Blog content: Sensitive Skin Beauty and Lifestyle : should I stay or should I go….?

For anyone reading my posts over the past year, you will notice that in general my eczema had stayed pretty calm. Heck I’d say I’ve had it pretty easy! With a few cracked lip moments my skin is 90% of the way to where I wanted. I’m so fortunate. However that leaves me in quite a dilemma on an eczema specific blog….

For awhile now I have been toying with the idea of a blog for my sensitive, combination skin with the odd eczema patch and my holistic living plans which all gear towards better skin and peace of mind. But I’ve struggled to always think it’s relevant to post about my holistic living and at the same time have also struggled to do flare up reviews because I don’t really get them much now. I feel like an imposter on my own blog page! There are still plenty of posts for me to do on here: eczema and candida – my thoughts, tips on eliminating gluten, make your own whipped body butter pure and simple and food ideas and I’ll always happily do this. Another part of me also wants to venture into sharing more about me – skin, eczema and all but also my lifestyle, how I aim towards peace and serenity. I’ve always seen eczema holistically and so that ethos is still the same with me, I’m a psychologist so mental health is so important to me and I sometimes do posts on this but is it relevant?

My question to you is: do I keep this blog just about Eczema and create other content (fitness, mental wellbeing, reading, food, sensitive skin and combination skin beauty) on a new blog or do I take my eczema blog forwards in this direction ( eventually changing the name) to a more holistic blog? A part of me believes it would be nice to have you all along for the ride but I know that most people who follow my blog do so because they have eczema and so I wondered whether posts of natural beauty, holistic living and eczema would be too much on myeczematales. Since I’m so  grateful for all of the great support I have on this site, I wanted to hear your thoughts. Please share your thoughts down below or take part in the poll!! Honest feedback is always greatly appreciated.


5 Responses to “Blog content: Sensitive Skin Beauty and Lifestyle : should I stay or should I go….?”
  1. Preets28 says:

    Hi Selina,
    I’ve recently discoverd your blog and love it – thanks for sharing your journey with us along with your tips and advice on how to deal with eczema (I’m currently 30 months into TSW). I feel you should keep this blog and make it a holisitic one, and perhaps move all the eczema related content to another section, keeping it all together. I for one, would refer to the eczema content as well as read up on th holisitc living posts. But most of all, do you what you feel will work out best for you! I will follow your new blog should you create a new one!

    You recently commented on one of my insta posts about using yoghurt as a face mask – I’m yet to try it and will report back when I do! Again, loved your post on yoghurt face masks – very informative.

    All the best!

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    • Selina says:

      Thanks for your thoughts! I’m glad you feel that eczema content would work alongside holistic content if everything is clearly labelled! I will hold onto that as I think it’s good to organise it for ease of access! Glad you shared your thoughts! I also do a share your eczema stories page and if you’d like to share your journey please do 🙂 it’s so great to know we can support each other as a community! xxx


  2. Manfred says:

    This blog was built on eczema. But as long as you keep on addressing eczema, then you will always identify with it and it may therefore perhaps never go away fully. You’ve done awesome with your posts trying to help and all, but it’s time to move forward. Don’t be afraid – you’ll gain some followers here and lose others there. Good luck!


    • Selina says:

      Thanks Manfred, o guess you’re right I will always identify with eczema and it’s really the reason I’ve begun to think more holistically! Thanks for the thoughts, it’s really helpful to hear from people who interact with my blog post!!

      I also wondered whether you had looked into eczema and candida? I noticed that this could be a reason vitamin d3 is so helpful for us and why cutting refined sugar helps. Interesting how working with others with similar skin to mine has helped me so much more than medical professionals xxx


    • Selina says:

      I hope you and your skin are doing well? xx


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