The Restore & Repair Beauty box unveiled….What’s included

I have had an amazing few weeks trialling products which I think make some key components to eczema healing and so wanted to officially introduce you to the bunch of products that will be appearing in the Restore and Repair Beauty Box . throughout May and June. All of the products are natural and do three things which I think are key for my eczema:

  1. combat skin infection
  2. soothe
  3. moisturise

With moisture alone, I soon found that skin cannot manage the infections and so I am adamant that these boxes will always consider skin infection and cleansing, moisture and the need to soothe skin and mind! So the products…..

Extra Virgin Coconut oil (fair trade) – Lucy Bee


Ahh what would I do without coconut oil! It is such an amazingly versatile oil that can be used for cooking, combatting skin infection, helping internal cleansing and of course moisturising (it’s also great for removing eye make up without any soreness). This month’s box comes complete with a Lucy Bee brochure which further shares recipes for food, drinks and beauty. I want you to fall in love with this oil as much as I have and so there’s an article on it in the short magazine include too! When my skin was at some of its lowest points, coconut oil was the only soothing, non irritating product I could use. The great thing about it is that it can be used to cleanse your face, moisturise it and help with the infection. You can imagine why it forms a staple in my eczema routine!

Dead Sea Salts – West Lab


I love dead sea salts for both their cleansing properties and ability to heal and exfoliate. Not only that but sitting in the bath for 20 minutes in itself is worth it! When you have eczema, the physical pain doesn’t come alone and emotionally it’s so exhausting! Salt baths or oil baths (just add coconut oil) helped me to find 30 minutes of solace where it was just a time for me. It really is something which should be valued when you’re stressed with skin. Mixing the dead sea salts with an oil (I like coconut oil for its properties and also hemp oil) can also make an exfoliator for skin. I add more oil to ensure that its not too rough on my sensitive skin. But when you are trialling products, I think Dead Sea salts are one to try! Not everyone loves them but if you don’t try how will you know?!

First aid Spritz – Organics at Home


I first came in contact with skin sprays when I used DermaSpray by Salcura and I have to say that a spritz is a really nice product to have when skin is so sensitive and painful to touch. It means you can soothe skin (many also have an added cooling component which my skin appreciates when it’s aggravated!) without having to touch it.When I get under skin bumps which are itchy (usually my tell tale that stress and eczema are taking over!) this Organics at Home Spray has helped to alleviate the redness and itching though you have to be cautious of applying to open skin (just scratched style “open”!) as it can sting on initial contact. A spray is something that is also easier in the day time when you don’t want to slather creams on but skin is itchy. I actually find sprays better for itch than creams so if itching is an issue then sprays are really something to try!

Pure Potions Skin Salvation Moisturising Ointment


If you do not have a healing balm or ointment in your eczema routine then you shoud consider one. The great thing about them is that they can be a barrier to the harsh weather and irritants but also help soothe and heal the skin to heal. This was one of the first products I used and it helped with after shower itching dramatically! My word of advice would be to use sparingly and sporadically so that skin doesn’t become immune. This is a tip for all products which work “wonders” as for some reason skin builds a resistance to our miracle products all too easily (as though eczema isn’t enough!). So if you like a product, use it for a few days to a week and then switch to an alternative for a week before using it again. It really does help “trick” the skin into always giving you the best results. This ointment is a great one to start on and helps with dryness above all else. It’s travel friendly too and the relief for itching is worth it in my books!

And last but not least…..

Skin Boost Serum (Facial oil) – myroo skincare


Facial eczema is a nightmare when it comes to moisuturising because you don’t want to look like an oil slick for work but you also don’t want to be dry and flaky! In 2014 I was introduced to the wonders of face oils and serums and they are something you just have to try! The difference in moisture by the time I put my moisturiser on is so noticeable that you really do feel your skin has been quenched. I also use drops of this on my elbows for moisture.It is like a primer for your moisturiser and you do notice! The great thing about oils is that a little goes a long way. So for me, I use this facial oil day and night and I have hardly used a 1/4 in a month. It lasts and so the hefty price tags make more sense when you own one! As I know the general £30 mark of a facial oil can be off putting, this one appears in the box this month to allow you to see for yourself why face oils are a good thing at an extremely low price. Facial oils work best when skin is thoroughly cleansed well and the next box moves onto face cleansing in more details (face cleanser/ toner/ cloth) if this is something you would be interested in. But for the initial box, I thought moisture is important and so wanted you to see what this little wonder could do for you. Using it over time, my skin shows the difference and hopefully yours will too. The beauty box magazine looks at tips for cleansing when eczema is extremely sore to help with exfoliating dead skin cells so if you follow that with the facial oil and your moisturiser, you will begin to notice a change in texture.


So here is a break down of the Restore and Repair beauty box for May and June. No they are not EVERYTHING you need fo eczema and that’s why every two months, a new box will be there for you to trial different products which target your skin in a different way. This way you can confidently find what works for you. The included magazine is there to aid you in healing further and so I hope you find it useful. Priced at £19.99 and worth over £50 I hope this makes your eczema journey easier by offering you more to try for less. Check out the box on the shop.

Watch out for my individual reviews of the product and how I best use my dead sea salts and coconut oil. Don’t let eczema become a chore but use it as an opportunity to be creative and find what works for you. I’ve created my own cleansing oils out of eczema and it has actually been so great, you just have to see this journey in the positive light.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this box and whether you have tried any of the products?


Happy healing everyone! We can do this and we will!!




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