Problems with weeping: my current go to

So one of my most viewed posts is about weeping and it’s been ages since I’ve commented!! I remember when I was at uni and the only thing I had was talcum powder! 

Since then I’ve found that using products which draw out the liquid work well. I’ve always thought my weeping eczema has been a sign that my body is detoxing and so it needs to weep but I want it to hurry up! So my solution? 

  • Bentonite clay mixed with water or a hydrosol like chamomile or rose. This is like a clay mask which can be applied to any weeping skin. Bentonite clay is great for drawing out impurities and toxins (sounds like just what eczema needs right?!). It can be quite harsh and that is why I add the hydrosol. You can also spray the hydrosol when the mask dries to stop it over drying. Rose and chamomile both have soothing properties which compliment the mask. When you first use this don’t leave it for too long and slowly build up the time to figure out how your skin reacts. It may be red afterwards but thats normal as the mask stimulates blood flow. I would recommend you do this at night time and test a small patch first. If skin is really sore and you can’t face wiping a warm wash cloth over it, jump in the shower and gently massage it off. Remember don’t scrub! Buy your bentonite clay from a natural supplier – don’t go for a big fad type brand as you’ll pay lots! I use Akoma or Amazon (just make sure it’s reputable and pure on Amazon). There are other types of clay but this is the one I have experience with to comment on. We want products to suck up the excess moisture and this does just that. Repeat mask daily if needed
  • Moisturise (if needed) with an antiseptic or antibacterial based product. Infection will spread with wet eczema and so to keep this at bay I aim for antibacterial products to apply. The most basic? Coconut oil! You can get many anti bacterial or antiseptic creams and this can help avoid the yellow signs of infection. Don’t over apply as the skin needs to breathe and so I apply a really thin layer just to combat the drying effects of the clay. 
  • Look at your diet – this is the last thing I wanted to do but seriously cut your sugar down and top up on probiotics and prebiotics. Feed your gut well and heal from outside and inside. Drink healing teas and just heal from within. If you know dairy isn’t your friend try to be more mindful until skin begins to heal. 
  • Dead Sea Salt baths – another detoxing aid. Now if skin is open I apply a layer of coconut oil first and then get into the bath. This is another way to begin to holistically heal the body. Use this time to not stress about skin but to relax! Take 20 minutes time out. The salts aid detox which I think for me is what weeping eczema needs. 

So there’s my current tips for weeping! I know weeping is such a problem and that’s why the current Restore and Repair box includes Dead Sea salts and coconut oil for detox and the next will include bentonite clay. They are must try’s for eczema so get your hands on the current box or search for a supplier! 
What are your thoughts on weeping? What are you currently using? 

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