WaterWipes – a review 

So what are WaterWipes? WaterWipes are chemical free wipes which have a 99.9% water content with just 0.1% fruit extract making them the purest wipes I’ve ever come across!  My thoughts:  I used these when I went on holiday and ahhh they were so useful! I used them as daily wipes when out and about … Continue reading

Restore & Repair: the beauty box for problem skin

Sick of spending £££s on lotions, potions, e books and prescriptions trying to find products that works for you? Have a drawer full of half used products which don’t suit your skin but you couldn’t return? Unsure what to even try next? This is exactly the case for me, endless products which have been “okay” … Continue reading

Trial of the week: xmaease non steroid cream

I have lots of free goodies for readers with this one! The very generous people at Xmaease in New Zealand have given a bundle of free samples! Watch out for my review post to grab yourself a sample. A company with a non steroid ethos. Ahhh the joys! I have some pesky hand dryness ( … Continue reading

July Giveaway: Leonor Greyl Leave-in Scalp treatment

I have recently been sampling Leonor Greyl products and love their shampoo and leave-in treatment for oily scalps and dry ends! These natural haircare products smell lovely and really have helped to keep my scalp from being too oily between washes. I used to wash my hair daily (bad habit I know! ) but this … Continue reading

The 10 day challenge: are you up for it?

Recently I have been researching lots of methods to try for my eczema. As you all know there are so many methods to trial and error on the Internet and some are frankly quite out there. Though some may seem ridiculous like oil pulling (search it in google for more but literally involves swishing oil … Continue reading

GIVEAWAY: SBT sea buckthorn Soothing Salve for eczema

For a chance to win a FREE full sized sample of the soothing SBT salve I recently reviewed,  go to the original SBT Soothing Salve post and leave a comment with a correct email or social network account saying “WIN” (sorry eczema sufferers only I’m afraid.) Generously given by Crystal Noble, it will be good … Continue reading

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