Why Coconut oil should be your go to oil for eczema

I’ve tried many different oils over the years – coconut, olive, pumpkin seed, cumin, raspberry, evening primrose, argan, Rosehip…..but I’ve found that since 2011 coconut oil has always been one I’ve brought over and over. Here’s why:

  1. It’s affordable! A good, organic argan oil can set you back ££s! Organic virgin coconut oil can be yours for under £5 and it lasts you for months. 
  2. It’s multipurpose and this is why I think it is something I buy again and again. I might buy it for my skin but when my skin feels like it doesn’t need so much moisture I can still use it for make up remover, dry ends and so forth. It’s not a one job oil so you never feel it’s left gathering dust.
  3. You can add it to your food : instead of olive oil I use coconut oil with most of my dishes. It contains antibacterial properties which make it good on your digestion for fighting bacteria and also parasites. If like me you believe your eczema is linked to gut health, you’ll want to be filling up on your gut friendly foods and this oil is one of them! You can’t even taste it in your dishes either.
  4. Oil pulling: trust me it sounds gross at first but seriously this helps to rid of any bacteria in your mouth, whitens your teeth and is supposed to be good for your gut! It’s become a fad and you can buy professionals branded oil pulling tubes but why when coconut oil is where it orignated! Go back to basics and stick with it! 
  5. It works really well when added to your scrubs. I use Dead Sea salts or Epsom salts and mix it with coconut oil. This helps me to moisturise and detox my skin at the same time. Other oils also work but I love the smell of coconut and find this is easier to wash off your hands when you are finished! Other oils are too thick for my liking.
  6. Bath time moisture: seriously baths don’t have to dry you out! Add an oil. I use coconut oil with sea salt baths or plain baths. I sometimes place it on open wounds before showering or bathing to prevent the stinging too and it works well. I use coconut oil because it’s antibacterial properties mean it’s still doing good on my skin and is combatting infection.
  7. Did I mention it’s antibacterial?! Trust me this is the same reason I love yoghurt so much. Eczema can lead to skin bacteria/ infections if not managed well and it can become a viscous cycle. However when you’re in a Full up flare it can be hard to clean the skin when you really can’t manage any friction as its so painful. My solution? Yoghurt mask followed by coconut oil for moisture – fight infection and moisturise. I revert to this at times of bad skin
  8.  Night time moisture : oils can be a bit heavy in the day time before I put my work clothes on as they are greasy let’s face it! But after your night time bathing ritual this is a nice oil to use before you hit the sack. I focus on any eczema patches first and then moisturise everywhere but my face. Coconut oil can be too heavy for the face if you are prone to spots like me! But for the body it’s great!
  9. Make up remover: one thing I will never stop using oil for is to remove make up. I’ve mentioned oil cleansing a few times and it’s the way I cleanse my face and neck now. It’s gentle yet effective, exactly what eczema prone skin needs. The reason I use coconut oil is particularly for my eye area and mascara. I find my cumin oil cleansing DIY recipe is great for my face but it stings like hell in the eyes! So I use coconut oil to remove eye make up and it takes it off without any rubbing or scrubbing, you just massage for a minute or so and wash off with a warm flannel or cloth. This is great if your eyelids are prone to eczema! 
  10. A good on the go oil: when I go abroad this is a great oil to take with me. I can use it on my skin, in my baths, in my hair, to hydrate lips and to remove my make up remover.  It’s also easy to move from the jar to a smaller container. 

So here are some of the reasons I still always have a jar of coconut oil in my home. I know some people are allergic but if you’re not, it’s worth giving it a try! The reason it’s in the current Restore & Repair box is because it’s versatile, gentle and a product I still revert to constantly. So I think it’s a product to definitely try and play with to find out how it best suits your needs. You can go to the shop to check out the current box.

You can read my original review back in 2011 here: Organic coconut oil review . As you can tell I’ve adapted the way I use it to work for me and you can do the same. 

If you do use it already, what tips do you have on how to best use it for eczema? Share your thoughts below! 
Happy reading folks and I hope the eczema is calm xxxx

2 Responses to “Why Coconut oil should be your go to oil for eczema”
  1. Infoélla says:

    Yes!!! I love coconut oil! I always put it in my hair after I shower. It makes my hair feel shiny & healthy!

    Liked by 1 person

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