The 10 day Challenge – July 2014 – the Poll is now open!

So I have been slacking at organising the monthly 10 day challenge, but I think it can be a great way for us to try a solution as a group to review it….Does anyone have any suggestions for July? It doesn’t have to be a product, it can be anything you feel would help. It doesn’t even have to involve eczema…sometimes I think I spend so much time focusing on my skin I forget about the rest of my life, it may be nice to do something more for my frame of mind, to laugh, smile etc….so it really can be anything 🙂


Some ideas to get you started…..

  • Drinking lemon water every morning
  • Drinking wheatgrass juice
  • Practising meditation for 10 days
  • Bare your eczema for 10 days of the month…..this is a tough one but it is one I’m currently struggling with…I try then stop and grab a cardi…it would be great to try this with others who know what I’m going through
  • Giving up a certain food
  • Making time for what you love and have been neglecting at the moment (for me blogging and reading 🙂 )
  • Every day for at least 10 days, wake up and state 3 positive things you like about yourself….each day they must be different. We are always so busy focusing on the negative that it might be nice to recognise the good 🙂
  • Minimising phone/social media use for 10 days! I have to admit recently I sometimes feel I’m constantly on my phone and this stops me spending quality time doing what I love…..
  • Trying a new cream together (it can be something simple, even homemade if its easy to make!)


The choices are limitless, I just thought the 10 day challenge should come back! Let me know your thoughts on what you would like to try below!


5 Responses to “The 10 day Challenge – July 2014 – the Poll is now open!”
  1. Patricia says:

    Do both! I can do both the oil cleansing and the three good things! One doesn’t have to cancel out the other. I’m doing a challenge with my vegan group so I’ll have three things to start doing tomorrow–oil cleansing, and the three things, and my vegan challenge. They say things come in threes–what the heck! They are three good things.


  2. Selina says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:

    Vote for the 10 day Challenge in July Now!


  3. Dana Millarkie says:

    Loving this challenge Selina! I think the one I’d go with would be find 3 good things about yourself on a daily basis as it’s (for me) the hardest one to do! X


    • Selina says:

      I find this so hard too! So much easier to focus on the bad that I definitely need to ‘train’ myself to think more positive so this would hopefuly help. If you read my latest post I decided I would do this 🙂 I might do a 10 day challenge as well but I’m all foot some self love 🙂


      • Dana Millarkie says:

        So true, it’s always easier to find the negative! Definitely need to train myself too lol x


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