Poppy’s Natural Skincare Review – Super Hydrating Organic Lip Balm and Soothing Neem and Chamomile Balm


Poppy’s natural skincare range was created after her son experienced multiple skin conditions from birth. As a way to manage his skin in a way which fit her values (not using creams with carcinogenic side effects), she created a range of natural products to address different skin conditions. Ingredients are chosen with the view to heal and restore good skin health.

Some of my favourite products come from smaller, UK companies which were started with values which fit with mine. This includes Pure Potions and myrrh which I have reviewed previously. They also tend to be products which stay in my routine for longer (i.e. Pure Potions has been part of my routine since 2011) and so I am always keen to try products with similar values.

The two products I initially tried from Poppy’s range were the Super Hydrating Organic Lip Balm (vanilla) and the Soothing Neem and Chamomile Balm.

My experiences 

Unfortunately I was allergic to the Soothing Neem and Chamomile Balm. I have found that recently my skin has become more sensitive to ingredients (after flaring last year) and annoyingly, I am not even sure which ingredient(s) it is at the moment. I applied the balm in the mornings several times and would have a lumpy neck rash by the evening. It took me awhile to figure out it was the cream since it was a delayed reaction, however, after keeping a diary it seemed to be the balm. I have used Neem and chamomile previously with great success and so was a bit baffled. Poppy was really helpful when I shared my experience with her and we thought a non fragranced one may be better (review to follow as haven’t tried it yet) and could help assess whether it was the fragrance ingredients (linalol and limonene). I have to say that the help and support I received was amazing and I really value gaining support when it comes to investing in natural and organic skincare. I really appreciate it when companies take the time to help you find what works for you.

The lip balm was something new for me and I didn’t react (phew!). Since starting to use natural and organic products, I guess I have neglected lip care. I find that I can focus on the eczema itself and neglect other skincare, even as simple as moisturising non eczema parts. It has often meant I have chapped lips and have ended up using a healing salve like my skin salvation on my lips when my lips are in crisis and I need something (not always great as it can leave my lips looking off colour!). The lip balm has been a great product for me to see that its not just my eczema that benefits from natural skincare. I also find when my upper lip is flared, my lips get drier too. It might sound silly, but when you have eczema you can become so focused on that that everything else gets left behind. My lips can chap repeatedly in the winter and this has helped to keep the chapping to a minimum (like one day of dry, flakey lips compared to the 3/4 I would usually have!). I used it reactively initially, however, this year I have found that applying it daily seems to prevent my lips from even beginning to chap. The vanilla scent for me was great (beats the taste of healing salve =) ) and the lip balm has a slight shine but isn’t glossy which is perfect for me. I could also happily apply this under lipstick and it helped keep my lips in good condition. I also used it on my hands when I forgot my eczema cream a few times (between my thumb and forefinger I can get dry skin) and it also helped.

All in all, I have really liked the lip balm and the great thing is I have been using it for three months and I still have half a tub left. The only downside may be if you don’t like a lip balm you use your hands for. Otherwise it a great, light balm which has helped me with lip chapping. As a plus, I think it is great that Poppy takes the time to help you choose one of her products, so if you are interested you can always catch her on Twitter @poppy_skincare or contact her through her online shop .

I am really looking forward to trying some of the rest of her range including her body butters so will feedback soon! I’m glad I have come across another UK based company which shares values in line with my blog.


Just a note on allergies. My skin can become intolerant to ingredients over time. I used Aveeno for 2 years previously before developing an allergy to oats which left my skin raised and itchy. So hopefully the fragrance free works and it’s not the Chamomile or Neem in the balm, but just a word of caution that just because you once weren’t allergic to something doesn’t mean you cannot develop an allergy! So if you get a reaction don’t assume it isn’t your go to products!

Hope you found this review useful. Have you used Poppy’s range? What did you think?

***These products were given to me to trial by Poppy’s Skincare with the awareness that all of my reviews are 100% based only my real, genuine experience. I was not sponsored to do this review ***

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