The Oil Cleansing Method: My Cleanser

You can read about my steps to choosing my oils in my last post about getting started with DIY beauty, but here I thought I would list the properties for you so you can see why I have chosen to put these oils together to form my oil cleanser.

Now I have concentrated my product on my current skin needs so I want to combat acne and congested skin, skin tone and scarring whilst keep skin clean and nourished!

Castor Oil –  This is a naturally astringent oil so helps pull impurities from the skin. For oily or combination skin this is great, with drier skins it is important to use lower %s to ensure skin isn’t overdrying. Castor oil should never be used undiluted on the skin anyway and so this oil can be trialed at different percentages in your mix (you can even leave it all together if you find that it is irritating!).The way that it is harvested may offend some and so I found this site which talks of alternatives….specially almond oil instead…so that is always an option….

Black Cumin Seed Oilcan soothe psoriasis, eczema, and acne. It can be used to moisturise the skin, help skin infections and help reduce signs of aging and wrinkles due to its content of essential fatty acids, vitamins and amino Acids. It has actually been taken internally for years to aid lots of health complaints ( a great second option if this doesn’t suit your face!) and for the skin topically it provides vitamins (A,B,C) along with minerals like zinc, which all help the skin to recover and repair. It can reduce acne, fight infection and moisturise due to the EFAs content. The vitamin A content help with fading scars to by encouraging cell renewal alongside the EFAs and amino acids. It has a natural anti-inflammatory property that calms inflammation and encourages the healthy function of the immune system. The oil also has a natural antihistamine property—perfect for skin conditions that may be caused by allergies. Amazing choice for eczema and acne! It is such a versatile oil that I thought if I don’t like it topically I can always take a teaspoon a day for health benefits….

Camelina Oil – contains Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and antioxidants and can be great for preventing scars (bonus for acne!). It is nourishing and can treat skin conditions such as eczema through healing with the EFAs to support cell repair…. Camelina oil helps to improve the elasticity of skin and is great for sensitive skin. Used for treating large pores too (bonus for me!). It has been suggested that rosehip oil may be a better alternative for the most sensitive of skins whilst Camelina is better for oilier skins….therefore, instead of 5% camelina, you could always use rosehip….


Anyway I hope that this helps you to see why I have chosen to put these oils in my first attempt at DIY beauty with my Oil Cleanser….Remember the beauty of DIY skincare is you decide what you use. I’ve listed some alternative oils to look into below though the choices aren’t limited….


Use for treating large-pored skin as its high content of fatty acids will help to reduce pore size. – See more at:
Use for treating large-pored skin as its high content of fatty acids will help to reduce pore size. – See more at:

Hemp Seed oil

Pumpkin Seed oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Flax Seed Oil

Sunflower Oil

Blackcurrant Seed Oil

Rosehip Oil

Jojoba Oil

Argan Oil



Now to put my oil cleanser to the test…..



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8 Responses to “The Oil Cleansing Method: My Cleanser”
  1. Patricia says:

    I’ll be starting with the oil cleansing tomorrow as well. I may mix up a batch of something or just wash with one oil. I’m interested in seeing how this works. Too bad I had bought a new thing of facial cleanser a couple of weeks ago–I may not want to go back to it after this.


    • Selina says:

      I’m waiting for my oils to arrive 😦 but they seem good for problem skin so if they work I can at least say they’re worth the try. Atm I’m just being hopeful 🙂


      • Patricia says:

        I’ll tell you what I wind up using on my face–I surely have enough oils to work with. Between the oils and the food challenge I’m starting tomorrow with my vegan group I should be back to perfect skin by the time it ends (my soy ice cream was making me break out).


  2. Leah Brown says:

    Love the style of your blog! Just started my one of a similar style and would really appreciate if you could give it a quick look:)


    • Selina says:

      Look forward to reading more from your blog 🙂 Make sure you publicise with facebook, twitter etc thats really helped to allow more people to know my blog exists!

      Happy blogging 🙂 x


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  1. […] made my own so it really is up to you. You can read up on some oils which are good to cleanse with here. One great thing about DIY is you can make an oil to suit your skin. The rule of thumb for dry skin […]


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