The Oil Cleansing Method for Problematic Skin

I mentioned oil cleansing in my July Challenges and have now been using it in the evenings most weeks since then so thought it would be a great time to review it! This literally involves using a combination of oils to cleanse your face with. Pros and Cons Summary Pros: Simplictic DIY Far cheaper than … Continue reading

The Gratitude Challenge #Day 6

So it is a Sunday night and I’m still up completing uni work (dedication!). But here is my self gratitude list for the 6th July. 1. I’m so glad I have actually avoided too much distraction and spent the majority of the day completing my assignment (even avoiding the tennis!). I let myself watch the … Continue reading

The Gratitude Challenge #Day 5

My post is a tad late today (I was way to into the World Cup game! That was a game and a half if you watched too!). Today I realised that my thinking about gratitude began to think about other people and the benefits of just letting people know what I am grateful for that … Continue reading

The Gratitude Challenge #Day 4

1. I’m glad that I took some time out today and chilled out. I’ve been working a lot recently on a stressful assignment so I’m glad I took the evening off to watch the football (I do get into my football! ) and spend time with my brother for a whole which I don’t often … Continue reading

DIY Beauty Haul : The Soap Kitchen Ltd (UK)

My oils and body butters arrived from the Soap Kitchen today and I’m so excited that it’s a bit sad! Thank you to the soap kitchen for delivering today. That is 2 working days from when I put my order in and they had a great summer promotion on at the moment so I couldn’t … Continue reading

The Gratitude Challenge #Day 3

I’m actually so glad I started doing this gratitude challenge as I feel that today I actually started to think about what I have done that is positive without even meaning to. It’s like I automatically begun to think about it and that’s definitely a good sign. It is all too easy to forget about … Continue reading

The Gratitude Challenge #Day 2

1. I’m grateful that I gave myself a lie in. I went to bed at 4am doing my work last night so thought I could do with one and it felt good 🙂 it’s also great I washed my bedding today so tonight I’ve got a nice clean bed to get into! That is such … Continue reading

The Gratitude Challenge #Day 1

Self-Gratitude List: I am grateful for making my appointment at sk:n clinic on time this morning (I’m usually a late person so arriving 10 minutes early is amazing and saves that flustered feeling on the way! It felt good 🙂 I am grateful for the determination I have in improving my skin and researching new … Continue reading

The July Challenge

Thanks for all of you who voted for the July challenge. Now I know not all of the options were skin based but sometimes with the negativity that comes with having a skin disorder I think I’d like to also promote positive thinking (that’s the psychologist in me talking I guess!). Sometimes, it isn’t my … Continue reading

Self gratitude. Can you do it?

Self gratitude is the ability to appreciate self without the benefit of an outside influence (Article Source: I have to admit it is something I find hard to do…. To offer appreciation and gratitude to myself… When was the last time I was thankful for what I do have? Probably awhile back! I’m a … Continue reading

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