Vitamin D for Eczema: A Review

Have you ever noticed a significant improvement of your eczema status when you are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, for example when you’re on holiday or in the summer? I have, and the symptoms also worsen in the winter when I spend even less time outside in the dismal UK sunshine.

Ever since I was 16 and went through no steroid phases, the main time my eczema ever eased on my face and neck to a comfortable state was when I went abroad (I live in the UK!) for a sunny holiday. The eczema would clear dramatically within days of walking in the sun and it was amazing! Long awaited relief after months of itching, chronic redness and flaking and rough skin. Has this happened to you? The minute I got off that plane back in the UK, the eczema would creep back within a week and I’d wish for another holiday….Does this sound familiar ? (if so, read on!).

Now in general, I have darker skin and darker skin can take longer for vitamin D to absorb from sun exposure so this may be why sun in the UK doesn’t work as well for me and if I’m honest I hardly spend as much time outside as I probably should. I would generally need longer exposure than lighter skin individuals to gain the benefits of sun exposure and vitamin D and this may be why I only feel the benefits on sun exposure abroad when I have long hours of exposure… With work, most of my time is spent indoors, travelling in the car or relaxing at home unlike holidays where I enjoy the time spent outdoors. If you have type 1 or 2 skin (fair white skin), your skin is able to absorb the vitamin D from sun exposure quicker and therefore small periods of exposure can be more effective. However, what do we do when we lack vitamin D or aren’t getting enough?

Now, I’m not saying that Vitamin D can completely cure eczema, not at all. I believe that good diet, skincare and state of mind are important too, but Vitamin D can have great impact on skin and for me personally, it has been one of the most effective supplements at keeping the eczema from wreaking havoc after I stopped steroid use this New year just passed. I have to say a special thank you to one of my readers (Manfred!) who has been raving about Vitamin d3 for months and months and must’ve thought why did I not listen as vitamin d3 helped to clear his eczema too….And I guess when I heard the word ‘cure’I freaked out because well supposed ‘cures’ on the internet are everywhere in sight as money making schemes….But I have to say Vitamin d3 is not, and I am not advertising any specific form of vitamin D. The only advice I would give is please opt for Vitamin d3 over vitamin d2. D3 absorbs quicker and has quicker and more rapid benefits (just search the internet for others views).

If you have noticed that prolonged sun exposure helps ease your eczema symptoms, then Vitamin d3 supplements are really worth a trial at least, what do you really have to lose?

You can even be tested for vitamin D deficiency so you can check with your doctor to get the right supplementation advice. Here is a review of someone on the National eczema site:

    The Scientific Evidence…

Now for those of you who like to see the evidence here is some great breakdowns of full randomised control trials in medicine to test the benefits of Vitamin d3 for eczema (atopic dermatitis). Now these trials compare no vitamin D supplementation to vitamin D and can therefore help to show the impact of just adding Vitamin d3 alone to your routine. (One of these has also used vitamin E and I will be purchasing this to try in February since both combined were shown to be even more beneficial.)

    My Personal Review

After looking into Vitamin d3, I decided to purchase these supplements:

Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 Gels 5, 000 IU 360 capsules

Now there are alot of toxicity warnings with Vitamin d3 which make me reluctant to take too high a dose for a prolonged period of time. It can lead to liver and kidney problems, so please be cautious when supplementing with Vitamin d3. Check recommended daily allowance recommending by your local health body and listen to your body, if you get any side effects THINK. Even better, get the advice from a doctor if you feel wary of taking vitamin d3 but make them give you a deficiency test before ruling out that it won’t help! However as you can see from Amazon (Healthy Origins Vitamin D3 Gels 5, 000 IU 360 capsules) the reviews are extremely positive and this product is a #1 Best Seller hence I chose this one. 5000IU is the highest recomended dose so I take these. I began taking two a day adding up to 10000IU and in 3 weeks, my eczema is greatly improved (look at my previous before and after post) which I have to say is from before and after Vitamin d3 supplementation as well as a natural skincare routine and a better diet (recuded and limited refined sugar, more fruit and dark greens, no red meat and less caffeine).

Due to my worries with overdoing the vitamin d3 I am now cautious of the high doses though my skins improvement is great and I cannot thank vitamin d3 enough!

So what has 3 weeks of Vitamin d3 done?: My skin is smoother, less red and natural colour is definitely there! The inflammation has gone down and though I will reduce my dose to a more recommended dose, I will continue to supplement with Vitamin d3. I itch less, but the main thing is the redness and rough texture has gone, the scarring on my arms is less noticeable and even if I do itch, my skin hasn’t flared with avengence just yet just from a 10 second itching frenzy which is great, the guilt I get is bad enough without the flare up as a reminder of my itching…! My skin is feeling less dry, I can put on cream on my neck and not moisturise for hours (yes hours!) and this is not something I have been able to do without steroids before so this is great! I usually get dry flakes within an hour of moisturising so it really has helped (i’m also using HYALURONIC ACID though and will review shortly as this helps with moisture retention ability of the skin too). I stopped using steroids just before I began taking vitamin d3. Now usually, the minute I stop the steorids, the eczema creeps back within a week and I have to say that this is the first time that hasn’t happened AT ALL. My eczema hasn’t gotten worse after stopping the steroids, it has only improved and funnily enough it has improved better without the steorids than with! Whilst using steorids, my neck reached a ‘peak’ and this peak was still rough and itchy no matter if I applied more steroid creams and the inflammation remained underneath the surface like I knew that if I put the steroids down the eczema would be back… I don’t feel the inflammation is just waiting to crop up right now and this feeling is great. By that I mean, that feeling you get when you know that the eczema is beginning to flare and you’re dreading when it rears its head as a flae up isn’t ever pretty! I don’t feel like that at the moment. No my skin isn’t perfect but it is less dry, smoother and definitely a lot more comfortable. Vitamin d3 is the only supplement which seems to stop a flare up for me (like a sunny holiday I guess!) as omega 3 is something I have used long term and though it is good for skin it never stopped a flare up coming like vitamin d3 seems to have. I have even had an assignment due which I definitely felt stressed about and my skin didn’t flare. This is great because I always have a fear the eczema will go back to how it was in my final year of uni so the fact that stress over my assignment didn’t affect my skin at all is definitely an improvement. (I also used Headspace meditation daily).

If you are worried your skin will flare after you stop the steroids, start taking vitamin d3 and then give up the steroids after a few weeks for peace of mind. If sun exposure eases your skin, DEFINTELY give Vitamin d3 a try! I really regret not taking it earlier!

In the winter months I definitely think vitamin d3 is good when we generally get less exposure to the sun and I really don’t think I will stop taking supplements though I may reduce my dose as the eczema becomes more calm. I know sun exposure helps my eczema, so vitamin d3 I guess makes a lot of sense…

So what now?
Well I’m back at uni from Monday and I think the big test of time is how vitamin d3 copes when I have the everyday pressures and stresses of working and studying and juggling life in general! My most severe eczema has always occured during study periods which have been important such as exams etc, so I will review the long term benefits of vitamin d3 in a month or two when I feel the stress of this to see if vitamin d3 helps keep the eczema at bay at times like this.

Reluctant to take supplments?

If you are wary of taking vitamin d3, then why not increase vitamin D the natural way? I have thought about just generally increasing the amount of time I spend outside in the day time, now in winter this can prove difficult, but when the weather does pick up make sure you use it! Obviously Sunscreen is important but ensure you get exposure to sun everyday. Take a 20-30minute walk everyday in day light hours. Need to exercise? Why not jog outside instead of being halled up in an artifical gym? Vitamin D can help more than just the skin. It helps calcium absorption, our immune system and can reduce bone problems. But for me, the benefit it has on my skin is worth it, these extras are just a great side effect.

I hope that this post will help at least a few people get some much needed vitamin D that their skin needs and ease their eczema! I can only hope! It really is my only I have to take supplement right now and I hope this shows just how important it is as pasrt of my eczema care routine.

Have you tried Vitamin d3?

What are your thoughts?

Are you willing to try it?

NB: I have a very natural skinscare routine, I eat a mostly good diet and I meditate using Headspace when I’m feeling stressed. These have all been done in combination with the vit d3.

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51 Responses to “Vitamin D for Eczema: A Review”
  1. lludawg says:

    Hi there! Great blog post! I’m wondering where I can find your before and after pics. Also, did the vitamin E help?


  2. kaylenew says:

    hi! i just want to say that vitamin d3 works for me and i saw the effect immediately after the first dose. i took 400iu x 4 softgels and my hands stopped itching at once. i have been battling with eczema for years and my palms and fingers were always red, scaly, itchy and many times i would scratch myself until i bleed. it was just really bad and nothing has worked. since the doctor i saw couldnt tell whether it was eczema or fungus he gave me both corticosteroid and an antifungal cream that has miconazole in it, both were useless. only vitamin d3 worked so i must say its pretty amazing. not sure if all vitamin d3 supplements are created equal but mines the softgel kind in olive oil. plus its so cheap. i havent scratched for a day now and i cannot believe my eyes really. keeping my fingers crossed i wont get a relapse when i stop taking it one day, or do i have to take it forever?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Selina says:

      I’m so glad it’s worked for you too! I stopped using the steroids the day before using vitamin d3 and never had an angry flare up so like you effects were quick!! I took it at the high dose at first but once my skin calmed I weaned off. Now I mainly use it if my skin is beginning to get dry and cracked, but I don’t use it for months on end and my skin manages it well! I live in the UK so I’m more cautious about using it during winter as this is when my skin seems to be at its worst!

      So glad you found it works though! I cannot believe doctors haven’t recommended this yet ! There is definitely a sub group of us who find this works!


  3. James says:

    Hey I’ve stumbled across your blog numerous times in the past and it has just happened again after googling ‘vitamin d and eczema’!

    Could you give an update on how it has worked for you please? This article is almost 2 years old so it would be interesting to see what your views are on it at the moment! I’ve reached a point this winter where they’ve prescribed me protopic and Elocon steroid, something I’m sure most people on here are familiar with and something I don’t want to have to use! I have a feeling that Vitamin D might be a major contributing factor to all of this as I’m always tired in the winter, dark under the eyes, pale/gaunt (despite being from an Italian heritage!), and espceically bad eczema compared with summer.

    Thanks for your blog post, it’s given me a huge amount of hope and I’ve ordered some D3 online. If you could reply ro my first question I would really appreciate it! Sorry for rambling and thanks πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Selina says:

      Hi James you are absolutely right, an update is much needed! I think will be be my next post. I can say though that since taking vitamin d3 I initially I haven’t had to use steroids and I have not had an angry flare up! I don’t use the supplement daily anymore either I use it sporadically when my skin begins to become dry and agitated and this seems to work for me (I think it’s also better not to have high doses of vit d3 for too long). Did you buy it? If so did it work for you?

      Like you winter doesn’t do me well at all! My mood drops for one, I have a darker skin tone so the minimal sunlight hours in the UK I get don’t give me enough of a dosage to keep my skin calm. Using the supplement at these times when eczema begins to show has worked great! I just cannot believe this isn’t known!


  4. Jennifer Etienne says:

    Hi. I wanted to try vitamin d3 but I don’t know what dosage to use. Could you tell me and also which brand should I use? Thank you


    • Selina says:

      Hi. In the post I’ve posted the link to the vitamins i use. I’ve also tried swan vitamin d3. I use 5000 iu but high doses for long periods isn’t recommended. I have darker skin and it’s winter in the UK hence my dose for this time of year. You can always start smaller. If you find that sunshine helps though this should too! I noticed results after a week or two using 10000iu then i cut down.

      Good luck with your journey πŸ™‚


  5. scleewrites says:

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know that the Vitamin D has been working for me. I currently take 5000iu every other day and use Simple light moisturiser, which has vitamin E and B as ingredients. My skin has been clear for ten days, before this would have been impossible.


    • Selina says:

      I’m so glad! that sounds like what happened to me, the healing was pretty crazy! So glad you tried it πŸ˜€ I now take it every couple of days as well and if my skin feels irritable and it has been great….I now have acne prone skin to contend with but hey it beats eczema!!


  6. richard says:

    Hi, just wanted to say that after 35 years of eczema, I have finally made a possible link between my skin and my vitD levels. My blood test revealed that my vitD is very very low and I have been taking 4000IU per day for only a few days, but my skin feels better already. I too noticed that with a bit of sun my skin improved but I didn’t join all the dots until recently. Will update in a few weeks, hopefully it keeps on working. Keep on getting the word out!


    • Selina says:

      Thats great Richard!! I was the same, the sun made my skin better but I never thought its vitamin d3 I need but I’m glad it is working for you. It was the same for me, literally I began taking vitamin d3 and in a week skin was calmer!

      Keep us updated πŸ™‚


  7. Chloe says:

    It is amazing how much this relates to me! I am 22, in fourth year uni and also get eczema from stress plus I have found eating a lot of sugar makes me react.I have just found out that i am Vitamin D deficient so am taking supplements starting today! I am so excited to see the results after hearing how much it has helped you. Eczema effects me all over my body but my face is the worst area which makes going out in public so embarrassing! Thanks for your advice i’m so excited to see if this works for me also πŸ™‚


    • Selina says:

      Your eczema sounds so similar to mine! Mine was at its worst peak in my final year of university too… I’ve been taking vit d since Jan and it has truly been amazing. My face is actually on the oily side now which can be frustrating but is better than eczema!

      Good luck with the vit D πŸ™‚ Keep us updated.


  8. I found out from the Vitamin D Council that 5000iu is the same strength in the UK / US but different rda. So in the US it’s 1250% rda in the UK it’s double that! So we’re taking 2500% rda! You would think with all our crappy weather it’d be the other way ’round!


  9. Something I find confusing is the rda. On your tablets it says 5000iu is 1250% rda but on the HeathAid brand I use it says 1000iu is 500% rda. This doesn’t add up! If 1000iu is 500% then 5000iu should be 2500% rda.


  10. Steven says:

    Something I find confusing is the rda. On your tablets it says 5000iu is 1250% rda but on the HeathAid brand I use it says 1000iu is 500% rda. This doesn’t add up! If 1000iu is 500% then 5000iu should be 2500% rda.


  11. Steven says:

    Hi there, great blog you have here.

    I recently upped my Vitamin D levels to 1000 iu after being inside with bad, weepy eczema for almost ten years! My skin has gotten really thin from steroid use.

    As you might expect my sun exposure is low.

    I’m also taking a probiotic multi-vitamin and 20 – 45 mg of zinc a day. I take a hot shower in the morning, the skin on my body stays healed with no moisturiser, over the months my skin got used to this. It was dry at first but it seemed to heal with just hot water after a while. If it gets bad I use a quick blast of Elocon ointment (strong steroid) and the skin on my body can stay OK again for many weeks.

    My face is a different story, it weeps, is very red and hard to control. It often crusts and turns yellow (the dreaded staff bug!) This last week, I’ve been using probiotic goats yoghurt on my skin, to add friendly bacteria which has been depleted due to Protopic ointment and steroid creams. I leave it on for hours and then reapply, only washing it off in the morning. I think I might increase the vitamin D after reading of your success and continue with the yoghurt routine. I’m using no other creams at the moment but my face is quite red.

    How much Vitamin D are you taking now? What’s a safe amount to take? I’m using 1000 iu (500% to 600% rda.) Thanks.


    • Selina says:

      Thanks for posting. I think the yoghurt on skin is great! I was actually thinking this week of going back to my twice weekly face masks made up of yoghurt the natural probiotic type of course with maybe lemon and honey. Yoghurt is definitely great in more ways than one.

      I take 5000iub of vitd3.i know that is quite alot though the recommended is very low I can’t advise I’m afraid as I know you have to be cautious with vit D as it can become toxic. .. but as someone of a darker complexion I need the added help I’m not getting from sun exposure…. has the vit D been helping you?

      Also how have you found the zinc? That is something i’m thinking of adding in.

      I take probiotics, vit D3 and omega 3 daily.


    • Selina says:

      For me though. Sun exposure tends to work wonders so vit d3 really has been great!

      How is your diet?


      • My diet is excellent. Salads, fish, meat, pasta, all sorts! Plus I eat Gluten Free because I have Coeliac Disease. I also avoid eggs and milk (I drink Coconut milk or rice milk.)


      • Selina says:

        Ugh that’s annoying then that the eczema is still flaring! Your diet is great! Mine is okay but not perfect.

        You already take probiotics as well right? I know those help me by strengthening the gut (if you read my post on the gut you’ll know I believe eczema can be due to that)

        The weird thing for me is I’ve developed an Allergy (I think to oats) which wasnt there say a year ago. I had a realy bad reaction when I applied to my face, like really bad so I need to patch test to check what caused it. But my body has changed over time.

        But your eczema story sounds like mine and one of my readers (read his story on my your stories page) so fingers crossed the vit d3 works as that did wonders for both of us πŸ™‚

        I guess wth coeliac you are already sensitive to allergy.


      • I don’t use Omega 3 but I have a shellfish allergy (as well!) so I’m not too sure about this. You should get tested for Coeliac with a blood test, as people with Coeliac can react to oats too. Sun exposure used to clear my eczema, fingers crossed for the vitamin D! I don’t wanna use creams as the skin on my face is quite thin due to steroid creams. And Protopic makes me itch and it burns, plus you can’t go out in the sun with it. Moisturisers generally clog my pores, which makes the skin red, weep and go yellow. So I try and avoid them. That’s why I’ve been trying the yoghurt – natural moisturiser. I had patch tests the other week, it came up with Potassium chromite, which is in leather and cement, and other things. Eczema sucks πŸ™‚


      • Selina says:

        Ahh it does. But least you’re getting tested. I’m trying to book in with my gp to get Allergy tested atm.

        I use natural creams to soothe mine maybe they’d be helpful for you? . I’ve recently purchased a natural sun screen too and I’m hoping it works! I find my skin on my face and neck is now darker than the rest of my because of how chronic my flare ups were so bit of a pain as to what I need to do!

        You can get veg based omega 3 πŸ™‚ like linseed supplements I think? And since your taking zinc that will help to break down the omega 3 :). I find omega 3 helps me. I wouldn’t live without my vit d3 though that has been a god send! I have high hopes for you since your story is similar in the sense that sun exposure clears it.

        Good luck with it πŸ™‚

        Have You considered oil pulling with us? I know its really strange but it’s supposed to be great for the body and your teeth πŸ™‚


      • Thanks, I hope you get better too. I’m on day 2 with no steroid creams / Protopic and just vitamin D (which I could never do before) so fingers crossed. I’m a little concerned about taking 1100% rda but my doctor said 1000iu to 2000iu would be fine, he said 1000iu would be enough, but I don’t think it is as my skin wasn’t healing with that dose. I’ll let you know how it goes. What’s oil pulling?


      • Selina says:

        Read my latest blog posts they explain it and the benefits πŸ™‚ is really strange as a process but can be great for cleansing the body and skin!

        And yeah I Stopped steroids when I started vit d3 but I started taking 10000 for like 2 weeks then cut down to 5000. 5000 is alot but I feel If I don’t take it my eczema starts reappearing :/

        I’m sure after a month itll help and show more. Are you from the uk? My eczema is better because the weather is getting nicer : D


      • I’d be careful with 10,000iu as calcium can build up on your liver, someone left a review on Amazon after they were rushed to hospital. if you get pains at your lower back / side – I’d stop. I don’t wanna scare you, you know what works for you πŸ™‚ Yeah, I’m from the UK. 2000iu of Healthaid D3 seems to be healing my skin, so maybe try that brand?


      • Selina says:

        Yeah I don’t do that now. Only at first. I know now that summer is coming as well I’ll be getting vit d from natural sun too.

        I take 5000 but do want to drop that. … Where did you buy yours? Amazon? Is always my go to lol


      • Manfred says:

        I think there is a lot of unnecessary fear concerning Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning if there is an abundance from over-supplementation then it will be stored for later use. Under the sun, your body can make 20,000 IU of D3 daily in 15 minutes depending on the right conditions. Selena is right 5,000 is the minimum recommended dosage and any lower might reveal positive effects over a longer period of time. Do not be afraid, vitamin D toxicity is very rare, and those who are deficient are given 50,000 IU a DAY for an entire MONTH to get their levels back to normal. Since most eczema sufferers are deficient, they should up the dosage until their skin clears up, and then remain on 5,000 IU unless they tend to have sunny conditions, see this link for more info:


      • Thanks for the advice Manfred. Appreciated.


  12. Virginia says:

    I’ve just ordered it! I can’t wait to start taking it I hope it’s also going to help!


    • Selina says:

      I literally cannot express how much this has helped! I’ll put photos up soon. I do ear better and take other supplements too. But I really do encourage You to try this if sunshine helps your eczema!

      Good luck (let us know how you get on)


  13. Lepainnoir says:

    My skin tends to feel better if its sunny and dry. Even my doctor said I should be going on holidays somewhere warm (not humid, though). Unfortunately, I ended up studying in England – the least sunny country in Europe. πŸ™‚


    • Lol thats my home too πŸ™‚ try vitamin d3! Helping with my skin whilst the winter is dark and gloomy! I really can’t wait for a sunny holiday though.


      • Lepainnoir says:

        I stocked up on some d3 when holland and barett had a penny sale a few weeks ago. Hardest thing is to remember to take it daily! πŸ˜€


      • Which supplement is it you take? Have You noticed a difference? I think daily use is important I missed a day and I could tell!

        I think because the effects have been so positive I take it daily!


      • Lepainnoir says:

        I am using the d3 vitamin spray but I also have a tub of capsules to use after I am finished with the spray. I think there has beena difference generally, but I would say that is also to do with other life changes I am trying to make. But as someone who would spend every summer in a warm sunlight and now that is not available for me because I am in England, I do feel like my body needs it, especially during the dark and grey seasons. πŸ™‚


      • I’m not gonna take extra Vitamin A as there is evidence it stops Vitamin D working as well. Plus if you look at the link Manfred posted yesterday (Vitamin D council) it says we should get enough vitamin A from our diets. I take Zinc, Calcium and Vitamin D and I’ll add vitamin K to my daily routine when it arrives. I take a multivitamin too (only 100% rda of most vitamins) but I’m thinking of skipping this soon because I wanna see how well the ones mentioned above work on their own. Plus I have doubts about probiotics, I think they might make me itch. The only other vitamin I would consider adding is Vitamin E which is really good for the skin.


      • Selina says:

        Yeah vit e was in one of the omega 3 tablets I had. It is supposed to be good. .. Would you recommend zinc? I’m starting to break out in spots so that might help? I’ve now got eczema and spots to contend with!

        Probiotics are good for immune system in general and Strengthen the gut as well as help keep digestion regular and Smooth. I take it for that really. For skin vit d has been the biggest help. But it’s not rid of it completely so still working on it!

        So frustrating how much time it can take trying to manage eczema lol…I forget how much effort it actually involves until I compare those who don’t do any supplementation or diet changes to me. My sisters think I’m crazy but if only they knew the battle for normal-ish skin!


      • Yeah, it sucks! I hope they find a cure but I doubt it as they make a fortune from creams on prescription. We’ll have to find our own cure! I would definitely add at least 100% rda zinc to your day and 200% rda couldn’t hurt. I took 450% rda today but I don’t do this that often, however my skin is suffering today (on my face.) Will let you know how I go in a few days on the higher Vitamin D and Vitamin K.


    • Just to let you know I found out yesterday that you need to take Vitamin K2 with large doses of vitamin D, or it could be dangerous. I ordered this one: Scan down on Amazon to read the review on this. Plus the first review on here: I’ve upped my vi d levels to 3000iu starting today, as it wasn’t high enough to heal the eczema on my face, ordered the 5000iu brand you mentioned too. Hope you’re well πŸ™‚


      • Selina says:

        Thanks for this! Gosh that review is so in depth! So you will be starting on vitamin k2? But not A?

        I might try the same! I think there is always the case that taking one supplement means your body is depleting another so always good to be aware. Thanks for doing your research much appreciated!

        And keep us updated πŸ™‚


  14. Manfred says:

    What are my thoughts? My heart beams with joy and not because you finally listened to me but because you are healing slowly but definitely. I’m really so happy for you after seeing your posts for months on end without you getting much of a break from your eczema. If I could cry now I would, because my number 1 purpose when I joined your blog was to help you and your readers identify a supplement that could save your skin and give your lives back to you. I’m flattered that you mentioned me in your post, there is no need to go to such lengths. May your skin stay healthy forever more and may you live in peace. God bless you sister.


    • Aww Thank You Manfred. I just hope you know I am grateful you are encouraging people to take vit d. I think if sub exposure helps your eczema, vit d3 will.

      I’ll continue with it and if it stays at bay its great. I don’t think a cure is as important as just knowing is under control


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