Eczema Products on sale – Pure potions skin Salvation, Dead Sea salts, Lucy Bee coconut oil and myroo facial oil 

Hi everyone. I’ve had a flare recently and I’ve been having baths, applying coconut oil and the pure potions salve to keep it at bay. Alongside my antihistamines this has been really helpful.  Items on sale for you to try in my eBay Store. The facial oil is another product I use daily for dry skin. If … Continue reading

Reflection, Taking control and Being Happy

The art of reflection. The ability to evaluate things that have happened and see situations in a more objective and logical way. When bad things happen – a fight, a bad report at work, a flare up – we have this automatic response, a primitive one, to place blame elsewhere, or to hide away and … Continue reading

Life Updates: The good, the bad and the ugly…

Firstly, sorry for leaving such a long gap between my posts. From July to now I’ve been pretty bad so I thought I’d just update you all and it would be great to hear from you too 🙂 I aim to blog weekly at least now, routine is always better! I completed my MSc this … Continue reading

Homemade Solutions: Camphor for itching and inflammation

I came across Camphor when a father commented on my ‘about’ page in regards to its positive effect on his daughter’s eczema (thank you !) and I did my research….sure enough it is definitely a bonus for eczema and as a plus acne too!   Camphor is best purchased as an essential oil of 100% … Continue reading

Before and Now

I updated my about page today ( and realised that my skin is so improved compared to October 2013 – you can see the photos there. I’m here moaning about spots and discolouration but actually I’m sleeping well, not itching so much and my skin isn’t needing moisturiser every 10 mins! I am actually so … Continue reading

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