A Trilogy Product Review: Cleanser, Serum and Oil

So I thought I would do this review in one go. I purchased the Trilogy Very gentle cleansing cream (£22.50 for 150ml), Very Gentle Calming Serum (£28.50 for 30ml) and the Rosehip Oil Antioxidant + (£26.50 for 30ml).

If you visit the website they help to identify products dependent on your skin needs (http://www.trilogyproducts.com/). I really love the ease of navigation around the site and the customer service staff were really helpful when I contacted them. For me, having great customer service support encourages me to try the product as they are willing to offer support in choosing products for you…. Now before I start the review, I began using this product when my eczema was mostly calm and my skin was beginning to become more oily. So I will talk about it in terms of my eczema prone neck and my oilier face complexion though both are sensitive.

Very Gentle Cleansing Cream

So I purchased this in aftermath of finishing my Pai Camellia and Rose Gentle hydrating cleanser (https://myeczematales.com/2014/02/04/pai-camellia-and-rose-gentle-hydrating-cleanser-a-review/) which I loveeeed!!! Like loved 🙂 so I have to admit this cleanser had some matching up to do…Now one of the reasons i purchased this is the Pai cleanser was on the expensive side. For 200ml it was £35 to replace and so I thought to try another cleanser….and I have to admit I didn’t fall in love…

Now don’t get me wrong, for sensitive skin this has no stinging, no reaction, no scent….literally no scent. I quite like scent to my products so it reminded me a bit of the prescripted products you get with no fragrance so I personally prefer scent…but if you are happy with no scent at all, this is like a fragrant free cream. It is quite a thick cream and so you don’t need to use much each time. It is quite heavy and for me I found it too heavy for my acne prone, combination skin….I used a flannel to take it off but if I’m honest I wouldn’t purchase this again. It did the job but it wasn’t enticing or amazing….now obviously for active eczema I can imagine this is a very gentle way to cleanse it and so you may consider this in that circumstance. But for me I didn’t personally have it down as a fave….

It does last for ages though and you need the smallest amount to cover your face and neck! It is a gentle alternative to many cleansers and is pretty much plain and simple. It did not irritate my skin in the slightest and many products can irritate my neck (eczema prone and highly irritable!) but I didn’t feel it comforted it much either but perhaps this was because I fell in love with the calming serum…

Very Gentle Calming Serum

I have to admit this was my favourite product out of the lot! I had never really used a serum before this but I loved this one. I did use it daily at first because my skin was quite red and aggravated after cleansing like always and this immediately felt like it reduced that irritation and you really do only need a few drops. I get a bit heavy handed I guess with my products after years of lathering on moisturiser for dryness! It took some getting used to not using so much but it helps to make the product last longer so be sure to try and do the same! It helped to calm the redness and make oil/moisturiser application smoother for me. My skin is irritable after cleansing and this serum was so great at helping it be less red and irritable.

Trilogy state

Providing light and effective hydration, it restores balance and delivers peace and comfort

And I really do think this is true.

Rosehip Oil Antioxidant +

Now I had already used the Pai Rosehip oil at this stage and I pretty much like that rosehip oil. I tried this trilogy one as an upgrade in a sense due to the added antioxidants….so what did I think? Well firstly once again, don’t feel more is better! You really do only need two or three drops of a facial oil after your serum application because you apply a moisturiser on top. I found that I applied way too much at first and broke out. But I then began to aplpy only 2 drops (I have more oily skin now remember) and that helped. This oil is a bit dry for me in comparison to the Organic Pharmacy skin rescue oil and the Pai Rosehip oil so you may not feel the hydration boost with just 2 drops but the texture of my skin feels a lot better. I didn’t see much WOW with this product immediately, but rosehp is well known for its support in skin repair and I know that for my damaged skin this isn’t something that can happen overnight!

Trilogy state:

Independent clinical studies show Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ improves brightening, skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness.

I definitely feel that it helps with the tone and elasticity due to the added moisture but I found it somewhat heavy at times with my oily skin (I think the lesson here is accomodate the amount you apply to your skin type!) so be wary if you have overly oily skin or learn to apply less! Rosehip can suit oilier skins but just be wary about how much you apply. I never really got the knack of that 😛 This oil did help to soothe the skin in terms of hydration and my skin tone is looking more well rounded…though obviously I suffer from active acne and hyperpigmentation which make this harder….I would recommend both this and the Pai rosehip oil. I don’t use this all the time, now that it is summer I may use it at night as my nighttime oil and this works well for me. I always think a facial oil as gentle as this is great for someone with eczema. When applying the calming serum, this oil and then a moisturiser my skin felt so much more hydrated (which makes make up easier too!).

This oil is nice to the touch and if you’re feeling dehydrated can do wonders. Over time, it can help to rebuild skin and repair it and since eczema has messed with my skin so much I think that is important!

In terms of for acne, if you find your skin becomes overly dry from salycilic acid products etc and you can feel the roughness as you glide your fingers across your face from old scabs/spots etc (not a nice feeling or texture I know!), this oil has helped to soften the skin in that sense. It hasn’t broke me out but has more softened up the skin which was rough due to the excessive drying of some acne products.

Overall Thoughts

If you like plain and simple and straight to products Trilogy is an amazing range. I would really love to try some of their products for my oily skin concerns now that my skin has changed as they really do cater for most skin concerns which is great.

For eczema, this is a gentle range, I cannot imagine it causing great reaction as the gentle range is made with reactive skins in mind. My neck was never irritated by any of these products. The calming serum and rosehip oil were my favourite products though and I would repurchase these, but I’m afraid the gentle cleansing cream was a tad to heavy and non scented for me. I love the Pai cleanser too much and felt that suited my combination skin better. This cleanser didn’t feel like it cleansed my skin fully probablyy due to its thicker consistency and my more congested skin type, but with eczema something not so harsh and stripping would be great.

The calming serum was great after cleansing though. If you have skin irritation after cleansing your face (I can get redness) I would recommend this it helps to soothe that redness and irritation right down….and you can actually feel and see this.


Hope you found this helpful!


Have you used trilogy products before? What did you think?

3 Responses to “A Trilogy Product Review: Cleanser, Serum and Oil”
  1. Patricia says:

    Selina, your money, your choice, but to me, this is money way overspent. I’m looking at this ingredient list and am not very impressed. Even though the cleanser has no smell it STILL has “parfum” as an ingredient. Goddess only knows what that is! And fhe Rosehip Serum–why not just put some rosehip seed oil and whatever other essential oils you like with a drop of aloe and apply it? There’s no way I’d pay $42/ounce for the serum has flower extract, which usually means it’s extracted via alcohol, which is not something good for your skin–oily or no.

    My eczema is quiet–oh, thank you, Summer–but I’ve committed to making my own products whenever possible–no additives to upset my skin. Even Weleda products were big no-nos because of the alcohol content. It wasn’t until I used the purest of products, which I also began making myself, that my skin really changed for the better. I can wear “regular” hand creams again, but I’m only using ones that are handmade by me or someone else with essential oil knowledge.

    Once again, your money, your choice, but I’m going the safe and cheaper route using as few ingredients on my skin as I can. I wasted over $1,000 in three months by trying to find the right products–it took the simple ones to finally do the trick.


    • Selina says:

      Hi Patricia, I have so wanted to make my own products but have found it hard to educate myself whilst workng/studying but this summer I have completed the bulk of my studies so am hoping to make a start!!

      I have purchased alot of products since January though after I went natural and so I thought I would complete the back log of reviews! (I tried Trilogy from around March!) so that if readers are looking into the products I have already tried they have something for reference 🙂

      What are you currently making for your products? And what supplied have you purchased? I actually have a book on it so maybe following a recipe to the tee may be a good place to start? I’m quite excited to create my own actually! Do you enjoy it?

      And the money spent on skincare…crikey!! Only now that I’m on a student budget have I realised just how much has gone on skincare….


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