face mask with Sandalwood and Tumeric Powder with Yoghurt

This face mask is one I am trying this week and I cannot wait! The ingredients all promote healthy skin and they are products which are easy to source (head to your nearest indian food store and you should find all three and there’s always the internet!). Read my personal review at the end of … Continue reading

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