Restore & Repair: the beauty box for problem skin

  • Sick of spending £££s on lotions, potions, e books and prescriptions trying to find products that works for you?
  • Have a drawer full of half used products which don’t suit your skin but you couldn’t return?
  • Unsure what to even try next?

This is exactly the case for me, endless products which have been “okay” but not worked too well for me, so they sit in my cupboard half full. This is exactly why I Am bringing you the Restore & Repair Beauty Box – a  bi- monthly filled with a range of products which are steroid free, developed for sensitive and dry, eczema prone skin and are gentle. This could range from topical creams, soaps and cleansers to washing powders, stress relief aids and even support in improving diet and encouraging better sleep. After all, we know eczema is more than skin deep so why not make it easier for us to take the road to natural healing by doing it for less and doing it together! Having you guys here reading and commenting in my blog has been such a great motivator for me that it would be great for the R & R box to become a way we can heal skin together too!
I developed the R & R BEAUTY BOX with the following aims:

  1. Allow those with troubled skin to be able to try products for less money (savings of at least £10-15 per box)
  2. Raise awareness of what could help you in battling with stressed skin without steroids with the products, blog posts, videos and newsletter
  3. Allow those with problematic skin to take control of their skin by trying products in a community of others with the same products

If you would be interested in receiving our first box, look here . The eczema journey can feel so lonely so it would be great to be able to do this together and have an open forum of box users to share experiences!

Let’s get skin restored the holistic way and do it together!


3 Responses to “Restore & Repair: the beauty box for problem skin”
  1. simplybful says:

    Finally there is someone who understands what we eczema sufferers go through. I am very much interested in your beauty box and would love to try it,if possible. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi there, the R&R Beauty Box is such a great idea! I am from Purepotions Skincare and we would love to get involved if possible. My name is Weze and my email address is – if you think our products might be of interest please do not hesitate to get in touch. Best of luck with the box venture, I am sure it will be super popular 🙂 Best wishes Weze x


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