Blog content: Sensitive Skin Beauty and Lifestyle : should I stay or should I go….?

For anyone reading my posts over the past year, you will notice that in general my eczema had stayed pretty calm. Heck I’d say I’ve had it pretty easy! With a few cracked lip moments my skin is 90% of the way to where I wanted. I’m so fortunate. However that leaves me in quite … Continue reading

April Goals: Rejuvenated mind and skin, say YES to some TLC!

So after my post on my current updates, I decided to set goals. Real goals. Not the type I usually make such as “I will exercise”, “I will eat better”, “I will spend less time on my phone” because let’s face it they’re pretty vague and I say them and pretty much do not do … Continue reading

Eczema out of the Blue and Stuck with Steroids

That was me at 16. Out of nowhere I got a flare up of severe eczema on my face and had a red, flaking face. My skin had always been a bit on the dry side but nothing more than a typical dryness which comes with winter. The last time I had had any signs … Continue reading

Day 4 of the Oil Pulling Challenge

So on day 4 I have to say that the process is now becoming normal. No gagging,  no urge to spit before 20 mins. .. It’s incredible what a few days of making yourself do it can do! It is so easy and I’m hoping that you have found it’s gotten easier too! Thoughts on … Continue reading

Day 2 of the Oil Pulling Challenge : it’s getting easier!

So I completed my oil pulling today complete with 1 full table spoon and for 20 minutes and I have to say it was bearable today! It’s better to do it whilst you’re doing something else (I caught up on some TV! ) and it really does get easier! I think the only weird part … Continue reading

The 10 day challenge: are you up for it?

Recently I have been researching lots of methods to try for my eczema. As you all know there are so many methods to trial and error on the Internet and some are frankly quite out there. Though some may seem ridiculous like oil pulling (search it in google for more but literally involves swishing oil … Continue reading

Vitamin D for Eczema: A Review

Have you ever noticed a significant improvement of your eczema status when you are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, for example when you’re on holiday or in the summer? I have, and the symptoms also worsen in the winter when I spend even less time outside in the dismal UK sunshine. Ever since … Continue reading

My Eczema updates: My face and neck eczema after cleansing and moisturising at night

So the images aren’t the best. Blame trying to use a smartphone!  But after cleansing and moisturising my skin tends to look very sore, raised and I feel like a giant tomato!  It calms down slightly after around 5 mins Does anyone else get this? I thought I would share my current eczema status with … Continue reading

GIVEAWAY: SBT sea buckthorn Soothing Salve for eczema

For a chance to win a FREE full sized sample of the soothing SBT salve I recently reviewed,  go to the original SBT Soothing Salve post and leave a comment with a correct email or social network account saying “WIN” (sorry eczema sufferers only I’m afraid.) Generously given by Crystal Noble, it will be good … Continue reading

Combatting Stress – Step 4 – Prioritising things Effectively

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