How I manage my neck flares

So if you have been following my blog, you will know that my neck is one of my main trigger areas for eczema. It used to predominantly be my face too but my eczema seems to have stabilised on my face over the years. My neck however is the place I will flare first and … Continue reading

My Eczema and Sensitive Skincare Routine

My AM eczema and sensitive skincare routine.

Eczema out of the Blue and Stuck with Steroids

That was me at 16. Out of nowhere I got a flare up of severe eczema on my face and had a red, flaking face. My skin had always been a bit on the dry side but nothing more than a typical dryness which comes with winter. The last time I had had any signs … Continue reading

Restore & Repair: the beauty box for problem skin

Sick of spending £££s on lotions, potions, e books and prescriptions trying to find products that works for you? Have a drawer full of half used products which don’t suit your skin but you couldn’t return? Unsure what to even try next? This is exactly the case for me, endless products which have been “okay” … Continue reading

Ten Tips for Better Sleep

Sleep. We all do it, we all need it and yet it is one area many people struggle with night after night. Sleep is important for many reasons – it supports us in repairing cells and resting our bodies both physically and mentally. When you have the itches of eczema to contend with don’t underestimate … Continue reading

Reflection, Taking control and Being Happy

The art of reflection. The ability to evaluate things that have happened and see situations in a more objective and logical way. When bad things happen – a fight, a bad report at work, a flare up – we have this automatic response, a primitive one, to place blame elsewhere, or to hide away and … Continue reading

My Eczema Updates: Facial and Neck Eczema on waking

So I showed you my eczema after my nighttime cleanse,  now This is my eczema when I first awake in the mornings. .. very dry and wrinkled on my neck, rough to the touch. .. Though my face feels smoother it is red and sore looking. Do you get this?

Combatting Stress – Step 3 – Keep a Journal: Vent, Rant, Let it all out

Now keeping a diary isn’t for everyone. Some of you will probably read the titile and think no way. We are all so individual that what may work for me may be utterly useless for you and that is one of the reasons Step 2 of Combatting Stress was about knowing yourself and your habits….It … Continue reading

New Eczema Care Routine to come shortly!

My routine is now half of what it used to be and I have moved forward with the other half through trial and error and finding things not to be as beneficial as i would have hoped. I’m currently compiling my new routine for you guys and hopefully you can share yours too, so we … Continue reading

My Eczema Diary: September 2011

I’ve written a few blogs recently and thought I’d write an update on my general eczema and how it is and what I have been up to. Firstly, right now my eczema isn’t gone as I still get it on my arms, neck and shoulders quite badly, but on my face, stomach and legs it … Continue reading

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