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This is a page for you to share your views, thoughts and to ask questions. A reader may know the answer 🙂

In addition, any tips you have on improving your eczema would be great so that others can share your findings! Or if you have heard or read about something which is supposed to help eczema, then let me know and I maybe able to review it and test it for you and others who visit my blog.

Also, feedback on my blog and how I could improve it would be so helpful. This is my first one!


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  1. Scott says:

    Hi guys

    Here is my Story;
    I have suffered eczema all my life since I was a baby. Ever since 2008 I started getting facial eczema. People probably know how daunting face eczema can be, as the face is fully exposed all the time. It really have a big effect on everyday life. Oh by the way, I live in Australia.

    I have tried a lot of things (as probably all of you have), and spent a lot of money to retard my eczema on my face, but nothing has worked to get rid of it completely. The best thing that is working best for me are Organic Turmeric supplements which seem to lessen flare ups, but it is not gone completely.

    Here is the funny reason, that I cannot seem to grasp;

    Whenever I go on Holiday for 2 weeks, my eczema disappears completely, body and face. And I mean completely.

    I went to Europe in Nov, Thailand in Jul, and everytime my eczema was gone.

    I tried to figure out why, and maybe I thought it was the humidity? But Europe was in winter so it is very dry and Thailand is very humid, so that cannot be the answer. And normally I am on strict diet for my eczema when I am home, but when I am on holiday I ate everything I want like cheese and fast food ect, and still got better.

    I believe it is something to do with the air or atmosphere but I cannot figure out what it is.
    It has been 2 weeks since I came back and it is starting to flare up again.
    I am even considering to relocate to Europe at the moment, because I am so amazed how it can just be gone like that, when I tried everything to get rid of it in Australia and I couldn’t.

    Has anyone had this experience? Please share or give me any feedback.

    Thank you




  2. Claire says:

    Especially in the morning.


  3. Claire says:

    I was told when I started with eczema that the chance of it being dietary was very slim and as I am an adult its more than likely chemicals but they wouldn’t do a test. It was just by chance that I found out about the milk and types of milk. Im not to sure what the difference was between the two apart from the fat content. I more fell upon it lol


    • Selina says:

      Yeah same here. I used to use aveeno and that all of a sudden made me itchy after a year of use. ..I didn’t get why. But after this facial and using the balance me cleanse and Smooth I think have somehow developed this Allergy with oats. eczema works in strange ways! But you kind of have to figure it out alone which is a pain. I’m glad so many people read my blog and offer tips. It’s been great!

      Glad you can have your cups of tea though… One thing I can’t live without!


    • Asia says:

      You can get through it! 🙂


  4. Claire says:

    Iv left a comment on here a few times. I have eczema on face for about 18 months which I have discovered through trial and error to be brought on by milk. I still do have the odd brew with a little milk in. Over the past two weeks at work my brother has been buying the milk. Iv noticed that he has been buying semi skimmed milk as apposed to the skimmed that I would buy. Im not sure on the mechanics of it but I havnt had any flare ups and I have had many brews made with it. Not sure if this will help anyone it was just something that I have figured out through trial and error for myself


    • Selina says:

      Thanks for the tip definitely helpful 🙂

      I think I need to collate all the comedy’s on my blog onto a tips page so they’re easier to find. I recently have thought I am allergic to oats after a facial went drastically wrong when I reacted, oats are generally used for sensitive skin but obv this is an eye opener for me as I’ve been eating them!

      Definitely need an allergy test!


  5. *tara says:

    I think I’ve finally found a place for some real advice & answers! The best part is is that it appears we all have the same stories, give or take. I’ve been researching new ways to control this eczema/acne/folliculitis concoction that has rudely spilled itself randomly all over my body! With a few other health problems that all seem to be diagnosed and treated separately, I’m excited to read these tales and see how other people manage their flare ups and hopefully learn, learn, learn. I’ll have to share my story later on. Thanks!


    • Selina says:

      That would be great! Hearing stories really helps to show that eczema seems to work in a variety of routine but in similar ways for definite!

      Hope you find something useful on here 🙂


  6. Sarah says:

    I’m so pleased I’ve found this blog! I’ve been an eczema sufferer since I can remember and have never found any help on the internet. I’ve tried every cream under the sun but nothing works and doctors only prescribe creams that make my eczema much worse I’ve even tried Chinese herbal remedies! Reading your daily routine has made me change how I do things and have started to notice a small difference and I’ve just ordered the pure potions skin salvation after reading your review. Thank you so much!


  7. Hi, I just found your blog and love it. I’ve been trying to find some discussions about face eczema for ages without luck. If you are in a position to do so (its not the easiest thing) get a water softener. We had one one unused in our house and when my eczema got really bad we had it fixed and it all went away. I’ve recently moved to a new city in rented accomodation and the hard water has caused the worst flare ups. At the moment I’m using Yaoh Organic Hemp moisturiser and can’t decide if its helping or not. It seems to change day to day. Sometimes Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream can be good as it lasts a long time. I was wondering if you had tried Hydraluron or any other hydraluronic acid cream? Its so expensive but it sounds like it could be good for the face? Also I found L’oreal Cleansing milk for dry skin really good as I was using the same face wash as you but switching so I rarely use water on my face really helps. Plus it keeps the moisture in if I put it on before a shower.


    • The cleansing milk sounds good! I know what you mean about the drying effects of the face wash…I’ve stopped using it. I think I may go back to the Suti cleaning balm that was real moisture and I still felt clean and fresh too!

      I haven’t tried the cream you mentioned, I’m really struggling at the moment to buy expensive products (that also means the natural products 😦 ) as I’m a student again so I’m strapped for cash….so frustrating!!!


  8. Vicky Stevens says:

    Just providing some information here:

    At the age 55, I developed what appears to have been a one-time event of dyshidrotic eczema. I’d never had it before, and had no clue as to what was happening to my feet — and then my hands. I was miserable. Thought surely that I’d never be able to show my feet in sandals again.

    Finally, I went to urgent care on the way home from work one day because the itching from the lesions was driving me crazy. I scratched so much that I was literally removing skin — and making it worse.

    The urgent care doctor prescribed a cortisone cream, but it did not help at all; it wasn’t strong enough. Weeks later, I visited my dermatologist who prescribed a much stronger cortisone cream (the very strongest that an urgent care physician will likely not prescribe) and an oral anti-fungal medication. This anti-fungal med is very important because it can kill a fungus living in you — that you cannot see.

    Right away, my dermatologist asked if I get pedicures, and I told her that I get them regularly. She told me that sometimes a fungus contracted from pedicures will trigger a one-time occurrence of eczema.

    That dermatologist and my internist gave me a strong warning: NEVER put your feet in the spa bath when getting a pedicure. Even though the technicians spray antibacterial solution in the sap bath after each client, that does absolute NOTHING to remove other clients’ skin cells from the jets and the drain.

    Upon my dermatologist’s advice, I purchased a small, white dishpan, which fits perfectly in the spa bath. I also purchased low-cost tools, including a toenail clipper, cuticle clipper, cuticle “scraper/pusher,” callus scraper — plus my own base coat, polish, and topcoat. Basically, the ONLY things that touch my feet at the spa are their water and my tools/products.

    I found all the tools I needed at a Marshall’s discount store, but you an also find those items and your local drugstore, such as Walgreen’s or Rite-Aid.

    Yes, the owners/workers will roll their eyes when you walk in with all your own “stuff,” but it’s worth it.

    After I finished the meds, and bought my own supplies, I’ve been free from eczema for nine months. Will I ever have another outbreak? I don’t know, but I do know that I can get a pedicure without worrying about other peoples’ nasty cell on my own feet.

    Expect to spend maybe $30 for all the supplies you need. For some, that is the cost of one insurance co-pay.

    If you do not have medical insurance, then I suggest calling a dermatologist to inquire about the cost of one visit and one follow-up visit. You might end up saving money (and frustration) in the long run.

    And one other item, I found that the greatest relief (before I got the meds and bought the supplies) came from soaking my hands and feet in a small dishpan every evening in hot water (not warm) with 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide for 20 minutes. Fantastic relief until you can get medical help.

    If you’ve had life-long eczema, then my post might not be helpful, but if you’re not prone to it, and you get pedicures, then I hope this will help you.



  9. RP says:

    Have you tried acupuncture? I found it to be very helpful! I used to have eczema everywhere. After getting monthly acupuncture treatments and drinking a tea with Chinese herbs, my eczema got under control. I do have flare-ups when I’m stressed or when I eat gluten but it is nowhere as bad as it was years ago. I definitely recommend acupuncture!


    • Did they explain to you how acupuncture helps? What did they do exactly? I’d be interested in trying this! Thank you! X


      • RP says:

        My acupuncturist first gave me a consultation and asked me a bunch of health questions. In the past, I had a blood clot in my lung and he thought this was related to my skin condition. He stated skin conditions are very often related to the lungs. I also had seasonal allergies since I was younger which was another factor with the eczema. Because I had eczema for so long (14 years, since I was 21 or so), he recommended I have one treatment a month and that I should see improvement after six treatments. Before each treatment, he would check my pulses, look at my tongue and then feel specific points on my body for soreness. For instance, he would often find sore spots in my stomach/liver/kidney area. He would then press firmly down on a different area and the soreness would go away. That was the area that he would place the needle in. (Sorry if this sounds confusing!) The areas in which he would put the needles in were in my legs and feet. Sometimes he would put them in my forehead and on the top of my head. The needles were so thin and it was not painful except for the feeling of a pinch at times. Once the needles were in, he would leave me lying on the table in the room for about 30-45 minutes. Often I was so relaxed I would fall asleep. Then I would pay and he would give me my bag of herbs for the tea. I would boil the herbs with water for about an hour and then let it cool. The tea was awful tasting but I would hold my nose while drinking it and then chase it down with lots of plain water. I saw improvement after three treatments (less itchy, skin peeling with healthy skin underneath, etc) but it took a year before the eczema was fully under control.

        What I liked most about my acupuncturist was that he seemed to really care about me unlike all the doctors I had seen over the years. He explained to me that Chinese medicine is more about treating the underlying causes of health problems, rather than only taking care of the symptoms. He said that health problems were due to blockages in the body and that the acupuncture released the blockages by focusing on specific points.

        Each treatment cost me $45 which is fairly cheap. When I was having money problems, I tried going to one of those community acupuncture places and did not have a good experience. I suggest going to a private Licensed Acupuncturist.

        After a year of treatment, I would only need to go every few months for what I called “tune ups.” However, it has now been four years that I have gone without a treatment.


  10. Claire says:

    I just want to say a huge thank you to you. I have read your blog posts and it has helped but things in to perspective. I have recently been diagnosed with eczema after countless visits to the doctors the worse visit being when I was told there was nothing wrong. How I kept my cool I will never know in my head I was thinking, obviously there is nothing wrong I am just bored on my way home from work and fancied a trip to the doctors. I was prescribed numerous steriod creams all of them worked till I stopped taking them and then I was refered to a dermatologist and prescribed protopic. After she sat me down and explained all the side effects I just thought I dont think so. I used it till the eczema cleared and then for a week to come of it. In the mean time I started researching on the internet for ways I could treat it myself with out trips to the doctors. That is when I stumbled across your blog, it snapped me out of a low moment because when i read your posts and also comments my eczema was not half as bad as others. I was pannicking as I get married in 4 months and with it being on my face it was not hard to disguise. I have since discovered Oilatum natural repair face cream, it is slightly pricey at around £7.65 for a small tube but after reading reviews on it you only need a small amount, I have started useing this twice a day and I am slowly starting to introduce makeup again one item at a time for a week. I started with a lip stick then eyeshadow and this week I have introduced eye liner. I have done this as I found that on the odd occasion I went out the day after my skin itched and my eyes stinged. I was putting this down to the shock of having lots of products on my face all at once, (May be I am wrong I dont no) So far my skin has been ok and I am starting to feel better about myself. I saw a friend at the weekend who had not seen my skin since I had been to the dermatologist and her first reaction was omg your skin looks so much better. This gave me a huge boost.

    I no this is a very long post but i wanted to share my story and also again to say a huge thank you to you and everyone that has commented on your blog. I am so grateful.



  11. COLIN says:

    Couple of things you could do if you have not already.

    01. Avoid drinking cows milk for a month and then see how your skin is.
    02. Bathe (daily) in dead sea salt. You can get this on eBay, Holland and Barratt and elsewhere..

    I reckon you would see a change in your skin.


  12. Charlie Wu says:

    No idea if this will help as everyone is different, but I used to get a lot of dry eczema. I’ve started using 100% Aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer that I bought from Holland & Barrat (their own brand).

    Anyway it seems to have got rid of the majority of it. I might get a slight flare up, but it’s controllable and I hardly need the steroid creams now. I’ve been using it for around 4 or 5 months and have noticed a vast improvement in skin texture and smoothness, that it really isn’t a problem for me anymore.

    I’ve suffered from eczema since I was a child. I think it’s environmental in my case dry winters etc as opposed to a more humid climate.

    Skin does feel a bit tight after applying, but give it a go. Takes getting used to. I’m so used to thick moisturizers, that it felt dry in comparison. But it seems to work in harmony with your body after a while, encouraging it to produce it’s own lipids.

    Other products that have tried and that have worked in the past have been from Dermatique – but everyone is different. Definitely try the Aloe Vera gel though as that is a cheap and cost effective alternative. Great as a facial and body moisturizer.

    Good luck!


    • Jess says:

      Hi Guys, I’m 19 and a female i live in new zealand and i have had enough. Someone please shed a little light, i have pompholyx eczema on my fingers and have had it for about a year now, i have had about 20 different creams, steriods and i have this for months on in, it becomes a self concious thing, i cannot move my fingers it gets so bad, i don’t want to get out of bed some days, i have had many days off work due to this. I have been to multiple doctors/dermatologists and even a herbalist, if anyone has anything for me to try or maybe what has worked for them please let me know.


      • Kay Kay says:

        Saw your post and was compelled to respond even though its an old one. I have also been suffering eczema for a few months and been doing the rounds like everybody trying various things. Its really an annoying disease especially if you never suffered anything chronic before because it does just go on seemingly forever. I panicked at some point but later relaxed and decided to use the opportunity to perhaps discover a ‘cure’ to solve my own issue but also to help others. Just for info, mine was on the underarm of left arm and quiet sizeable. Let me share my personal conclusions (and I am no doctor) based on my research and experimentation then will also share two surprising things that eventually did really work for me, one of which with overnight significant impact, which I have not heard being mentioned anywhere in all my online research. Please read everything because it may be the combination that worked rather than any single element.

        Personal conclusions in summary:

        The Causes:
        1. The skin is considered an organ and the body uses it (just like your liver or kidneys) to flush out toxins when its over burdened. Think its mostly like a last resort.
        2. Over burdening could be caused by a blockage of some sort (think subtle waste disposal channels – which is where something like acupuncture would work), a physical blockage (think misalignment of spine pressing on certain nerves causing the nervous system to not function well) or last but certainly not least some kind of damage to the parts of the body that handle waste disposal (biggest suspect/culprit being the digestion system).
        3. Need to protect skin from outside as eczema makes it very vulnerable to penetration infection from the environment (including things that live on our skin normlally).
        4. The presence of a specific trigger could also be a point to take (I took out the specified usual suspects fro my diet e.g. dairy products & shrimps (anything that contains possibly high levels of antibiotics).
        5. Psychology plays a major part in everything. Looking back now I am sure stress played a major role despite me not realising it at the time.

        Four basic elements of any treatment:
        1. Water -and lots of it. I started drinking 3 glasses of water first thing in the morning and drink more every time I think of it and as long as it felt comfortable. I alternated with plenty of green tea as it hydrates the body and has antioxidants which help the body remove waste. It also made drinking a lot of liquid a bit less boring which is not a small thing either.
        2. Need to protect the skin from outside. Do this by covering it with a natural product day and night. I used simple natural cold pressed coconut oil with good results. Castor oil also helped when the itching got bad and as a supplement to Coconut oil. Another one apparently helpful is sweet almond oil although I had better results with coconut. I did sometimes after taking a quick/not hot shower (as is recommended) clean first with some cotton that has a very diluted tea tree oil on it.
        3. Nutrition. When the body is weak it needs a little extra. I added multivitamins, additional vitamin c, fish/flaxseed oil and range of antioxidants such as Grape seed extract (there are many so pick one or two – Vitamin E is also a good one).
        4. I did not seek a chiropractor or acupuncturist so can’t comment too much but the first is something to consider at least a scan to see if your spine is aligned. I did use a sport masseuse to at least get the spine massaged, the blood circulation reinvigorated, and the body de-stressed.

        Now to the two specials…

        1. Digestion- a lot of clues lead me to believe that digestion played a critical if not lead part in causing this ailment. Two main issues I think play a role. Firstly damage to the intestinal wall could mean that toxins enter the blood stream rather than be processed properly and secondly the digestion itself could not be functioning well due to a disturbance to the bio-system that forms our digestion.
        a. Olive oil (apparently) has the quality of being able to help protect the intestinal walls. I did not do enough research on this one so maybe there are better suggestions. I took a table spoon of the oil first thing in the morning.
        b. The grand secret that helped me reverse the course of this battle was Probiotics. It was instant relief and though certainly not instant victory, I started winning the war from that day. I used a brand called Orthiflor Original from a company called Orthica (i have no connection to them). I don’t know whether other brands are equally good/better/worse but that’s the one I used with ‘miraculous’ results. The recommended/max dose was 1-3 capsules a day respectively. I used 2. Initially 2 in the evening before sleep and now continue with one at night and one in the morning.
        2. Psychology. For me that meant stress but perhaps there are other causes. I found two great ways to deal with this:
        a. Make time to disconnect from emails, laptop, internet, phone etc etc and etc i.e. don’t be totally busy ALL the time regardless of whether you regard some of these activities as relaxation. Our brains need rest and we don’t get it by watching movie or surfing the net..
        b. Breathing excercises. Breathing rules our psychology. It’s a chicken and egg thing and just think how your breathing changes when you are desirous, angry or afraid. The reverse works too so by controlling breathing, you can affect mood and state of mind. The best practice I found is one called Vase Breathing given by a Tibetan Buddhist teacher called Tsoknyi Rinpoche. I read it in his book which is a great read but there is an excerpt here ( that gives you the required instructions if you want to start today or want to skimp on cost and time.

        Hope all this helps you and others….if so pls do let me know…yh yh i know its selfish to want some gratification out of it but love to hear if above helped others as well..


      • Selina says:

        This is an amazing comment post. Thank you for offering your story and tips! I’d love for you to write me your story to share on my “your stories” page? A bit of background in your eczema and then what you do to combat it would be great there for easy reference 🙂


  13. Sarah says:

    Hi there, thanks for your blog! I suffer from bad flare ups on my upper body, mostly shoulders and chest, and have tried almost everything out there! Like many others, determined not to rely on steroids, tempting though they are… I’m sure you get suggestions for products all the time, and not everything works for everyone, but I wondered if you’d come across salcura spray? I’ve recently started using it and have been really shocked by the difference it’s made. It’s only been 4 days so who knows if it will last, but already the itching and redness is reducing noticably. It’s quite costly, but I’m hoping if it works I won’t need to keep using it so often. It’s so much easier to use than creams as well, and feels like it’s really doing my skin some good, rather than just covering it in moisturiser. Might be worth a try?

    Like you, I find the one sure way to clear things up is to go somewhere sunny, it’s amazing the difference it makes! If only we could always be on holiday….


    • The factor of the sun and its help at really reducing any flare up i have ever had is what has led me to purchase vitamin d3 supplements to get the vitamins when I can’t get sun (England in winter!). They should arrive this week and I hope to update you guys after I try them as a few people have commented on how it has really helped rid of their eczema!

      Where did you purchase this spray from? And what’s in it? It sounds amazing though for some relief?


      • Sarah says:

        I’ve not tried vitamin d, will be interesting to hear how it goes. I found the spray in a Wholefoods store, but I think it’s in some Boots as well. You can also order it online – they do free (with p&p) samples which might be good for a start? It’s mostly made up of various oils, buckthorne, aloe, tea tree etc, but I’m using the ‘gentle’ version as aloe sometimes aggrevates. I’m amazed something totally free of steroids is working so well!


  14. Matt says:

    Hello again!

    For some reason, I can’t find where I left my original comments lol. Right, I’ve been to the doctors twice this week with the massive flare up I am currently going through of eczema on my whole face. It’s absolutely horrible and exhausting having the whole of my face and chin area weeping. Bad times.

    Anyway the doctor has no idea how to help but has given me a second prescription of ‘Protopic’ which I am very wary about using due to its side effects. My previous experience of this cream was around 2-3 months ago, when I had a similar flare up episode. This was prescribed as a last resort and despite spending the first couple days in total pain with the burning sensation related to this cream (sleepless nights), it completely healed my face which was an amazing feeling. Unfortunately, even though I weaned my skin off it over 2 weeks, as soon as I stopped using it, my massive flare up returned.
    The doctor has now referred me to a dermatology specialist but it looks likely that I won’t be seen until around March or April of 2013 due to an extensive waiting list.

    In the meantime, I have been reading much about the benefits of Vitamin D3 in relation to eczema and ordered some capsules to try (2500iu per cap). Is/has anyone used Vitamin D3 supplements and seen any beneficial affects of it regarding their eczema? It’s certainly an interesting topic if you just give it a quick Google. Fingers crossed.


    • It’s such a coincidence that I have been considering the exact same thing!! I’ve just written a post about vitamin d3 as a few people have mentioned it has cleared their eczema on my blog!

      Which capsules have you brought an how many units will you be taking a day ?

      Your eczema sounds very similar to mine with the face and neck being volatile areas, so I hope we both see some benefits! Is your experience with the sun positive for your eczema?

      And steroids and ointments given by doctors are nice to give us a quick fix and really relieve our mood, the itching and sleepless nights! And recently I realised sometimes you really need them to get out of your own desperation, but at the same time finding a long term solution is absolutely key.

      Well get there eventually!


  15. emma says:

    I’ve suffered for years wtih eczema on my legs and under my arms and also have patches near my ears. I can’t begin to tell you the years of embarressment I have had to deal with when going swimming with friends or in the hot summers, wearing shorts and tank tops. I’ve tried so many things over the years and have noticed that eating more fruits and veggies has helped alot. I know the itching can be overwhelming and I think some of it is a habit after so many years of having it. I finally found a natural body lotion a few months ago that has kept my eczema at bay. I have to use 2-3 times a day to keep it from coming back but so far, it has worked. I noticed when I ran out of it on vacation the eczema came back in full force and took me a good week or so to calm with down. I’ve been using Irish Eyes by Lorena body lotion and it’s been a true gift. I’m not sure if it’s the lotion as well as my healthier eating habits combined, but it’s made a big difference in my daily life. I felt so bad for some of the stories on this blog because I know first hand how it can put a damper on your life. Good luck friends!


  16. Is there any way to contact to you?


  17. Lateef says:

    I’ve been researching on eczema and ways to get rid of it at home for some time now for my blog I thought have learnt all I could on it until I stumble on your blog. Your story is a very interesting one. I definitely will share your site with some of my people.

    Hey, I have to let you know that some of the home remedies you suggested in your routine is awesome too. Thank you.



  18. Holly says:

    My eczema always flares up during exams too, I find the best thing is sort of luke warm baths with oilatum (not sure that’s how you spell it), but the prescription bath oitment stuff and also cutting out dairy seems to help? I know it is a huge distraction from revision, maybe every 20 minutes have a break from revision and massage some lotion in etc? x


  19. Thessa Ampuan says:

    Hello :), im new here, just browsing last week (dec.27.2011) about the eczema when i encountered your blog. I’m also an eczema sufferer, back home we didnt call the name eczema, it’s skin allergy but anyway, i have it for a long time but becoz im living in the tropical country, my allergy healed easily. I also went to my dermatologist, they just give me a cream to use and prescribed what to take for not prolong my agony. But i remember i used to mixed my essential oils, to use as my moisturiser (im doing massages and reflexology that’s why :)) it helps me a lot not to suffer. It’s been two years im here in the UK and becoz of that the adjustment of my body and also skin. Just recently i got my allergy back again due from doing my MBA dissertation, it really cause so much stress. I went to my GP and they gave me the steroid cream and aqeous cream prescription which i used for the first time which it didnt work but it makes it worse. I ended my skin is weeping at first on the side of my L/R eyes then itching & weeping arms, i have also itching back, stomach & groin areas but not weeping (phew :(). Due to this im on a panic mode, so i went to all skin clinic to ask about it, but there is no one to help me until i end in this chinese clinic, they said it takes time for my eczema to heal its due to the immune system imbalance, eating habits and lifestyle also. So i have to change my diet from meaty meals into veggie take note (wheat, gluten, dairy free) but i know i need some of the food for the body the only thing not allowed for me to eat is the wheat foods, which i taking since i was in my childhood!! I just missed my routines back home, every year i have to go to the beach and swin in order to take off all the toxins!! But anyway, thank you for the suggestion on the ‘Purepotions skin salvation’ cream, it helps me now including the weeping areas. I have some questions to you, how long do you used that cream?


    • Thank you for your post. I think your ecZema is similar to mine as hotter climates help ease it whilst British weather tends to leave me more at risk! When I was studying my eczema would get really bad too. I guess that is how our stress is expressed sadly.

      Have you tried to find time to relax around your studies? I never gave myself time to just breathe and relax and I think it May help. Now that studying has finished for me my skin has drastically improved and I can’t but think leaving the treats of education must have helped as it was the biggest change.

      I think with salves it Is better (for me personally) to use them for a few days and then revert back to other creams as I find that my skin becomes immune to products that do wonders if I use them for too long. So I try not to overuse as then the effects are reduced for me. For example when I have rough, dry, itchy patches, I use the salve for a few days until it’s smooth then revert back to usual. Does that make sense?

      Where are you based in the UK? And what Blends of oils worked well for you? It would be great to hear what works well for you.


  20. Rihanna says:

    Hi, there is a way to heal eczema naturally and that is by juicing. Try this site where a lady healed herself of eczema naturally. Her method does work, it will take time for the eczema to go away, but it’s way better than reverting back to steroid creams and having eczema for the rest of your life.


    • I have considered juicing and will be starting a diet with this soon! I have read benefits of many different juices so hope to see how they impact on me and my eczema!


    • Jodie from Michigan says:

      I have been following you and responding to you for over 2 years. I have watched as you have attempted Oil puling and expensive creams and treatments. I can honestly tell you I have something that has helped me. It is going to be HARD!!!!!! You may not want to try it because it is that HARD to do. But try it anyway.

      Here it is GLUTEN FREE. The boyfriend has a cholesterol level off the charts so we started a vegan diet for ONE week and he and I saw noticeable improvements in my skin!!!! No itching, no redness, even complexion EVERYWHERE!!!! That and I was taking 5000 mcg of biotin too I feel off the wagon last night at dessert (pumpkin roll) from a restaurant and bam,…. itchy… itchy… itchy…. it’s horrible!

      Back to gluten free for me.


  21. Dr. B says:

    I am an eczema sufferer for all my life and have found a wonderful skin care line to help manage it. My skin has never been this clear in a very, very long time. I don’t know the rules of your blog and I do not want to violate any of them by posting the skin care line but I do want to help you. Please advise.


    • Hi, I have just recently posted my email so you could send details there? I would be interested in trying a product which has helped someone else in my situation, definitely!

      I don’t tend to post websites for products unless I have tried and tested them myself as that is what many other eczema articles do and I stick to tried and tested methods. I have found many articles are written by those without eczema just writing what they think is best, so I tend to stick to what I have personally found if you can appreciate that.

      Any help to achieve clearer skin is much appreciated though =]


  22. rawkinmom says:

    Hi! I just stumbled across your site and am looking forward to reading through it! My son battles food allergies, animal allergies, asthma and eczema…..he would literally scream that his skin felt on fire when I would put lotions or creams on him…we switched to coconut oil and olive oil because it wouldn’t burn him….eventually I decided to eliminate gluten from his diet to see if that would help and it did!!! I had tried everything else and when I finally eliminated that he ended up getting better!! ANyways, I will scroll through more of your posts and read through!! Nice to “meet” you!


    • Hey thanks for your post.

      See food elimination is something I should try but I’ve been lazy! New year, new state of mind! Did you cut out one type of food for a certain amount of time?


    • Jodie from Michigan says:

      I finally went all vegan for one week and found it helped my eczema too! There was a suggestion from a doctor friend of mine to try it a long time ago. I wasn’t able to until I had the buy in from the boyfriend when his cholesterol was literally off the charts. I looked beautiful for a couple days and then I made the cardinal sin…. a baked good not gluten free and right back to itchy itchy itchy.


  23. Wendy McGlothern says:

    Hi to someone who has eczema on there face,
    I have had eczema for about 2 years and Im 50 now. I was treating it with hydrocortisone 1 % cream. This didnt last I started to have major break outs, one day I was standing by a bon fire and woke up the next morning with my eyes swollen shut. So I went to the doctor and the said I had Eczema or dermatitis. The doctor said dont wear makeup thats whats irritating it. I stopped wearing the make up for a week or so and that didnt work, so i called the doctor to get something, they gave me at medicine called protopic 0.1%. This has kept the eczema under control, but everytime i have a cocktail, it makes my face bright red for 20-30 minutes.
    So recently I researched,on the internet for other remedies, and found a new medication called Elocon ointment, 0.1%. I used it 2 days on some irritated spots on my face and I dont have the red flush face when I drink alcohol, and I havent had a flare of eczema in a week. This medicine is so far so good.


    • Hi Wendy, I’m glad this works for you, but as they are still steroids I am quite reluctant. My flare ups can be quite long lasting and occur often, so I find that using steroids for a few days is not helpful as the eczema just comes back.


  24. Helen says:

    You have so much information on here, and I am finding out that you have very similar excema to me, even when I dont have a flare up, I do have evry dry skin, flaky, itchy and red, more or less constantly. Recently I have been sufferering from infections, and my doctor suggested a break from steroid use. The problem is that everytime I have tried to stop using steroids, I have had a major flare up and ultimately gone back to using them. This time I am determined not to and break the cycle.

    My flare ups are caused by stress, weather, allergies…..most things! I have seen dermatologists and immunologists how have diagnosed me as ‘hypersensitive’ meaning that most things will irritate my skin in some way.

    I try lots of things for my skin. Daily, I use diprobase (from the doctor) as a base, I have used it for years and I do find its gentle and soothing. Its not enough to keep my face moisturised all day though.

    Recently I have used Body Shops Soothing Aloe Night Cream. I quite like it. Its very thick and not at all irritaing or stingy. Like you, these things tend to work for a while and then loose effect. so long term I dont know, but it is very soothing and not greasy.

    I also like Lush Dream cream as a body moisturiser. Its made with oat milk and natural oils and its very long lasting. I often apply it before bed and sleep with it on. The draw back is that Its not really suitable for the face.

    I’ve just ordered Pure potions skin salvation after reading your review and reading about it in the daily mail. So I’m hoping that it’ll work well. I think what I’m looking for is an alternative to steroids for flare ups. I havent tried coconut oil, would you reccommend it?


    • Hi Helen,

      Thank you for your helpful tips! I haven’t tried those products so I may give them a go! I used to use Body Shop Hemp products, not sure if you have tried those, and they used to be okay (that was when I was 16 so I cant remember why I stopped using them!). so I may try the aloe vera. Sometimes I find aloe vera can sting my skin when its bad so it sounds good that the night cream doesn’t!

      I hope the skin salvation works for you! If you read my blog, you’ll realise it helped me at first then stopped which was a bit sad as its so frustrating for something to work and then just stop one day! It is really thick though so the skin doesn’t feel tight, which helped to stop my itching at night, I used to apply it at night just after a shower before bed. Let me know how it goes!

      The coconut oil has been good for me. What is your eczema like right now?The coconut oil is worth a try though I think just to see how it is for you. I do feel like, though it isn’t an immediate fix, it helps in the long term to get my texture and skin colour glowing. But like you mentioned about the diprobase, sometimes the coconut oil alone isn’t enough to moisturise so I apply a base layer of olive oil! It really is weird how similar our eczema sounds! How long have you been suffering for? I got mine when I was 16 (now 21) and it has just been getting worse. I was hoping it;d be gone by now as I had none at all before I was 16, but after 5 years I’ve realised that managing it for the rest of my life is something I’ll have to try instead if I want to keep the flare ups at bay. I can’t deal with the emotional stress of it so being positively involved in making it stable has really lifted my mood. The last year has been really bad for me and I don’t want to go back there so fingers crossed!

      And concerning steroids. They are so tempting aren’t they!! I didn’t realise how bad they were when the drs first used to prescribe them I used them freely so going to none at all can be so hard as the ”natural” process really isn’t a quick fix like steroids. They are the easy option, but for me not a long term one, sadly my eczema is back no matter how much steroid I use. So I had to break the cycle too. I hadn;t used them for years until this yr but because of my exams succumbed to them once again (what relief and guilt I felt!). But I’m determined not to go back to them now. That’s why I’m trying to change my lifestyle to help. So, since you’re going through the same thing, don’t hesitate to get in touch about anything! and I’d love to hear how it is going for you. It helps me to hear other’s experiences as it makes me know I’m not going through this alone!


      • Helen says:

        Ive had excema for as long as I remember, and to be honest, its really gotten worse as I’ve got older. I also have very sensitive skin and allergies (nuts, pollen, dust, animals etc) and sometimes it can be even harder to find a product that can help and also that I can tolerate.

        Like you, I have used products for a while, and then they seem to stop working. For example, I have gone completely off anything by clinique. I just find their creams so irritating to my skin.

        My excema has ups and downs, one day I can be absolutely fine, other days (like today) i can flare up for no apparent reason. My flare ups are alomst always on my face , chin and neck. I get very tight, red and irritated skin, which just feels so uncomfortable. It then goes incredibly dry and flaky, which is also itchy and uncomfortable. I think its the constant irritation thing that gets me down the most. I am only on day 3 of no steroids, and already, I am fighting to not apply them, as my skin feels so terrible and I know that they would provide some relief. But I am determined to leave it a little longer and see how far I can get.

        And the worst bit, is the way it makes me feel. I feel so down with it and have a ‘why me?’ feeling. And I just wish I could wave a magic wand and I wouldnt have to suffer this way. I know that people over the world endure so much worse than this, but I find it can cause me to feel sorry for myself now and again. I just think sometimes that some people dont realise how challenging it can be to live with a constant feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin.

        One thing I do use regularly to provide relief is calamine lotion. Its drying, but I find it so cooling when I am irritated. It really does help with itching. I dont go out wearing it, but it really does keep me sane, when I have a bad flare up. Also, I am a big user of antihistamines. Have you ever used these?

        I am doing some research into possible vitamin supplements that may help. I will let you know if I start to try anything.


      • Helen, I feel like our eczema is so similar!! Mine has been getting worse (as well as the scarring which comes with it) and I have the moments when I get so frustrated that I have to deal with this as well as all the normal stress that comes with life! I’m sorry to hear that you suffer so badly too I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone =[. Like you, I don’t mind the scars as much as the constant itchy feeling and irritability and like you the constant fear that it’ll flare as its so unpredictable!

        I used to use clinique too! But found that it sometimes used to sting and I steer clear of anything that stings as it is probably full of chemicals! Have you tried natural organic products? I’m really keen on ridding my creams etc of chemicals and taking the complete natural route and after my suti experiences I’ve stuck to my natural products. In addition, do you go to the gym? I’ve had a few life changes recently (like moving home from uni, passing my degree etc) so not sure if I can pinpoint why my skins having a good period right now, but I find that when I feel the flare creeping up and start to get a few rough patches, going to the gym and sweating out my skin can really help. But I also drink more water, make sure I get enough sleep and eat better so I guess it may all help to keep it stable! Hope that helps.

        Let me know if anything works for you though, it is really great to share it.

        And I have also thought about supplements but not sure if they really work so it’d be great to hear other’s experiences with them! I tried starflower and that didn’t help but I’ve heard it may not be strong enough. Which supplements were you thinking about? I think working on the inside and outside is really important, thats why I drink the herbal teas to help cleanse my system from the inside as well!


  25. Mo says:

    One last comment before you think you have a stalker 😀

    Have you ever tried Aveeno cream? I read so many good reviews about it that I got a friend to bring over 5 bottles from the UK. I tried it and it makesmy skin feel rubbery :S

    Maybe it’s just me?

    Take care!


    • Hi Mo,

      I don’t think you’re a stalker. I’m actually really glad you’re using my blog! I started it about 2-3 months ago and haven’t had any followers as of yet so its nice to get comments! lol.

      Where do you come from? I have tried Aveeno. I actually used it for like 2 and a half years (one of the longest times I’ve ever used a cream!) , the Aveeno cream for my face and lotion for my body and it worked wonders! It has oats in it which are good for our skin. Its a cream so not greasy and it used to really help my eczema when it was minimal eczema. However, I found that when it flared last year, the Aveeno wasn’t enough and actually made my skin itch more. But that flare up was really bad so I wonder whether it is good for my eczema when it isn’t at a full flare stage with crustiness etc. It is worth a try though! It worked well for me for so long! When I went to America I saw that they have a larger range of products than the UK so I may have a look when I go later this year!

      How is your eczema right now?


      • Mo says:

        I’m from south africa 🙂 but i catually lived in London for 2 years and had no problems with my eczeam there!

        I’ve had it since i was a child, along with asthma and general allergies but its gotten worse in the past 2 years. I got in on my face for the first time last year, full blown and weeping over night. since then its never gone away.

        at the mo, its under control with steroids in the sense that i have patches all over my body – legs, hips, stomach, back, shulders, arms, ears, even my breast 😦 😦 BUT they arent inflamed and terribly itchy.

        i tried the no steroid route but that resulted in th eczema spreading from a few pathces to all literally full blown and was affecting me at work and my normal day to day living. i’m hoping that i can stop the steroids soon.

        hats off to you for keeping away from it for so long!

        and thanks for the blog 🙂 we as eczema survivors need a forum for others like us 🙂


  26. Helen says:


    I just wanted to tell you that I’ve stumbled across your blog after internet searching on solutions to my excema. I came home from the doctors today determined that I will no longer use steroids. I am 33 years old and have suffered from excema my entire life, which has become more severe as I’ve got older and alough is all over my body, my face and neck suffer terribly. Your blog is amazing, and I am so happy to have found somewhere to read about issues/treatments/products etc. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!


    • Hi Helen, I am so glad that you have found it helpful! I did this blog for myself and others just so we can share our eczema stories and hopefully learn from each other! My eczema seems to be very similar to yours! I have it on my elbow and knee joints, dark marks all over my legs and shoulders and stomach flare occasionally, but my face and neck are the worst! Whenever I am stressed that is where it hits worst so its not so great. I hope yours isn’t too bad right now as I know the affect it can have on my mood 😦

      If you have any tips, please share!

      What have you tried for your skin? I’m sorry to hear that steroids have been no help for you either. I gave up as they were short term solutions for me and the flares would just come back within a few days of not using the steroids. I don’t want to ruin my skin more than it already is so natural solutions is what I’m hoping to use now! My neck is very dark and colourless after steroids so I’m really trying to restore my skin’s natural colour as well as keep my eczema a a minimum level! Have you tried coconut oil?


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