Eczema Products on sale – Pure potions skin Salvation, Dead Sea salts, Lucy Bee coconut oil and myroo facial oil 

Hi everyone. I’ve had a flare recently and I’ve been having baths, applying coconut oil and the pure potions salve to keep it at bay. Alongside my antihistamines this has been really helpful.  Items on sale for you to try in my eBay Store. The facial oil is another product I use daily for dry skin. If … Continue reading

Eczema: Reaching the other side of the road where the grass is greener…My healing reflections

When you have eczema all you do is wish you could have normal skin, wish that you could be anybody else who didn’t have to deal with this. Wish that you will wake up one day and it will just finally leave you alone.  I remember at first how reliant I was on what the … Continue reading

Eczema: Letters to my Frenemy

I was recently reflecting on how different life may have been had I never got an eczema flare up at 16 which persisted on and on. I can imagine life would have been different and I would have viewed things differently. To share this with you, I wrote two letters: one to my enemy Eczema … Continue reading

What’s been good?

As humans it’s in our nature to think of the worst case scenario, what could go wrong in any given situation. It can help us with survival in evolution terms but it also means we focus our energy on the bad. How often do you think about everything that is going well? I’ll admit I’m … Continue reading

The Gratitude Challenge #Day 1

Self-Gratitude List: I am grateful for making my appointment at sk:n clinic on time this morning (I’m usually a late person so arriving 10 minutes early is amazing and saves that flustered feeling on the way! It felt good 🙂 I am grateful for the determination I have in improving my skin and researching new … Continue reading

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