DIY Beauty Haul : The Soap Kitchen Ltd (UK)

My oils and body butters arrived from the Soap Kitchen today and I’m so excited that it’s a bit sad! Thank you to the soap kitchen for delivering today. That is 2 working days from when I put my order in and they had a great summer promotion on at the moment so I couldn’t help but add a bit more than I needed to my basket! I’m waiting on my black Cumin seed oil from Amazon (Yes I’m using Amazon even for this but it really was the best place for me to buy it though I’m a total Amazon addict already! ).

I thought I would let you see how the product comes and what I purchased.

The packaging is pretty basic. If you’re looking for “cute” this isn’t the place,. This isn’t the price either. You pay alot for packaging so I’m glad I haven’t. But I wanted my oils and I’m happy with the packaging as I have them! I’ll definitely need other bottles for storage but I expected that anyway and have some at home knowing I’ll make my own mixtures. I’m sure old finished product bottles could be a place to start too; just remember that Amber glass bottles are probably best for oils and avoid putting them in direct sunlight! You can buy cheap containers all over the Internet too.

So I purchased:

1. Castor oil. If you follow my blog you’ll know I’m using this in my oil cleanser

2. Graspeed oil. I thought to try this Oh my body as a light oil for non eczema parts.

3. Mango butter. Heard some great things about this stuff! I know peoole love shea butter and I get so many people reading my shea review that I thought what the heck I’ll try a new one! Mango buyer is supposed to be even more healing and I hope it smells yummy. I lurvvve mangos!

4. Aloe butter. Do you know I’ve never tried aloe so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s got great healing properties so I’m going to try this on my stubborn elbows!

5. Pumpkin seed oil.  This is an oil that is supposedly great for inflammation,  acne prone skin and more. Great for my eczema and blemish prone skin. My black Cumin seed oil is yet to arrive so I’ll be using this to oil cleanse tonight!

6. Tamanu oil. Heard great things and felt great things through using the organic pharmacy skin rescue oil. I’m hoping I can incorporate this into my routine after I’ve begun oil cleansing but i couldn’t help myself from buying it now (the soap kitchen have a summer discount deal on amd I’m a sucker for a sale! ). Great for scarring too!

7. Camelina oil. I will be adding a small amount of this to my oil cleanse. Great properties for my combination skin.

8. Witch Hazel.  Cheap but effective as a toner. Had to give this a try! Even if it’s just to apply on spots.

This cost me a total of around £27. To me that’s not bad at all. If I purchased a ready made organic and natural cleanser I’d pay that much so this is great!

Have you tried these oils before? I can’t wait! But I must remember step by step….. patience….. Need to figure out just how awesome each product is alone first!

Off to do my first oil cleanse. I’ll feedback soon!

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