April Goals: Rejuvenated mind and skin, say YES to some TLC!

So after my post on my current updates, I decided to set goals. Real goals. Not the type I usually make such as “I will exercise”, “I will eat better”, “I will spend less time on my phone” because let’s face it they’re pretty vague and I say them and pretty much do not do a thing to achieve them! How about you?

I’m using the acronym SMART to help me make more realistic goals too. This is a handy acronym to help you make more realistic and achievable goals. It also makes you think more about your plan of action. No more vague goals!

Read more on SMART goals here

 This image is exactly right for me! It’s where I want to be so my goals are all about actively making the best of time!


1. Take part in the Yoga with Adriene 30 day challenge by completing the yoga exercises each day. Start on April 4th. 

  Yoga is amazing!! It’s been great for me in the past but I’ve put it off and my mind and body are feeling it! It really is a great way to empty the mind and get in touch with the body and just chill out for 20-30 minutes. So if you want to try and see what yoga is like why not join me? It’s free and can be done in the comfort of your own home! We just have to commit! YouTube is a great friend and yoga is such a great way to ease into exercise and relaxation sinultaneously, if you want to join one, here’s the 30 day challenge I’ll be completinng: 30 days of Yoga Adriene is so easy going and it really feels achievable. I’d love to have you on board!

2. Distinguish between work and free time: 

  • Spend 30 minutes maximum each evening to work on the Restore and Repair boxes

  • Spend one hour on a weekend morning to complete any extra tasks needed for the Restore and Repair boxes

  • After 5pm, work work (my day job) is out! Leave the office on time by spending 4.30-5pm on admin, no overtime I’m not getting paid!

  I used to be strict with timing but recently work has taken over EVERYTHING and my life has become hazy in terms of the line between work and play so work goals need to be set in order to increase the quality of free time I have. Work is important but so is personal time and so we need to find the balance. As things stand I sometimes go to bed feeling like I’ve not really taken a breather so it’s time to make the sati guise and start having time to just be me and really chill out!

3. No gadgets after 9.00pm! Set morning alarm, put phone, IPad, laptop on the dresser and don’t touch until morning (of course emergencies are okay).


I don’t know about you but gadgets are wasting my life away! Well I’m choosing to allow them too! They are just so tempting but don’t you find time passes mindlessly? You can go through your Facebook feed, Twitter, instagram, WordPress and then repeat the cycle for hours, what a drain of time!! Before you know it it’s 11pm and you have had no time to really unwind and relax as its been spent on your phone and watching tv. So how about incorporating a gadget free hour in your daily routine? I’ll be doing this so why not join me, it would be great to share thoughts after a few weeks! Free time can then be REAL. No more sitting idle watching the telly and checking your phone. Yes gadgets can be good – I use my iPad to blog, do research – but I do find this time is very different to real “me time” which for me is gadget free and involves more of a classic hobby which allows me to escape reality for a little time. So I’ve decided that before 9 I can go gadget crazy but after 9 it’s time to unwind and complete my sleep routine and do something I enjoy.

4. After 9.30pm, use the time before hitting the sack for a bit of me time -reading a book or cross stitching, doing a face mask just somethings which is just about me

  Did I just say Cross stitching?! Hell yes! It has been a relaxing activity for me ever since I went to China for three months as its pretty big over there and my students got me into it! It takes your mind off of things because it requires focus, it’s a bit of mindfulness really as you focus on the task. Reading for me is a great escape but I haven’t always prioritised it so April is all about making the time! A bit of time to recharge or even pamper yourself, do a face mask, sit in the bath do anything which you enjoy and helps you to unwind. Can’t wait!

5. Set alarm and place it on dresser so turning off means in up and out of bed

  So I’m a big time snoozer. Everyday without a doubt and do you know what? It leaves me feeling more tired and getting ready like a headless chicken because I haven’t given myself time. Working against the clock is stressful so why do it when I don’t need you?  My morning smoothies go to pot and it means I’m hungry at work and eat the worst foods so let’s start the morning off well by getting ready in good time and starting the day postively. Heck it might even mean my weekends are more productive! 
So here are my five goals for the month. What do you think? Do you share any of them? What are yours? 

4 Responses to “April Goals: Rejuvenated mind and skin, say YES to some TLC!”
  1. Laurenpowers says:

    I really need to read more books and invest in my health

    Lauren x | http://www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com


    • Selina says:

      Sounds positive! Which books are you wanting to read? I’m currently reading classics! And how are you wanting to invest in your health?

      Remember make your goals SMART šŸ˜‰


  2. Claire says:

    These sound like good ideas. I have a stressful job, sometimes we can have a laugh and a joke and other times it’s high tension. I find that to relax definitely once sometimes twice a week I will get a bath and watch a film on my phone. It’s very much me time and it really helps me to de stress which also helps my skin.


    • Selina says:

      See just goes to show little me time can do wonders for mind and skin! We can get so caught up in stress sometimes we forget to wind down. Bath is definitely on my list. Im getting some Dead Sea salts in the restore and repair box and will be using them indeed šŸ™‚


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