Homemade Solutions: Camphor for itching and inflammation

I came across Camphor when a father commented on my ‘about’ page in regards to its positive effect on his daughter’s eczema (thank you !) and I did my research….sure enough it is definitely a bonus for eczema and as a plus acne too!


Camphor is best purchased as an essential oil of 100% solution and added in very small doses (i.e. few drops maximum to your pot of cream) as it can be toxic in high doses. The reason I would suggest purchasing the pure oil is because when it is diluted in a carrier oil, you won’t be able to just add a few drops to your current products easily to gain the same benefits.


So what can Camphor do?

  1. Reduce Itching – this alone makes me want to purchase it, one of the main pet hates of eczema and I’m sure yours too.
  2. Reduces inflammation – This is great for eczema redness as well as acne
  3. Help skin infections – it is a natural anti septic and therefore can help reduce any topical infections
  4. Help with muscular pain and aches – now though it may not be directly linked to eczema,when my neck flares, it also aches due to the lack of movement, so perhaps this could help that!

Live Strong states:

  1. Benefits:
    When used properly, camphor provides a cooling sensation and relieves symptoms such as pain, irritation and cough. You can use camphor in soothing backaches and muscle pain. To soothe skin conditions such as eczema or acne, camphor is used due to its ability to reduce redness and irritation
  2. Warnings:

    Never apply camphor to broken skin. This may lead to poisoning. You should never ingest camphor. The effects of camphor during pregnancy or breastfeeding have not been established. In 2008, the New York City Health Department warned parents and caregivers to keep camphor products away from children. It was discovered three children in the Bronx had all suffered seizures as a result of using camphor. Camphor poisoning symptoms show up quickly, usually in five to 20 minutes.


With this in mind it is important that you read warnings and heed the advice given, however as a small percentage of your cream it may help reduce itching and inflammation.

Have you tried Camphor?

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