The July Challenge

Thanks for all of you who voted for the July challenge. Now I know not all of the options were skin based but sometimes with the negativity that comes with having a skin disorder I think I’d like to also promote positive thinking (that’s the psychologist in me talking I guess!). Sometimes, it isn’t my skin that is the issue, but the way that I think about it.


The top challenge to come out were:

  1. The Oil Cleansing Method ( and
  2. Practising self-gratitude daily (
  3. Drinking  Lemon water daily


Now, I have decided to do all 3! Now I can’t start them all together (I’m still waiting on my cleansing oils from the Soap Kitchen in the UK!). But I will be taking part in all 3 this July and keeping you up to date. I hope you will join me in trying new ways to care for your skin and to think about life.

They are all beneficial for both the body and mind. I will post 3 things I am grateful for each day and I hope you will join in!


For more info on my oil cleansing method:

  • I’m currently awaiting on my oils so I’ll post when I am starting!


Practising Self-Gratitude:

  • Now the focus here I guess is on you. Not what you are appreciative or are grateful of other poeple for, but just you. What are you grateful for that you yourself have accomplished?
  • Now with this I decided that I would not have it be specific to each day only, but that it could be about that day or general things I am grateful for in my life that I have done or thought etc. I guess I’m going to start compiling my gratitude list so it grows each day until the end of July.
  • Then in August, it’ll be nice to read through it.

Drinking Lemon Water Daily:

This is pretty simple, you just need lemons! The way I am doing this is every morning first thing when I wake up I am drinking warm lemon water with 1/2 a lemon squeezed. I then shower etc and don’t eat for at least 20-30 minutes. This is best first thing on an empty stomach and time before you eat/drink anything else.

This is so simple and you can find countless benefits on different websites:


I thought I would try it for myself….lemons cost what 20p a lemon? For £1 thats your first 10 days done! The great thing about this is that I can use the 1/2 lemon that has been squeezed to dab my spots after I have cleansed my face as vitamin C is great for blemishes! Wha’s the harm in trying something so cheap?



So will you be taking part this July? It doesn’t have to start today but this is hopefully a way to encourage you to try different things to help your skin and keep it manageable in natural ways.


I’ll keep you posted anyway! Wish me luck!


7 Responses to “The July Challenge”
  1. Dana Millarkie says:

    Wow, you’re on fire with these challenges! I love drinking lemon water first thing. Sometimes add honey, cinnamon or grated ginger, depending on what kind of morning I’m having. Also keep my lemons in the freezer, stops them from going off and defrosts pretty quickly in the water, plus cools it down quicker to drink. Not sure if everyone would agree with the whole freezer versus fresh issue, but it works for me lol x


  2. Patricia says:

    Hemp. That’s all. It was the oil cleanse that I’d first read about so I’m keeping it simple.

    ACV makes me feel fuller than lemon water. I used to knock back lemon water every morning but ACV is also good for your liver/gallbladder.

    I made a mental list this morning driving in the car that is not just about me but also things I am grateful for: beautiful July summer weather today and that I can leave work early to go watch the U.S. play a World Cup soccer match. I also acknowledged that I am being very proactive in my own health by eating right and taking part in these challenges.

    Let us know what you wind up using as your oils–I’m sticking with hemp these 10 days.


  3. Claire says:

    What a good idea. I think I will get some lemons and try the lemon juice in hot water in a morning. I know this isn’t really related to the post but does anyone have any good recommendations for chapped lips. I have cuts in the corner of my mouth and the drier my mouth/lips are the better the cuts go. I find putting Vaseline on my lips leave them to wet. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


    • Patricia says:

      Claire, use one of the oils you are probably putting on your face for the challenge! Or coconut or olive oil. Or get a non-petroleum jelly based lip balm like EOS available at all major drugstores here in the U.S. as well as Target. But I don’t recommend Vaseline.


  4. Patricia says:

    I started the oil cleansing this morning and also the gratitude before I saw this post. I’m drinking apple cider vinegar every morning instead and I began that this morning as well. I’m going to add to my gratitude list during the day but I started off with a few things this morning. And I also began my 10-day challenge on taking a break from a food today as well. What a healthful way to begin July!


    • Selina says:

      That is so great to hear! Your motivation is incredible!

      Keep us up to date with the ACV as we can compare lemon and ACV. I know they’re both great for skin….what oils are you using for your oil cleanse?


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