myroo Skin Boost Serum – a review through the seasons

What’s myroo

myroo is a free from, vegan and organic UK brand. I have had the pleasure to try the skin boost facial oil and I thought now is a great time to review it as I’ve finish the bottle and used it across seasons. Though coined a skin boost serum, it could be classed as a facial oil. I first came across facials oil with the Organic Pharmacy’s Skin rescue oil (read my review here) and I’ve loved the concept ever since! I also started oil cleansing too (read more on The Oil Cleansing Method: My Cleanser here).


Why would I put oil on my face?!


After becoming a fan of the oil cleansing method and realising that oil is not our enemy when you have combination skin plus eczema, I’ve begun to see oils as more of a dehydrating, nourishing and balancing part of my skincare routine. The fact that I have found them to both nourish dehydration (great for eczema) and balance oil (great for breakouts and blocked pores) means that it makes my skincare that bit easier.


Products for eczema tend to be greasy, products for oily skin too drying. So when you have combination skin like me, you struggle trying to find balanced products which target both skin concerns. So if I haven’t sold you on oil yet, this is definitely a way to go!


Thoughts on myroo Skin Boost Serum


I opted for the fragrance free version. Essential oils can work well on sensitive skins but if there is fragrance free I prefer to go for it to save the hassle of reactions. So initially this meant that the oil smelt like oil (obvious right!) so this isn’t a product to buy for scent. Opt for fragranced if it is a deal breaker otherwise stick through it and like me, the scent won’t be what you remember!


I added this into my skincare routine morning and evening. After cleansing with a water- based cleanser in the morning and with a balm based cleanser in the evening, I applied 2-3 drops of the oil all over my face and neck. I still applied moisturiser on top of this in the mornings and used this as a bit of a moisture pick me up. I find a water based cream on top worked better for make up!


Things I noticed:


On nights when my skin felt dry and tight after cleansing, the oil was gentle and quite satisfying on my dry skin. It didn’t leave a sheen and absorbed with massage (always use clean hands). I would wake up with quite a shine free face but the texture definitely felt better (so less oil shine and less dryness!). I didn’t use toner at this time.


On dry mornings, again this oil was great for offering my dry skin comfort. It has been good on my upper lip and around my mouth where I tend to get pesky eczema patches, helping with redness I get with any water contact. But it never broke me out either.


One thing to consider is how much oil you are using. I sometimes overused but found that this wasn’t really helpful. On these mornings I found my make up to be shiny. So instead I would massage the oil between my fingers, dab the dry areas first for more concentration (such as my dry zones) before massaging the oil into the rest of my face. This has worked best for me in terms of targeting my eczema patches and avoiding the greasy forehead look!


The oil is something I played with for months. I used it on most days. In summer I did sometimes skip it in the mornings as my skin felt pretty good. But I always used it at night and it worked well for me this way. My tip would be don’t overuse it, you only need a few drops and dab onto dry patches before massaging all over. This helps nourish those areas first!


There was no stinging or irritation which is great. The one down side was my pipette style lid broke so the lid wasn’t secure. This meant I couldn’t travel with it and had to keep reinserting!


Price: This oil is priced at 30. I know this seems like a lot and I thought the same thing before my first oil purchase. But I then have to say its lasted me around 3 months and I’ve now used 2 bottles because it really helps when my skin is feeling parched and irritated. It offers me more than any cream does for that underlying dry feeling and works well as a first layer if your skin is really dry.

For a limited time, you can grab it for yourself through my eBay for half price. Or opt into the Restore and Repair box for the oil plus 4 other goodies (my eBay)

I’m currently going through a bad patch and have found that applying this followed by pure potions skin salvation works well!


Anyway these are my thoughts on this oil! The brand is an interesting one and I cannot wait to try some of the other products. Rachael has been really responsive to email so if you have any questions I’m sure she would be happy to help!


Have you tried facial oils? Have you tried myroo? What are your tips.


Thanks for reading,


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