Your Eczema Stories

So here is a page where you, my readers, share your stories. I thought it would be great to share these so you can read other peoples stories other than mine all the time….

If you would like to share your story please email me at and I will post your story…share how eczema has impacted on you with others with eczema. It doesn’t matter if it is still chronic, what is important is that you can share how eczema has affected YOU….here goes:

Manfred’s Story

A long story short, it attacked me for 1 whole year all over my body, my neck was literally the worst spot ever. Thick and red and itchy and golden crust all over, it was absolutely disgusting. It even attacked my abdomen and my heels, it was spreading to my thighs when It mysteriously disappeared in my eleventh grade of school. Later i learned the reason for that was because everyday i played basketball for 1 hour in the hot sun (12:00 PM). I would be soaking with sweat and still my skin was just improving. It really felt like a miracle. Of course i played basketball in the sun all the way until the first year of college. When it attacked me again in college, it was no less merciful than before. I kid you not i went to 12 dermatologists (over a span of 2 years) who all prescribed me cortisone, cortisone shots, antibiotics, and just your typical moisturizer. It was always gone for 2 weeks max (after the cortisone) before it struck me harder than before. Some creams burned me so bad tears would roll down my cheeks. My parents even tried cabbage leaves, dead sea salt, dead sea mud and so much others it was just so painful remembering them all. The personal impact on my life was terrible. I’m sure you know what i mean. I would wake up in the morning and feel so sticky i would want to kill myself. I hated that sticky feeling so much i would hate to get out of bed. Every morning i had to shower because i smelled like a stink bomb. Of course it would take me usually until 3:00 AM to fall asleep. And so many nights were sleepless… Alas for that, even my social life was down the drain. I would rarely ever communicate with my college classmates, and preferred to read in the library on my own in between classes. My GPA dropped, and i used to excel in high school. One day near the summer i remembered that my eczema had once gone away in eleventh grade and it was the same severity at that time. This occurred to me after I cried out to God i couldn’t take it anymore and cried all night. I was up and about researching alternative cures to eczema, i was willing to try anything, i had lost faith in conventional medicine. Strangely, some people reported getting better using cod liver oil, even after having eczema for 27 years! I was like, what the Hell? I am taking salmon oil, surely they are the same? I also came across others who claimed sunning on the beach took away their eczema. Another trend i noticed was that eczema was ALWAYS worse in the winter. I checked out the ingredients of cod liver oil and walla! Vitamin D3 was a key component. It was here where i felt convinced the first time i had cured my eczema was because of my sun exposure. Which is ironic because its supposed to cause skin cancer and we need to stay away from it. All this hype in the media about how the sun is so bad for you has caused a Vitamin D deficiency epidemic. Medical professionals are now recognizing the need to be exposed to the sun. So what i did was take high doses of D3, and i used only the tiniest amounts of hyrdrocortisone to keep me going. And you know what. It never came back. Until my first bottle of D3 finished. And so i just bought another one. Well there you have it, that’s it for the most part, hope you can relate 🙂

Now that you mention it, i had it as an infant, but it disappeared and resurfaced at the start of 10th grade for me. I was 16 at the time as well. I moved to Dubai when i was 13, before that i was in Washington. Since it’s very hot in Dubai, i would stay indoors most of the time and that’s when the eczema began to set in. It would be so humid outside that it was unbearable, even at nigh

Abby Lai’s Story

I have had eczema ever since growing up and it had been very difficult. I had it everywhere on my body from head to toe and could not even wear t-shirts in the summer. I was constantly going to doctors to find a cure; I tried medicine, steroids (both topically and internally), and even cortisone creams, to no avail. Every morning when I woke up, I would wake up with fresh blood on my nails from scratching, and lots of dead skin on the floor. It was so hard. I found it to be the most difficult times of my life, especially since doctors said it would never cure.

It was until nothing worked that I decided to try alternative therapies. I tried acupuncture but that didn’t help; I had lost hope. My friend told me about changing my diet but I didn’t believe it. After seeing a naturopath and nutritionist, I decided that maybe it would make a difference, after all I had nothing to lose. I had tried almost everything already. I ended up doing the elimination diet and also going vegetarian for 2 months. My body had endured a lot of stress, but during that elimination time, I had removed a lot of potential allergens bugging my system. To my surprise, in that time, my body somehow miraculously healed so quickly within 2 months! Every single day when I woke up, even if I had just slept for 4 hours that night, I would wake up and notice a dramatic difference in my skin being healed! It was a miracle.

Changing my food really changed my entire life, and my entire skin. 2 months of diet change did MORE than an entire decade of being on medication. I have since gone onto study nutrition and have become a holistic nutritionist to help others. 🙂 I hope to continue spreading the word about eczema and natural remedies to help cure it.


2 Responses to “Your Eczema Stories”
  1. nikki jules says:

    You guys have no clue how much you all are helping me cope! So, I remember reading somewhere that asthma sufferers highly develop eczema. After 3 years of severe asthma attacks, I came down with eczema. It began on my inner elbows and inner knees. Every year, I would gain a new area. I mean it spread like wildfire. I suffered from eczema for about 7 years to date. My scars are really bad and noticeable. Im talking thick and scaly. Dark patches and circles make it hard to dress accordingly. I’ve tried literally EVERYTHING! From corticosteroids, aloe vera, oat baths, natural moisturizers, diet modification and all gave temporary relief for that season. Up until summer 2013, my worst case ever. I scratched my elbow open and it was just an oozing open sore which wouldn’t heal for 3 weeks. I finally cried and begged my mother to take me to the ER. There, I was referred to a dermatologist. Turns out Im allergic to dust mites. Dust mites, Really? Then I thought to myself. I had gotten a gym membership earlier that year where most of the exercises were done on their carpet. I’d be drenched in sweat which also made it worsen. I had to stop my vigorous exercise regimen and stay in for most of the summer. Currently, I take a zyrtec everyday and use all natural organic moisturizer I whip up from Shea butter, EV coconut oil and Aloe vera which leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth! I haven’t found anything to help lighten the really dark patches and scars left over from an exacerbation. Any suggestions? I still am afraid to show any skin because Im tired of having to explain exactly what I have to deal with.


    • Selina says:

      I’m currently trying to find something for my darkened areas and scars too so I know how you feel! Has your eczema completely cleared? And where are your dark marks?

      Someone told me it is called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I’ve got a consultation mid April at sk:n clinic in the UK and Im hoping they can offer advice. My face and neck and elbow are darker than the rest of me and dull in colour I’m really disliking it. My arms are noticeable and people do stare. … face I can wear make up but I dislike the fact from my neck down I’m a different colour naturally.

      So far I have read up about how vitamin c serums etc can help lighten the pigmentation, regular exfoliation is also important. I’m going to try plain yoghurt and lemon masks this week to see if it helps with the colour before investing in expensive skincare. …. I’ll let you know how it goes as well as the consultation!


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