Day 4 of the Oil Pulling Challenge

So on day 4 I have to say that the process is now becoming normal. No gagging,  no urge to spit before 20 mins. .. It’s incredible what a few days of making yourself do it can do! It is so easy and I’m hoping that you have found it’s gotten easier too!

Thoughts on Day 4:

1. Definitely heat the oil if you choose to use coconut oil like me. Spooning liquid is far easier than trying to break down solid oil in your mouth (Trust me! ).

2. Don’t sit and focus on the oil pulling, it definitely makes the 20 minutes drag on! I so far have showered and caught up on tv at the same time as swishing the oil around.  Be sure not to be washing your hair though as you don’t want to be tilting your head back.

3. In general, keep your head tilted slightly forward. You don’t want any chance of swallowing!

4. Do not spit in the drain. (still trying to figure out how to dispose effectively as using polystyrene cups atm so if you have any tips please share! )

5. My skin is feeling more moisturised in general. Now is this down to the oil pulling? I have obviously also done a face mask,  but I’m not needing to top up cream AT ALL during the day and skin is pretty fine with just serum and a few drops of Rosehip. I’m not needing to apply a moisturiser. Has anyone else found this? My friends commented that my skin looks good yesterday and my spots are even calming down!

So how has your oil pulling gone?

17 Responses to “Day 4 of the Oil Pulling Challenge”
  1. Today, I didn’t really feel like doing it. And then I actually forgot to do it in the shower so I did it during makeup and hair today, which was easier than I thought it would be. I was running late, so I had to ditch out 4 minutes early. I can’t tell if my gums are pinker and my teeth whiter yet… probably should have taken a photo! I feel like they look a tinge white, but I don’t know if I’m making it up or not, lol.

    I’ve never gagged on it, but have been REALLY opposed to breaking it down in my mouth. I don’t see myself taking the time to heat it on the stove, though. I’m soooo not a morning person.


    • Selina says:

      Ha me neither tbh. I put it in a bowl in the microwave for about 30 seconds. It makes it so much easier!

      Yeah I keep analysing my teeth but I’m over thinking! I think after 2 weeks we should see change. …I hope!

      How about your skin?. Any change?


  2. Patricia says:

    I had a horrible time of it this morning. I don’t know why. Or maybe I do. I was throwing an inward temper tantrum the other day: “This sucks and I’m doing everything right–I may as well just eat what I want!” So that’s what I did on Wednesday. I ate sugar AND wheat AND soy. Yesterday I was all emotional and today I am very tired and woke up with gunk all around my eyes. i’m not getting sick–I feel fine–but I think it’s part of the detox. I was super thirsty today so doing the 20 minutes, even while emptying out my humidifier and making my morning protein smoothie seemed like it took forever. But I did make it.

    I will say this: My gums are looking pinker and more healthy. I’ve been having gum issues and I’m wondering if THAT is the reason I wound up with eczema because stuff that shouldn’t be getting into my bloodstream is. I have taken a morning probiotic for years, so why eczema now, especially when I’m not eating wheat? But the gum recession is lessening and that is a true cause for joy.

    I’m going to do this for an entire month. I decided that if I lasted the 10 days that I would do it for a month, and I can make it for the 10 days–today proved that.

    My hands are clearing up a bit but they are also quick to bleed if not kept extremely moisturized.


    • Selina says:

      Awww sad to hear today wasnt great. Eczema is so tricky!

      I think Oral health is linked to so much as well. Let’s keep with it for 10 days and see! I’m hoping we see direct skin benefits that is always more encouraging!

      You sound stressed out? Have you tried meditation, it’s helped me to be calmer as I’m generally a negative thinker, worrier and over thinker!

      Also vit d3? That’s my primary god send I think!

      Hope is not getting You down too much 😦


      • Patricia says:

        Yes, I’m very stressed. My contract was renewed at work–good news. With a raise. Better news. The thing is that the powers that be have yet to sign off on it, so I’m unable to get paid until they do–it’s been approved but still in the pipeline. So I’ll be breathing a lot easier once I know I can get a paycheck! I know this is effecting my eczema–how can it not?

        I take 5,000 IU of D every day–only 1,000 during the summer when I am out in the nice weather due to the fact that Mr. Sunshine is helping my body make its own.

        I will be doing that EFT I mentioned this Sunday, and will dutifully report on how it goes. I’m very much looking forward to it and it should be very calming–the teacher is also a certified yoga instructor.

        Thanks for your words of support and for all your time and effort you put into this blog!


      • Selina says:

        Just here trying to conquer eczema like you. Might as well do it together 🙂

        Definitely update with the EFT! I have finally been given referral for a blood phobia I have ( I can literally pass out when people are talking about it as i over visualise it! ) so I’m happy I might finally get CBT which I think can help to change negative thinking in general life too. Well I hope! This affects life so glad if I can make it that little bit easier!

        And yes you sound stressed. Which happens as low is stressful but it’s about being able to manage the stress better. That’s why I started yoga and meditation. So EFT is probably a great option too… Sometimes we need to be able to step back, breathe and realise everything is going to be okay!


      • Patricia says:

        This is the best book EVER on CBT:

        I have a copy on my shelf–your post will have me pulling it down tonight and giving it another read.

        Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns–he studied under the man who invented CBT and this book was recommended to me back when I was going through a tough time in college. I can’t say enough about it. By all means, invest in a copy. It has worksheets and everything so you can be proactive and not just “yeah, yeah, I’ll get to it.”


      • Selina says:

        Yeah it should involve regular homework to get you working on it. But it is best done specialised to your specific needs so I’m going the NHS can do this for me in regards to my phobia tendencies.

        I’m an aspiring psychologists and it would be great to be able to offer advice on it then.

        Did you find the book helpful?


      • Patricia says:

        Yes, very much so, which is why I’m going to pick it up off the bookshelf tonight and put it into practice for this whole timesheet debacle. You can apply it to anything–my “speciality” is the worst case scenario and dwelling on that as if it’s BOUND to happen–so even if you are phobic I still highly recommend this book. It helps you see how your thinking is not always reality and shows you how to pull out fact from fear (fiction). Go online and read some reviews of it–I’m sure you can find it in any bookstore–if Waterstone’s doesn’t have it I’d be floored.

        I would still get your therapy but this is a great assistant–who knows? Your therapist might even recommend it.


      • Selina says:

        I’ll Amazon it. That site has everything 🙂 Definitely my issue too! I focus on the negatives and lose sight of the positive!

        Are we all negative thinkers I wonder


      • Patricia says:

        Let me know what you think of the book. My father was very much a negative thinker so mine is inherited, so I do it naturally/unnaturally. So glad you mentioned the CBT aspect!


    • Selina says:

      And any change can take up to a month to see. So keep with your detoxing. You’re doing great. Don’t give up on yourself 🙂


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