Skin Updates – Eczema flare

It was just over a year ago that I was querying whether I change the name of my blog as my eczema was non-existent and I felt I had nothing to post. Fast forward to 2017 and I am currently experiencing my second flare of the year. Before the year, I hadn’t really experienced an extreme flare since late 2013. However, this past week I have gone from itchy bumps under the skin which itch to a full blown neck flare.  To say I am confused is an understatement!

My skin last week:

My skin yesterday:

Having had a few years of peace where I began to feel content and didn’t worry about my skin greatly (in terms of flares) to then realise my skin might not be as under control as I thought has been a difficult thing to acknowledge, especially with the dramatic shift in just a week. My neck has always tended to be a hot spot.

I had been managing it okay mentally, trying to think well actually least it’s not my face at the moment but that was until yesterday when I had a low – just one of those days when I’m frustrated that all of the changes I have made are still not enough. I think it was the sore neck whilst trying to be at work and having had a poor sleep the night before. Today I am in a better place, have done some meditation too, but I realised how important it is to monitor your mood in this because it really can feel so horrible at times.

So what led to the flare up?

Just a guess really as I’m not 100% sure but I think it is a combination of the weather change (winter does me no favours!), stress and the fact I have stopped running. I am currently in the last year of training as a clinical psychologist and have had a few knock backs already. One of my placements fell through, my supervisor has been off sick and I guess it has felt quite unpredictable. On top of that I am trying to complete my research project and a literature review so there is definitely some stress work wise. When I have a lot going on, I can put my self-care and me time to one side and have a tendency to just muster on. I guess I place my body under stress and I have become accustomed to high levels of stress which is not a good thing!  I realise that my eczema is probably my body’s way of releasing that stress perhaps. I was running over the spring/ summer but the winter weather has meant i haven’t as I was running outdoors and now its dark by the time I am in from work. I guess without this outlets of stress the flare has come too as I haven’t found or implemented an alternative. I did also wonder whether I have environmental allergies I’m not aware of…

Whats the plan forward?

One thing I refuse to do is give up! I have began to:

  • Take vitamin d3 supplements for the winter
  • Take probiotics for my gut (stress/ gut to me are related)
  • Practice Mindfulness with the Stop, Breathe & Think App (free)
  • Shower before bed to prevent itch

Products for me are the last resort really but I have been applying Pure Potions Skin Salvation as its the only thing which doesn’t make my skin feel hot/ itchy.

I also think it is important for me to cultivate time out for me. I haven’t quite got there yet but this list is a start and I’ll get to building it up. Eczema to me really is a reflection of our inner self and not just related to allergies, I have changed nothing dramatic in my external world. I have turned vegan but more about that in my next post! My eczema is definitely telling me I need to stop and just heal, but how do you manage that whilst in the midst of life? I’m trying to figure it out!

Will update soon! Is anyone else experiencing a flare at the moment? What is helping you?

2 Responses to “Skin Updates – Eczema flare”
  1. Ev says:

    I had a pretty bad flare up just 2 weeks ago… It went away but came back last week. Still recovering, sadly. Eyes got all swollen to the point I can’t see?? Not sure if it has to do with winter, allergies, lack of sleep, maybe hormonal problems? There’s just so many variables to figure out just which few things it could be that triggers my skin, and my doctor isn’t any help. It’s so frustrating.


    • Selina says:

      I totally feel the same, it can be so frustrating! Every time I think I have it under control, I can get a flare like this out of the blue and like you think is it sleep, is it winter, maybe it’s allergies, hormonal. There are lots of factors to consider. I also see how my mood is totally impacted. I’m trying to practice mindfulness for my mood really, I’d really recommend it if you’re feeling low and I Use it before bed. With winter I’ve began vitamin d again but feel it’s not recovering as much as I’d hoped. When I’m stressed it can impact on my digestion so I’ve ordered some more probiotics too for that. I’m hoping by tackling it all round it will help! What’s helping you? And eyes for me tends to be allergies! I use an antihistamine daily to see if that helps, are you taking one?

      This journey is hard but one reason I started this blog is so we can all think about it together! It’s exhausting but we can do it!


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