WaterWipes – a review 

So what are WaterWipes?

WaterWipes are chemical free wipes which have a 99.9% water content with just 0.1% fruit extract making them the purest wipes I’ve ever come across! 

My thoughts

I used these when I went on holiday and ahhh they were so useful! I used them as daily wipes when out and about for hands, to remove make up and to freshen up when travelling on the plane. Having eczema and sensitive skin isn’t always great for holidays so it was nice that these were there for me to use. 

They are so gentle, no stinging on my ever persistent upper lip eczema and didn’t sting burnt skin either. They felt gentle on the face and I didn’t have much redness after their use which is always a good sign! Redness is such a problem for me with water contact. This is my face after using the wipes to remove make up: 

They took make up off relatively well but I did find I had to use a couple wipes or just run my face under water afterwards but let’s not forget they aren’t designed for make up! However I’d say they do pretty well for those lazy days when I can’t be bothered to do a full cleanse (hey I’m not perfect!). For day to day use they were practical and I like the fact that they are just simply natural. They were gentle.

I remember when my face was heavily flared I relied on wipes to gently remove dead skin prior to bathing and I wish I had these back then. So if you have really flared skin and need a way to gently cleanse the skin and remove the flakes then this would be a good choice. You don’t have the added chemicals to irritate your skin which is always great!


Please note that I was generously sent these from the company to try. They also sent me some extra samples for readers! If you’d like to win a handful of items including the wipes stay tuned on my blog or twitter feed! Will be giving a way a set of things to try for those of you in the U.K.
Have you tried these before? Do you ever use wipes? Which work for you? Let me know below! 

4 Responses to “WaterWipes – a review ”
  1. I wish I could join your future giveaway! I’m unfortunately from Malaysia😢 My 2y.o girl has eczema so im constantly in search of products that are eczema friendly. Glad I found this blog.


    • Selina says:

      Ahh it’s a shame postage is so costly! Can you purchase some of these items in Malaysia? Also I’m doing a Christmas deal of the restore and repair box, I could check how much it’ll cost to ship if you’d like.

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  2. Jodieeliza says:

    After using the wipes to freshen up, did you have to moisturizer straight away? I find my skin is so starved for moisture I need to moisturizer immediately after any water is on my skin. I also need to use a glycolic acid to get rid of the dried flakes. It burns but damn I look so much better in the morning!!!


    • Selina says:

      Glycolic acid is so strong! As an alternative, consider using natural yoghurt! It contains lactic acid which is an natural exfoliant and way more gentle that glycolic acid! I add oils to the yogurt if it stings. It’s so cheap and effective!

      Re dryness using the wipes is drying but less aggravating than if I wash it with running water. Hey aren’t overly wet wipes though if that makes sense. Hope that helps!


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