Homemade Solutions: honey, sandalwood and lemon face mask


A face mask for both dry and blemish prone skin types.

Honey and sandalwood make a great combo. Cheap yet effective, moisturising yet antibacterial, the list goes on. Always ensure you but natural ingredients (organic if possible) so you have the purist forms.

Sandalwood can help to fight blemishes, spots, whiteheads as well as blackheads and help to heal scarring. I spoke about it in another face mask post Here. The previous post was probably more for acne prone skin (gram flour can be quite harsh) but this one with the addition of honey can be more gentle. Sandalwood though can:

Reduce rashes
Reduce inflammation
Soothe the skin
Can repair skin damage

Honey is an amazing ingredient! It is antibacterial which is great to cleanse both acne and eczema,  it is moisturising and soothing, anti aging and can open pores to unclog them. Read more here, here and here. It doesn’t tighten like other face masks and rinses off easily.

You’d think it would be a messy mask and though it’s not pretty on in the slightest!

(This is after 20 minutes) it comes off easily with a warm flannel. It doesn’t harden or tighten like other masks.

Here’s what I do:

First I would suggest that you patch test just to ensure both ingredients are suitable on your skin (You never know what you’ll react to).

I take a spoon of honey and put in my my palm and add 1/2 a spoon or less of sandalwood powder to the honey (add less if you have very sensitive skin). Some people add water but I think it makes it too runny. I sometimes add lemon for its effects on scars, brightening and blemishes but it is probably not suitable for eczema when flared.

I spread it all over my face and neck and leave on for at least 10 minutes. I then use a flannel and warm water to remove. I then put on a bit of the organic pharmacy skin rescue oil to moisturise.

The great thing about this is you can leave it on for longer. I found for my face this works great, my face is quite blemish prone with no eczema at the moment. My neck is abit more eczema prone and wasn’t so happy with an hour application so I would not go for an hour straight off! I’d start with 10 minutes and work up.

I did apply my salcura zeoderm after though and it’s fine.

You can also use this as a face wash daily! Honey is an amazing but gentle cleanser

Update:I am loving this on my blemish prone face but my more sensitive neck area is abit red in parts of application. It doesn’t last for long but if you have Eczema you might experience the same. It doesn’t last though and settles but that slight irritation might be more for you so please patch test! I’m not sure I will use this on my neck twice a day if I’m honest because the skin there is quite delicate and I don’t want to exacerbate the eczema!

I’m using this as a facial cleanser and my blemish prone face is looking brighter already ( i’m on day 3 only). I seem to have a few more lumps and bumps but the areas with no spots are looking brighter and dare I say it “cleaner”. Am I slightly purging? We’ll find out!

I think the main thing is listen to your skin. If it feels irritated then listen to it.

So have you tried honey? What face masks do you use?

4 Responses to “Homemade Solutions: honey, sandalwood and lemon face mask”
  1. Dana Millarkie says:

    Loving this DIY! I tend to use clay or chocolate masks 🙂 I love to use honey as a cleanser sometimes but I always end up eating it lol. Love the idea of blending in the sandalwood powder – does it have much of a smell to it? Can’t handle too much fragrance near the face, even natural x


    • Selina says:

      You can’t smell it when it’s in the honey. I don’t use too much though as it can be drying!

      What clay would suit my skin type do you think? I was thinking to get some next! I’ve been cleansing my face with honey but today because I was staying in I thought I’d do it as a mask 🙂


      • Dana Millarkie says:

        This might be a tad late, sorry, but re: clay – would probably recommend green clay, as it’s great for drawing toxins from the skin, calms inflammation and absorbs oil 🙂 x


  2. Patricia says:

    I’m going to try a honey mask with various essential oils, I think. I am a vegan but bought honey to try to help my eczema when I was at my most desperate (it only made it worse). So I’ve got 1/2-jar to use up on something topically healthful, because I’m sure not gonna eat it. I’m going to do some online sleuthing for honey mask recipes. I really love sandalwood oil and not just for the smell. Which reminds me, I need to order more. I’ll let you know what I wind up making and how it works.


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