Homemade Solutions: Gram Flour Face mask with Sandalwood and Tumeric Powder with Yoghurt

This face mask is one I am trying this week and I cannot wait! The ingredients all promote healthy skin and they are products which are easy to source (head to your nearest indian food store and you should find all three and there’s always the internet!).

Read my personal review at the end of this post.

So what are the benefits of each?

1. Sandalwood can help to fight blemishes, spots, whiteheads as well as blackheads and help to heal scarring.

It can:

  • Reduce rashes
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Soothe the skin
  • Can repair skin damage

2. Tumeric has been used for many years in indian culture to promote healthy skin. It can help to maintain a healthy pH and is both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory (great for both acne and eczema!). It helps to brighten skin and even out skin tone as well as reduce redness. It comes in powder form most commonly and therefore, can easily be added to face masks.

3. Gram Flour (aslo known as besan or chickpea flour) can help to exfoliate skin and therefore is a great base for a face mask when you want some rejuvenation. It is also a plus that it can be gluten free! It can fight acne breakouts, reduce oilyness, and has been used in indian culture to remove unwanted hair as well as well as give a level of fairness (indian culture is very into their light skin! Obviously I missed that memo 😉 ) to users. Because it is alkalising you should put an acidic component alongside it in a face mask for skincare. My suggestion would be the yoghurt I mentioned in my last homemade solution post 🙂 but you can also use milk or lemon if you prefer. If your skin is reacting to yoghurt by stinging (it can sometimes) then milk is more gentle.

Mask Recipe: Gram flour with tumeric, sandalwood and yoghurt

I purchased my ingredients from a local indian store as well as on Amazon, remember organic is best as it is going on your face!

Fully cleanse your face and before you apply a face mask, you want it to have effect on your clean skin.

Mix 1 tbsp of gram flour with 1/2 a tbsp of both tumeric and sandalwood powder (if you use oil only a drop or 2 require if it is essential oil), add yoghurt/ milk to make a paste of your preferred consistency. You can also add some lemon juice, but these 4 ingredients alone will work well.

I have acne prone skin at the moment and this can be great for that, but it can also be used on dry skin and you can add honey for a moisturing effect if you feel the mask I have said is too drying.

But in general the 3 ingredients listed have great benefits for irritable skin. They’re cheap to buy and are known for their healing properties. I would definitely recommend you give them a try!

I have scarring to contend with so the healing of sandalwood works well with the exfoliating gram flour and brightening tumeric. They all aid in inflammation and oil control and are worth a try!

Amazing for oily/blemish prone skin. Skin feels less congested and oil feels more balanced out. But on my neck which is still volatile to eczema flares in comparison to my face I got a bit of stinging on application (very mild for me) and redness at removal. I left it on to test it and I have minimal redness after removal but a bit sore compared to usual. My skin is currently very calm so bear that in mind but after sleeping on it I’ll see what my skin is like.

If your skin is sensitive or flared, be mindful of using too much gram flour. You can still use it just be sure to add gentle components such as milk and/or honey to compensate, better to over compensate really! Perhaps start off with more milk/money and only half a spoon of Gram flour. It is a great exfoliator though and it worked a treat on my pores and as the mask base. The pores around my nose feel cleaner and less full of grime if that makes sense but I guess most face masks work that way! My face feels clean and I’m sure brighter! I’ll be doing this mask again in a few days to test it again.

I advise you are extra cautious if you use this in regards to the gram flour. Otherwise definitely recommend! I think honey would work well.

Have you ever used these ingredients?

3 Responses to “Homemade Solutions: Gram Flour Face mask with Sandalwood and Tumeric Powder with Yoghurt”
  1. Gram Flour has many skin benefits. Your post is great information
    lets read some more gram flour benefits for skin


  2. hope you method can help me get rid of whiteheads


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