Eczema out of the Blue and Stuck with Steroids

That was me at 16. Out of nowhere I got a flare up of severe eczema on my face and had a red, flaking face. My skin had always been a bit on the dry side but nothing more than a typical dryness which comes with winter. The last time I had had any signs of eczema was as a child of 5. So when the eczema hit I didn’t know what to do. I hadn’t had to deal with this befor so I did what we usually do, I went to the GP and asked for help. I was prescribed steroids to use and so I did. I wanted it to clear up so I could have my skin back.

The relief was quick, a day or so after application I could feel and see my skin heal and return to its normal state. I was relieved and so I’d stop the steroid. But I woke up a few days later and the flare up had returned. This viscious cycle continued for months. It was great when I could go steroid free for a week or two, it was more than I expected.  but it felt as though each flare was more viscious than the last. When I hit 17 and I was still in this same dilemma it was frustrating. It mentally drained me not knowing when my skin would flare and why, it frustrated me that I didn’t know WHY. I went through this mental torment for years, guilty for using steroids as the effects on my skin weren’t great but glad for the relief they gave from the constant redness, weeping and cracking. Just one night’s good sleep was worth it. I didn’t know what else to do, I didn’t know how bad steroids were for so long, too long. But one day I hit a point where I was emotionally drained from the cycle – steroid use, stop steorid use, flare up. Each flare up was worse than the last and the eczema just seemed to spread.

So for my university years I went steroid free. At this stage I didn’t know what to do so I used greasy emollients given my doctors like Double base, diprobase, E45. They provided some relief but they just were not getting at the core. My skin would still flare and I didn’t like these products, the smell, the texture. It just wasn’t for me. So in 2011, I became more inclined to find things that worked for me. And now in 2016, as many of you know, my skin is so much more managebale than it was back then! My skin still gets dry and flaky but I can control it – I’ve learnt about a range of different skincare products that work for me, supplements that work for me and I’ve also looked at my mental well being. Many of us ignore our mental wellbeing thinking its fine, but I can truly vouch for stress relief methods in helping my eczema. I have tried so many methods over the years and spent ££££s! So I never understood why there wasn’t an easier way for us to try things. That’s where the idea for the Restore & Repair box came from!

The Restore and Repair Box has been created by me because I want others to be able to trial products more easily. To holistically try things that could help them. I am targeting people like me who cannot explain their eczema, who all of a sudden got flare ups without ever having them before. It is for people who are wanting to holistically manage their skin, who want to learn about how they can help themselves in managing their skin. Each month you will get at least 4-5 products which you can try and see if they work for you. The box is priced at £18.99 (to cover my costs in obtaining products and materials) and you get a minimum of £30-40 worth of products. I hope that the money saving can mean you can then spend on the products that work for you whilst also learning how to manage your stress and achieve better sleep, less itching and feel happier. Eczema is so emtoionally draining that I hope to give you back some positivity whilst you try the products. It isn’t just for eczema either but suits dry and sensitive skin types. So I really hope that it can help others.

If you’re interested in signing up you can check it out at: Restore & Repair Online Shop You may not know what the products are yet but they include a treatment, body wash, hand cream and salve!  I used to only focus on my creams until I realised EVERY product makes a difference. I’m hoping you can find relief as I have using natural methods. Each box also contains a newsletter filled with ways to help you further. You can try this with me and other subscribers and share your experiences with others. Going through this with others can really make those changes feel a little less difficult.

If you sign up for 3 or 6 box plans you will get them delivered to you first before anybody else and also save on shpping and cost. Priced at £52 and £92 you make even more savings and each box will contain different products to try, plus a little extra at special points in the year.

I’m really excited to be able to offer this and can’t wait to hear what you think!

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