This blog is about my experiences with eczema: the good, the bad and the ugly. My emotional ups and downs, my skins ups and downs and anything else to do with my eczema since it has basically taken over everything in my life! My aim is to manage my eczema without steroids and to share it with those out there trying to fight this just like me. This is a blog about a REAL eczema sufferer.


Why I started this Blog

I was actually inspired to start this blog when I realised how helpful it has been for me to read other eczema sufferer’s advices, tips and experiences with eczema.

I haven’t really read much about moderate-severe facial eczema though on other blogs, but I have read about people in forums who suffer from it like me so would really like to do this blog to cover my experiences with eczema (which is always mainly on my face) which I hope can benefit others. I got sick of finding “cures” in ebooks online for hefty prices and people trying to make money from something people (including myself) are desperate to get rid of so decided to start this blog to share my real eczema experiences.

In addition, people with sensitive skin can also benefit from a lot of methods that eczema sufferers use so I hope it can help any one who wants to try some new more natural/ organic ways to care for your skin which help to keep it nourished, moisturised and in good condition.


About Me

I have suffered from eczema for over 8 years now. The main places I get flare-ups and general eczema are my:

  • face
  • neck
  • elbow and knee joints
  • upper arms
  • shoulders

During a bad flare, I can get it down both sides of my stomach, in patches on my back, on my legs, scalp, hands and ears!

When I first began to suffer from eczema, I would use the steroid ointments the doctors would give me in large doses. Back then, I didn’t understand the side effects and negative impact of steroids I just saw the immediate relief I would get. The doctors never really told me about them either. Eventually after about a year or so when the steroids were not getting rid of the eczema like I wanted, I realised it wasn’t a method I wanted to use any more. They left my skin a bit off colour, wrinkly and thin and weren’t a long term solution. My eczema came back even more angry after I withdrew from steroids too…it was like a viscious cycle.

Cutting off from steroids was and is still hard, it means that when my skin flares up I have to deal with the flakiness, dryness, redness, weeping, soreness and crustiness for days/ weeks even months on end! Sadly for me, my face and neck are always the first places to flare so it makes coping with eczema even harder.

Not only is the physical side of eczema exhausting to live with, but the emotional impact is huge. My eczema is very volatile, it flares without warning and I don’t have a set trigger (which I know of just yet!). Controlling it on my face and neck is always the worst and I have and am trying many things to see if they work! Facing people and the world becomes a nightmare when my eczema flares and I would like to share all of these experiences with others now as I cope with it and discuss how I try and deal with it so that hopefully others can do the same and gain something from reading my blog.

I have attached some photos of my eczema status at the bottom of this page when I started this blog (2011)m my most recent flare up and now. I thought that the best way for you to understand the condition of my skin is to see it for yourselves hence I regularly post photos. The photos from 2011 actually show a calmer stage for me during that year; I had suffered from a 6 month flare up whilst in my final semester at university and these photos show when it had begun to ease up. My skin is still red and blistery here but it was relief compared to the flare up which covered around 50% of my body in a more plaque like form on my stomach and shoulders. Now, my eczema is the calmest it has been in ages but I am left with very noticeable discolouration, scarring from the acne spots I am now getting and this is currently what I am trying to improve.

I am motivated to get my eczema to a reduced, hardly noticeable level. My worst flare up was in 2011 (I don’t have any photos because I didn’t let one be taken and I deleted the ones I had because it showed my weeping face..definitely not great for my self esteem looking at those!) however, during my ups and downs I will post more photos so you can see how my routine, tips etc are working out for me and the conditions of my eczema. Really hope this helps someone out there.


My Goal

This has always been to find a solution to combat my eczema. I know many people say there isn’t a ‘cure’, but if I could find a manageable solution or routine which could keep my eczema at bay (if not get rid of it all together), I would be the happiest person in the world! For me, this involves trying any type of treatment: skin care and beauty products, dietary changes and supplements and changes to my lifestyle.

This is a learning process for me and I thought letting others read about my experiences with everything I do/ try may help them in their own solution for eczema, and improving their skin condition overall.

2011 photos

2013 Flare up Photos

2014 Photos following current routine πŸ™‚ Skin at the calmest it has been for years

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi there! As a lifelong eczema patient, I was thrilled to find this blog. I see you’ve tried so many things, too! I found that eliminating all mineral oil products really, really helped— my skin gets angry with me any time I introduce mineral oil. (Sometimes I can cheat if makeup only has a tiny amount, but never with a lotion!) I also oil cleanse my face (I use a castor oil/ hempseed oil mix). Don’t know if that’s helpful at all- everybody has different skin!- but things have gotten SO much better for me since I switched, I thought I’d put those two things out there. Hope you’re doing well!

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    • Selina says:

      Hemp oil is a great oil for our skin! Hope you’re enjoying using it, mineral oil does nothing for me either I found that if I put it on over night my skin would really dry up by morning rather than feel moisturised! Natural oils have definitely been so much better!

      Love oil cleansing though it has been such a great way to battle my eczema and breakouts at the same time and it’s so nourishing!


  2. Leigh says:

    I have just come across your blog, and am so happy I did. It’s the kind of blog I’ve wished was out there for so long, and something I’ve often thought of starting myself… I have had eczema since I was a child, however it went away for about 14 years and came back in my early twenties worse than before. It can be so isolating, with not a lot of good advice out there from doctors. It’s been a real struggle to figure out what works, something I am STILL working on. Great to know there are so many other people out there, and a place for everyone to come together. Thank you!!! xo

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    • Selina says:

      Your journey really resonates with me as mine too disappeared for years and then suddenly came back with a vengeance I couldn’t understand! It made it that much harder because I felt lost, that’s why I created this blog so I’m really glad you’ve found it helpful! I hope you find some answers for the questions you are looking for. If not ask away and we can see what we can do! Don’t ever feel you are alone though, there really is a community of us!


  3. elcoo12 says:

    I’ve had eczema from being born and I am now 16 years old, it has been a rough time for 16 years as my eczema gradually got worse in my head on my face, all down my legs back and front feet between my fingers! I am so so scared of showing and telling people why my skin is like how it is and I feel no one else will understand what I’m going through. So j just say it’s a rash to get the conversation over and done with. My aim is to ask you how I deal with it beacUse as a teenager I am currently studying GCSEs and the stress out on top of my eczema is just the cherry on the top! I feel so ashamed of my body as is never show it and think I never will. Because no one will ever be able to understand. As I’m getting older it has come to my intrest why me? How do I deal with treating my eczema? Would be great for a reply

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    • Selina says:

      I’m so sorry for such a late reply! How are you doing? I remember eczema at 16 and it felt like an added burden to the usual problems all my friends were going through it was definitely tough! But you an get through it it sounds like you notice how stressful life has become with it and you just need to figure out how you de stress and take time for you in order to manage that in a way that suits you. In terms of eczema, how well do you know your eczema for example do you know what causes a flare up? Understanding your skin and everything around it will help you and you have over a 1000 of us here to help! You are not alone πŸ™‚


      • J N says:

        Oh my god! Oh my god. You just wrote this a few days ago. I’m really eager to talk with you, Selina.

        I’m desperate and alone. And my depression? How do I explain to anyone else that it is primarily fueled by my cracking, constantly bleeding hands that are so stiff that on my most days I cannot even form a fist.

        Sex? Forget about it. Impossible. Wearing those cute clothes you talk about, that we should be able to wear but simply cannot because of our bleeding, cracking, bubbling, oozing, scaly skin? Yeah, I understand you completely.

        Tonight’s a particularly bad night for me, not only is my skin peeling to no end but I just had to sit in a room with “friends” talking about how revolted they are by skin conditions and when they discover an otherwise attractive partner who, upon taking off their clothes, has bumps all over.

        Thank you for being here and I am going to start contributing.


      • Selina says:

        One of the things I found difficult at my lowest points was when people would talk about skin as though having good skin is easy. I think bringing awareness is something we can do but in today’s society appearance means SO MUCH. Not everyone understands that skin isn’t always easy to manage but all we can do is smile that we go deeper than the skin πŸ™‚

        Re sleep, did you see my sleep post? These are things I have tried and tested, I even listen to my own sleeping audio as it helps me sleep through the whole night and prevents itching! Good if you need to switch off too?

        If you want to talk send me an email selina@myeczematales.com. Happy to talk and share experiences. Where about are you based? I’m considering organising a meet up for those in the UK


  4. Amara Howe says:

    I used to have mine when I was a baby however didn’t develop again until a sudden flare up at 18 which lasted two months. I was absolutely covered with scratch marks and looked awful but this somehow cleared up and I thought it was just a ‘teenage phase’. However roughly 6 months later (as soon as I left college, got a job and met my boyfriend-probably stress!) it developed again and I have had it for almost two years now! I currently have it in my inner elbows, my back, chest and eyelids. The inner elbows are probably the worse (often get worse when hot) and the eyelids are more flakey than itchy. (Waking up in the morning with crusty eyelids is so unattractive.) I have used so many different creams and it seems nothing works as I am just so sensitive to everything. However, Balneum bath oils are probably my favourite, they make bath times so soothing and silky unlike creams which I just want to itch off the second I’ve put on.

    Eczema can be such a nuisance because i’ll never have a day where I feel ‘really pretty’ because I know the eczema’s there. The good thing is mine varies, some days it’ll be barely noticeable and other days i’ll look like a lobster! If I’m honest, my boyfriend simply stroking my arms is the best remedy, it’s probably just some sort of placebo but it seems to calm my skin. Being stressed doesn’t help either, but being cool helps: I constantly have a fan on at night and prefer to sleep without a top on. I did have eczema on my legs too but luckily it cleared up about 6 months ago and hasn’t come back. It doesn’t help when you can see it… with my legs I’m often in skinny jeans whereas with my arms I’m often in t-shirts, and seeing it makes you want to scratch it!

    Eczema blogs like are brilliant and so helpful. I don’t personally know anyone with eczema and sometimes it makes you feel like you’re the only one, especially being a young woman of 20, where your spots are finally meant to disappear. Luckily, I no longer suffer from spots, but it seems karma has bitten me for squeezing them and given me some wonderful eczema instead – haha.


    • Selina says:

      Your story sounds similar to mine….had it young, grew out of it then sporadically it reappeared…I’m 24 so I totally know what you mean about feeling like everyone else has “normal” skin and we have to contend with this….all of uni was pretty much a flare up for me and though its made a stronger person now I do just want to love myself and my skin…..

      Do you find sun exposure helps your skin? Like I used to find the only relief I would get was from hot sunny holidays way (I live in the UK hence away :P) and in January I began supplementing with vitamin d3 to compensate for the lack of sun exposure and it has been AMAZING like I mean seriously, my skin has NEVER been this great for a period of 6 months. Your story sounds similar to mine so I hope this may help you!

      Trouble for me now is that my face is actually more acne prone, can you believe it! U-turn. If you see the eczema in October last year and my face now, its crazy….still trying to figure out a great routine but now to combat the acne too….

      I created this blog because I basically felt alone with my eczema so I’m really glad you find it helpful in that sense πŸ™‚


  5. Hafsa says:

    Just read your About section and I must say I felt like you had written out my story word for word! I have the exact same flare-ups in the exact same locations! 😦 It is so emotionally and physically painful. I end up crying my eyes out when the flare-ups are the worst because my whole body is so covered it hurts. However, it is somewhat comforting to know that there are others out there dealing with the exact same situation (not that I would wish this upon anyone!) and are reaching out to share their experiences and relieving treatments. I wish you all the best, really, with all my heart. Let’s hope one day someone somewhere will find a cure for this debilitating condition. Who knows it may even be one of us! πŸ˜€


    • Selina says:

      One of the reasons I began blogging was to hope that someone out there would understand this and it has been amazing (though also disheartening) to know there are so many of us. We really are not alone!


  6. Mark says:

    Thank you for this ! Seriously useful info.
    I have bookmarked this and i also am looking forward to reading new articles.
    Keep up the great job!


  7. Rohit says:

    I have been an eczema sufferer since childhood and have gone through typical eczema trouble as most of you have already described. My daughter of 2 years got a bad flare of eczema behind her knees about 5 months back and I tried almost everything possible like control diet, etc. The steroid was helping but I don’t want to use it on her because of side effects. Recently a homeopath prescribed calendula to apply on her skin at night mixed with a grain of camphor and calendula drops to add to her bathing water and it has worked wonders. Its natural remedy so wanted to share. Hope it benefits somebody. Bye!


    • Selina says:

      Thank you! Natural remedies are great. I think I need to have a page of recommended remedies of readers so they’re easier to find.

      I’d be happy for you to share your story of hope you’re managing it on my your stories pages. It’s nice to have readers share tips.


  8. Zest says:

    So glad to have found your blog! I have just developed eczema for the first time in my life; feeling both sad and frustrated about it as it’s all over my face 😦 I won’t go to the doc because they’ll only presecribe cortisone, so I’m very keen to check out natural alternatives. Thanks for the blog! πŸ™‚


  9. Simone says:

    Have you heard about herbalife? I’ve heard of a few people now who used ti and there ecsema went away?


  10. Judy says:

    I’ve always had eczema. But in 2013, I had extreme flare ups on my hands. My dermatologist did not know what to do with me anymore. So he referred me to get a patch test since he suspects it’s an allergen causing it. It turns out that I was allergic to propylene glycol, which is in a tons of products like hand cream, detergents etc. The doc told me that the majority of eczema sufferers hv this same allergy. Have you gotten an allergy test before?


    • Has your eczema improved now then?

      I haven’t always had eczema. .. It cropped up at 16 so I assumed no allergies. However, I hoping to see a naturopath who will also run allergy tests for me as I think for peace of mind it is better to have the tests. What type of allergy tests did you have?


      • Judy says:

        I found out that I was allergic to propylene glycol just 1.5 weeks ago, so I’m still under observation. In 2012-2013, I’ve started getting into using skincare and makeup. I’ve started developing eczema on my hands then. Since I was 6, my eczema flare up has mostly been from food, sweats, and sometimes body wash. 2013 was a bad year for me. I had eczema all over my palms, my finger tips would have those under the skin bubbles, and they never healed with very bad flare ups. I was undergoing phototherapy on my hands as suggested by my dermatologist, but it didn’t seem to be effective at all. I’ve also gone through at least four different types of cortisone cream which did not help at all. The only thing that would help was cortisone injection, but that could not be the permanent solution in calming it. Finally, my dermatologist referred me to another dermatologist that would do patch testing. He suspects my eczema flare up on my palms would most likely be due to chemical irritants. I had to answer an extensive survey about products I use and my lifestyle. Then he narrowed down the allergens that I should be tested on. I was tested for North American’s top 75 allergens, rubber and fragrance. The result says I was allergic to propylene glycol. It’s found in shampoo, body wash, lots of hair care products, skin care products, laundry detergents, hand wash, make up and most of all, even in the cortisone creams! So far, it sounds quite reasonable that this would be the cause of my flare ups from the skin care products and hair care products I was using. I discovered propylene glycol in my foundation, shampoo, body cream, face wipes already. So I’m hoping this would solve my problem. My dermatologist told me that propylene glycol allergy is extremely common for eczema sufferers. One of the common brand, cetaphil, also contains this ingredient in some of their products. I’ve always been careful with the body care products that I’ve used including natural body wash, so I haven’t had that big of an issue with eczema flare up from those. Just want to share my experience with you, theallergista’s website has useful info on propylene glycol. And perhaps, you can discuss about getting patch tests with your dermatologist.


      • Your dermatologist sounds like they worked hard! Is great (I always find UK doctor don’t do the same. ..) I have gone to all natural skincare recently and began to take prebiotics (read this http://myeczematales.com/2014/01/19/a-vogel-molkosan-vitality-a-review-of-this-prebiotic-powder-for-eczema/). I think all of this has helped.

        But a patch test wouldn’t do any harm to be sure I’m not allergic to anything I use often!

        Thanks for sharing your story. Please let us know how you get on?

        In addition, if you’d like to share your story more widely please look at my share your skin story post as I’d love to share your story! It may be helpful for others to read of your experiences and I really want people to be able to tag ox Other people’s experiences as well as mine.


  11. 20112010mo says:

    i totally understand what you go through. i have suffered with eczema my whole life and three years ago up until 3-4 months ago it was so severe i wouldnt leave my house for weeks at a time. i am now in control of my problem and have created a website with all kinds of information on preventing a flare-up and products that are good/bad. you may find it useful at http://www.eczemastruggle.co.uk we can beat this one day at a time


    • Your website is very informative. Hoe would you describe you’re own routine?


      • 20112010mo says:

        to be honest, it was a mix of everything at different times due to what was available to me at the time. sometimes I would rely on treatments prescribed to me by the doctor at times as that would be all I would have access to but really tried to use natural treatments as much as I could. I tried a vegan diet for almost a year and found that to be very rewarding but at the same time very expensive. I highly recommend this to everybody.


      • Yeah money is a factor. ..I did gluten free and sometimes th cost added up. I’m cute bent just eating well and more healthy and sewing how it goes… I’ve spent my Christmas and birthday money on natural products so let’s hope for the best. So expensive though! !


      • 20112010mo says:

        i have just added a new article that you may find interesting. http://eczemastruggle.co.uk/introduction-to-internal-cleansing/


      • Just read it. I drink a Molasken preobiotic drink daily to help keep bowels regular. Think it is especially important when skin is feeling stressed. Like me now! Ridding of toxins is vital


  12. jim azama says:

    Hello, i own a skin care brand called Yu-Be (made in Japan) and many of our loyal customers suffer from eczema as well. If you’d like we can send you some free samples so let me know.


  13. I really appreciate this blog. X I have eczema. I’ve tried everything, and thankfully there are only 2 or 3 serious patches left, yet I have scars all over my body which makes me look and feel ugly. I can’t do anything the other girls do and no boys like me.


    • I write quite negatively on my blog sometimes but it’s just to vent out all the frustrations. I think it is important to vent your feelings so that they don’t build up. Have you tried keeping a journal at all? I find it helps me think more positively ….

      It is hard as there are some things I also feel I cannot do bit eczema can’t hold you back unless you let it so hold your head up high and do what you want


  14. Hi! I was just searching for other blogs on people suffering with allergies and skin conditions and I came across yours. I have been suffering with eczema my entire life. I would have flare ups every now and then, and there were some areas that always had it, but they were small and it was manageable.
    Then suddenly, over the past 12 months it suddenly flared up DRAMATICALLY. My eczema patches got really thick and rough and dark. At night, it would get so itchy that I would scratch it in my sleep and wake up with blood on my sheets and scars on my arms and neck. And it started to take over my skin like wildfire. The patches inside my elbows that used to be about two inches wide suddenly spanned from my wrist to my shoulder. My entire neck and shoulders became covered, instead of just a patch under my chin. And it began to spread across my back and down my chest. I got patches all over my torso and legs. After a few months of freaking out, I decided to see a doctor. I went to a natural doctor that a friend of mine with Lupus was having great success with. The Dr. analyses ALL of the factors that could be causing illness and tries to stop it at the source, as opposed to just giving medication for the problem. Anyway, she took blood and ran a series of allergy tests. When they came back it turns out I am allergic to so many items that I ate *every single day.*
    It has been really hard cutting them out of my diet, especially corn and soy, which can be found in or on almost everything, but with just 2 weeks of removing the foods I’m allergic to from my diet, my life-long eczema is fading into almost nothing!!! In only two weeks!! I’ve started a blog about my efforts to make delicious food without the things I’m allergic to if you’re interested (http://strictlydelicious.wordpress.com/) but I encourage you to go get allergy tests (with your blood taken, not the pinprick ones on your skin that do nothing). Hopefully it will help you find your triggers too!


    • I’m definitely thinking I need an allergy test! My GP is a nightmare to visit though and so getting an appointment fo a referall isn’t easy at the moment. But the out of blue flare up is definitely a warnign that something has changed….strange isn’t it!

      Hope it is going well…I cut out gluten and dairy and know the struggle it is to give up foods which were once a norm!


  15. I’m so happy that I stumbled across your blog!! Looking forward to your posts πŸ™‚


  16. Tammy says:

    I want to thank you Amy Jo for recommending Irish Eyes body lotion for my teenage daughter. She has been using it for almost a month now and hasn’t had any flare ups (cross your fingers) since she began using it. I only wish we could get it in stores instead of ordering online. I know many natural grocery stores are now selling it as well but none in my area of CT. I use the Milk Drench facial cream on my face twice a day too which has Emu oil and carrot seed oil in it that has really calmed my skin down.
    I really appreciate this blog. It’s been a lifesaver for me:)



  17. Amanda says:

    OMG. I Have The Same Freaking Problem. I was doing fine skin was healing then i went swimming in the ocean. Then BOOM Biggest flare up of my life. & its hardest for me cause im a teenager & and school starts soon.. my friends don’t mind. But there always asking me what i have. Sucks cant wear shorts & tank-tops
    My mom is always telling me it’s not that hard to put on your cream, but she doesn’t know how hard it is!! D;


  18. Wendy says:

    I’m 30 and had eczema since I was 16. I’ve experienced the worst case of flare-ups in Nov 2011 last year, which led me to discover a flower treatment called Phytobiophysics. This is my 7th month into the treatment, and I’m glad a friend of mine told me about this. I’m not 100% healed but is getting much better. If this treatment is available in your country, do give it a go for at least 3 months. From my experience, I was able to sleep well during the first month of treatment. Thank God! I’m don’t like writing in blogs, but I tried creating one just to record my experience (http://eczemaandme.blogspot.com/). Errrmm…sorry to say my last update was 3 months ago…


  19. Amy Jo says:

    I’ve suffered Eczema for 22 years. Home remedies have always seemed to work the best for me but fade after a few short weeks despite all my efforts. I’m done using cortisone and using precription medication for this disease due to all the side effects and expense. I will say I began using Irish eyes by lorena a few short months ago and as long as I use the daily skin lotion, my eczema disappears. If I go a few days without using this body lotion, I slowly begin to itch and it starts all over. This lotion has made a huge difference in my life as far as wearing dresses, skirts and short sleeve shirts. It’s a mostly natural product that has many natural oils that calm my skin and hydrate it. I’ve used it on my 6 year old daughter who also suffers from Eczema so it’s safe for children. Hope this helps someone like it’s helped me. Good luck everybody!


  20. Susan H. says:

    Hi! My heart goes out to you…I have lived with the battle of eczema since my first son was born 15 years ago. His skin is much better now but it has not been an easy journey. I can’t tell you the secret…I don’t know it myself…I believe it is a combination of variables…one must keep the hope alive to discover their own unique formula. Things I considered that may have benefited my son are: his diet, I kept it clean of additives, colours and preservatives as best as I could…keeping to fresh fruit and vegetables and as homemade as possible. My son also has mulitple food allergies to dairy, eggs, beef, peanut/tree nuts, sesame, fish, shellfish, raspberries and mustard. Detergent was free of phosphates and fragrance and clothes were all cotton. Bathing and creaming up to 3 times a day if possible, making sure to cream while the body is still damp. Our dog died…one allergist would not test my son while we still owned a dog…said it takes 3 years for a home to be clean of a dog. Vitamins…look into essential fatty acids…Evening Primrose did wonders for my son’s temperment, as he has a fish allergy, I also give him flax oil capsules, acidophilous for his gut, vitamin D, calcium and a multi vitamin. At around 11 years of age, we tried light therapy…that seemed to be the turning point for my son…his skin started to slowly clear from that time on. Was it the missing link? Was it just coiinciding with puberty? Who knows…all I know is my son is better and is managing his skin with positive results. Hang in there…you are not alone. Susan H. @ The Food Allergy Chronicles


    • As a mother it must be hard to see your son go through this and it sounds like you have really changed his lifestyle to help improve his skin and I think that is great! Sometimes perhaps because I was a teenager when my onset if severe eczema began that its kind of a battle I fight alone ibm my household. Noone else has really attempted to change which sometimes is hard. I hope your son continues to do well though and like you I believe that it is a variety of changes that help.

      What supplements would you recommend I try? I want to incorporate things slowly into much lifestyle so that I can adapt easier and see the changes that each can bring. Thanks for your in depth post!


  21. Jennifer says:

    My three year old son has had eczema since he was 3 months old. He also has food allergies and asthma. It’s been a struggle. I’ve added your site to my blogroll as I’m hoping to bring more awareness to all the eczema sites out there. http://itchylittleworld.wordpress.com/ Thanks for the advice and your story! Jennifer


  22. Jasmin says:

    We started off with Lucas’s Pawpaw ointment which is what I had used with good results, Herbalife Aloe gel, docs prescribed Oilatum, Fucidin H, Aveeno bath oil & cream, Doublebase, Betamethasone valerate, Mometasone Furoate 0.1%; Allergenics (found that at Holland and Barrett), Chickweed cream & Graphites cream from Helios Homeopathy, Weleda Calendula face cream… and I stopped eating Dairy and Gluten. We also bathed her in oats and chickweed (getting a muslin bag, filling with oats and chickweed and running the water over it). The oats helped to soften the water and the chickweed is meant to take away the itch. We only used the chickweed a couple times as it seemed to exacerbate the condition.
    I also saw a Homeopath Rachel McCallum who gave us loads of support and many many remedies. We tried over a dozen, and some things helped, but then we’d get a flare up again… she suggested we try Soap Nuts as well which was a good laundry detergent alternative.
    Towards the end of our time in the UK we saw a lady called Grace Hall who did an allergy test- it was a bit weird and I don’t know how accurate it was, but the valid advice she gave us was (again) to change our laundry products. We were using Ecover and she told us to use Surcare. I washed everything we had and this helped as Faeryn had eczema on her body- belly and back, but she doesn’t have this now. We don’t have Surcare in Australia but we found one laundry liquid which has had good results thus far.
    At this point we are still dealing with eczema in the usual places- behind knees, creases on wrists and ankles, around her thumbs, under her chin and around her neck. It comes up in her armpits and inner elbows too, belly button and eyelids. Since being in Australia she now has a patch of it by her right ear and on her scalp, but the weleda is helping. The other places aren’t so severe, but she scratches behind her knees and under her chin whenever she can. So we use Fucidin H on her bad eczema and Aveeno her everyday, multiple times. On her face we use the Weleda Calendula cream. I wish I had of had an opportunity to try the Skin Salvation.
    We’ve been in Australia for a week now, so once I can do some hunting around I’ll see what remedies they have here.


  23. Jasmin says:

    Hello Lovely One!
    Thank you for writing this blog. It is great to read through your trials. I used to have eczema on my hands- to the point where when in healed I didn’t have any fingerprints. Today they are still quite faint but I rarely have the severe flare ups which you know all about! I used to scratch my palms on my husbands stubbly face- felt so good even though I knew it would just make the weeping worse. Like you I tried pretty much everything, all the creams; natural, barrier creams, hydrocortisone; took out all the so-called allergins from my diet, acupuncture, chinese herbs, homeopathy, naturopathy, affirmations, ayurveda, neurolinks… finally what worked for me 12 years later was a Shamanic Healing called a Soul Retrieval. I know it sounds very strange but I haven’t had it return and the last I saw it was in 2007. I read this book called “Shaman Healer Sage” and the wisdom in there resonated with me. Luckily I was near a healer who had trained with the author and just one session with her… was the change I needed.
    Now I am looking at eczema all over again as my baby girl suffers from it. I am angry that the GPs say, this is baby eczema and it is expected so don’t worry, she will grow out of it. Very hard to hear this when your baby scratches so much! So for now I am back at looking at the lotions and potions… we have moved from the UK to Australia too so I am hoping the change in the water quality will help… so far it seems good.
    I will keep reading your blog. I wish you the best skin and all good things!
    Love & light,


    • Hi Jasmin, thanks for sharing your experiences! Its great to hear other peoples experiences with eczema! I have never heard of the Shaman Healer Sage, what does it involve with a healer? But I’m so glad it has cleared your eczema, that must feel so good! Let me know how the australia environment is for your daughter. Hopefully she does grow out of it as many youngsters do! What have you tried for her?


      • Jasmin says:

        Oh yes- Shaman Healer Sage is a book by Alberto Villoldo.

        In the session I lay on the massage table and the healer, Chris Waters http://www.life-times.co.uk/shamanic-healing.htm worked on me energetically. It was very strange as I had some visions during it, and as I communicated this to Chris, she was able to work on me deeper. Anyway, I guess she communicated with an aspect of my past life (sounds weird right!) where the energy which had caused the eczema began. As I walked away from the session, my body was tremoring as the energies were resettling. I had to go to bed for a couple hours as I kept shaking.

        I saw her again a month or so later as I had another issue which I felt she might be able to help, but no. So, like life, try things once, try again but don’t lose hope that help is out there.


  24. Stephanie says:

    I’ve had eczema all my life and i have tried almost every treatment there is. My mom found this site a while ago and it has some pretty good tips… hope it helps!


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