Eczema and Holidays!

Hi everyone. How is the eczema doing? Mine is calm on my face and neck but my arms (elbows) seem to be constantly dry and raised especially my left one! Don’t understand it sometimes! 

I am going on a two week trip (cannot wait!!) to mark the end of my first year training as a clinical psychologist and I realised that I haven’t done many eczema posts on how I cope with holidays. I don’t know about you but even sun creams can irritate my skin and so holidays can sometimes be a nuisance to pack for. 

I will be doing a what’s in my bag post and hopefully it’ll look at skincare but also some of the clothes I wear! I try more than anything to not care about my skin abroad but I have a few buys which can help if you’re conscious about eczema on your arms as I sometimes am. Luckily fashion right now includes tops which cover elbows but aren’t restricted! 

I wondered if there is anything specific you’d like to know about my travels and whether you have any eczema holiday tips for me! Would be great to share.

Hope the eczema is calm xx

One Response to “Eczema and Holidays!”
  1. Hi Selina, congratulations on completing your first year of training, amazing subject choice I always wish I had done that! I hope you have a fab holiday, just wanted to say Purepotions Skin Salvation Bath & Body Oil is a fantastic eczema friendly after sun oil (not for use in the sun of course), but it is lovely and soothing and leaves your skin super soft and moisturised after a day in the sun. I would love to send a bottle free of charge if you would like one to try! Please send me your address if you fancy it 🙂 Best wishes, Weze


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