Homemade Skincare Solutions – DIY beauty – Getting Started

If you have read my recent post on Homemade Solutions: complete skincare makeover, you’ll know that I am now step by step aiming towards a completely natural and DIY skincare routine. I’m not sure about you but buying products has cost me so much, literally 1000s of pounds over the years and its astonishing. Now that I am a student I am realising just how much I really can’t afford to keep spending like that. Natural and organic products can cost even more and since I turned to natural products have realised the cost realistically is a lot for problem skin especially when you have to experiment with products until you find ones that “work”. So to keep to a natural skincare regime going but in a more affordale way, I thought its time to go DIY. I began to think about this some years ago and I will review the first book I ever brought on making your own skincare in a future post because I think it was a great way to learn the basics. The only issue was it really got me so excited I ended up starting too big….trying to make my whole routine in one go which trust me isn’t going to work!I ended up not getting the mixtures right, or not liking what I made and so really please don’t follow that route!

This time round, I’m going to work on each step of my routine and create each single product at a time…this way its one small step at a time rather than jumping in head first! I would really advise you do the same. It just got so much the last time I tried so I gave up….So this time, I’m starting small! Slowly but surely I’ll get there 🙂

If you’re thinking about going DIY with your beauty routine, there are some great websites out there and bloggers who know all about it. Specifically for me I gained a lot of help from:

  • Dana at Heary habits (http://heartyhabits.com/ and twitter @heartyhabits) – Thank you Dana you really did help me with your choices of places to buy my oils and essential oils and which oils to use
  • Annie at hello purple clouds (http://hellopurpleclouds.blogspot.co.uk/ and @hipurpleclouds on twitter) – Annie has a DIY resources page which was handy!
  • AllNaturalAspiration – Youtube channel with a video on DIY Starter Kits…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFtKxyCUpLs&feature=youtu.be)
  • And of course Google….you can literally search for whatever you need :)…just be sure to not take everything you read for truth….I searched over and over to back up what I had read on one site

I have to say that twitter has been a great help in gaining advice…you’ll see from my twitter feed I’ve been asking about where to start and these bloggers have really helped! Sarah @sugarpuffish helped to direct these bloggers my way! I think using the advice of those who have been there and done that is great. I definitely have more trust in this ‘word of mouth’ style advice rather than following impersonal websites with no reference of the “who” behind it or whether they have even tried it….

This is not to say that the internet has not been a great help. The world of carrier oils and essential oils is astonishingly large! There are so many amazing oils out there with so many properties that you really do have to do your research to find those which suit you and your needs. But that is one of the great things about DIY skincare, you really are creating a range of products JUST FOR YOU.

My Tips for DIY Skincare

  1. Figure out if you have the time and effort to really put your all into the trial/error process that is DIY skincare. What you make may not work, you may have to keep trying different combinations of products to get something which suits you, but that’s part of the fun! You have to spend time researching….I have spent a lot of time over the years learning about different oils and their properties but even now I’m still a complete newbie….So you really do need to allocate some time to this….
  2. Figure out what your skin needs….that will provide the basis for what your “ingredients” will need to achieve.
  3. Ask for advice….ask those who have created DIY products for help, it has been great for me…jump to twitter!
  4. Search for carrier oils which suit your skin’s needs
  5. In regards to point 3, find out where others purchase their oils and materials…there are so many sites out there that you want to be buying from a decent one!
  6. Start on one product (or one for your face/neck and one for your body…) and create an ingredient list…..
  7. Start small…don’t go and buy loads of products….
  8. Add essential oils AFTER your carrier oil blend has been found….essential oils can be irritating to skin so I think it is better to add them in later….well that is my plan anyway! If you start with 2 ingredients and it doesn’t work, you can play around with it until it works before adding a third. This will also help to eliminate any products which don’t suit your skin.


So now with this in mind…..here is my plan….

My First Product: An Oil Face Cleanser

I thought I would start at the beginning of my skincare routine and work forwards in creating products. Now cleansing is so important, why not start there! I have decided to start very basic and make a simple 2 part oil cleanser following the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM: http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/) before adding anything else to it. This is to first try this method of cleansing (I have tended to use only balm and cream cleansers so this is a first for oil only cleansers!) and to figure out if my skin likes the 2 oils before I make the cleanser more complex…

Here are some more websites I turned to for info on OCM:




So here were my steps:

  1. What does my face/neck need? My face – even when it had full blown eczema – is prone to spots and clogging. At the moment my face is a tad dry, but my main problem is I’m breaking out in acne spots on my chin and cheeks. My pores feel completey congested and in the need of a deep clean! My skin is sensitive though and still in the need to be nourished. My neck is more sensitive and prone to itching and eczema even more so….I need a cleanser which is gentle but can clean deeply as otherwise I am being left with spots when caring for the eczema only….
  2. Researching Oil Cleansers…now first off I learn the simplest form is Castor Oil plus a carrier oil of your choice dependent on your skin type. Castor Oil is an astringent oil and can help to unclog your pores and therefore help clean them out but it is also not the best for senstiive skin and so should be diluted. I thought about the sensitivity of my skin and thought to perhaps start at 10% castor oil and work my way up depending on my skins reaction to it….A pretty simple first product….
  3. Choosing my other carrier oil…Now I read up that for acne prone skin or sensitive skin you should use oils with more linoleic acid content in ratio to oleic acid as it may exacerbate those problems. This fits in with the fact that hemp seed oil and evening primrose oil work well on eczema and acne prone skin! So though I can’t say this is true regarding the ratio, I thought I may as well start limiting my oils in some way….
  4. I get clogged pores….its easy for me to break out…so I searched the comedogenic rating of the oils I thought to use. Now first I thought my beloved coconut oil…but then I checked its rating at : https://www.beneficialbotanicals.com/facts-figures/comedogenic-rating.html Definitely changed my mind! A rating of 4! That is fairly high…now you need to know your own skin type to figure out whether the ability to clog pores applies to you or not….coconut oil can work for many people….but from knowing my own skin I know to avoid it!
  5. I cut down my choices to: hemp seed oil, black cumin seed oil, Camelina oil, pumpskin seed oil….I realised camelina oil is one which is usually diluted to only 5% so decided it could be 5% of my final mix….I decided I would purchase all 3 of the other oils to try….(I’d like to review them for you 🙂 ) I want to see which combinations work well for sensitive, dry and congested skin! My skin is currently not flared up, but a cleanser which works well for sensitive skin would sure work for eczema too! I will talk about the properties of the cleanser I am making in my next post specific to OCM.


Next week I’ll hopefully be receiving my oils through the post and can start! Fingers crossed for happy skin!


Have you made your own products? What would your advice be to others?

3 Responses to “Homemade Skincare Solutions – DIY beauty – Getting Started”
  1. Annie says:

    Thanks for the mention Selina. You seem to have made a great start, hope it benefits your eczema x


    • Selina says:

      Thanks Annie! I hope so too and the breakouts! I’m waiting on my oils so let’s hope! And you’re welcome. Just pointing people in the right direction your page was helpful when I was thinking what do I do lol 🙂


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