Contact Details

If you would like to get in touch, I am available in the following ways:

Facebook Page: My eczema tales Blog (
Twitter: @eczematales

I am happy for emails from people suffering with eczema and other skin conditions as well as from companies for PR purposes.

5 Responses to “Contact Details”
  1. primrose says:

    Hi ,

    I recently saw your post regarding the clinic mandelic acid peel consultations , been looking on your blog for follow ups regarding those peels, just wondering how it went for you as i have hyper pigmentation from eczema and i am considering them,

    Thank you 🙂

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    • Selina says:

      Hi Primrose, nice to hear from you .You are right I never fed back about the treatment! Will attempt a post in the next two weeks about it as you’re right I should follow it up! In Summary I signed up for three peels, they were expensive so three was pricey enough. I didn’t feel they were “wow” good if that makes sense and I didn’t think my face had cleared the way I had hoped. I’ll post some cheaper, more pro-sensitive ways to tackle pigmentation with the post as pigmentation issues are a pain! Hope that helps xx


  2. Ashley says:

    Hi Selina,

    I absolutely love your blog. I’ve featured you in a post I wrote today called 9 Awesome Eczema Bloggers. I hope you can check it out.

    Ashley Wall

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  3. jim azama says:

    Hi Selina
    I’m the owner of Yu-Be skin cream and wanted to send you some free products to try for your eczema. If you like it perhaps you can tell others of it’s benefits. Please send us the address you want them shipped to if interested.

    Thank you,
    Jim Azama
    Yu-Be Inc.


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