Reflection, Taking control and Being Happy

The art of reflection. The ability to evaluate things that have happened and see situations in a more objective and logical way.

When bad things happen – a fight, a bad report at work, a flare up – we have this automatic response, a primitive one, to place blame elsewhere, or to hide away and avoid the situation or to feel anxious and have adrenaline causing our hearts to beat faster etc. If this sounds like you have you ever wondered why we do this? Why is it that as humans we all do this at times?

Because getting angry, avoiding the situation or becoming anxious are all opt out clauses.

It is our primitive brain’s response to perceived danger. The brain is a powerful part of us. It will go into ” survival ” mode when it feels threatened. Heightened alert (anxiety nowadays), avoiding the situation by hiding away (depression) and anger to make us brave to defend ourselves.

However what happens when that that isn’t a large bear chasing us but modern day stress, anxiety and anger? When our brain perceives a flare up as threatening? 

Well we remain in this heightened sense constantly. And if this is the case then our logical and intellectual brain cannot properly assess situations and come up with reasonable solutions. Do you ever feel you can’t make a decision? Its probably because you have lost control of your intellectual mind!

We can avoid accountability if we just believe that it was “their fault”. We can avoid dealing with it if we don’t leave the house.  The logical mind can’t get a word in when the primitive,  innate, survival brain thinks we are in crisis.

So what do we do?

We need to take control. Get our thoughts positive so the primitive mind doesn’t feel we are constantly under attack. It will allow us to come up with great solutions to our concerns by giving us logical control. It will allow us to face our problems head on without opting out. And ultimately it means you will be happier because your intellectual mind,  you,  are in control.

Look at me with eczema. I used to opt out constantly! I’d avoid going out,  I’d blame God, the doctor for not helping. But it was only when i began to reflect on myself that i took my care info my own hands. I took control of my eczema and I’m now in a far better place.

Do you feel like you need that push? Support to put into action the things you want but you opt out of?

Things you can do:

I’m currently training in solution Focused hypnotherapy, if the above speaks out to you then hypnotherapy will amaze you! I’m offering free sessions if you are located near me 🙂

– Practise affirmations, reinforcing positive thinking which will help you to remain logical through positivity. Tell yourself you will get that job. You will go out with that flare up. Repeat and repeat and repeat all those things you want in your future.

– ask me for my hypnotherapy trance CD, get a feel for what a bit of relaxation before bed can do!

Be the change you want to see. Take control of your skin. Your life. You need to make that change. You need to practise self care.

No opting out. Grab life by the reins.

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