May: My goals and skin updates

I cannot believe it is already May! The first four months of this year appear to have flown by without any time at all, though I do feel that my skin is in a really good place at the moment. So here are my updates….

Skin Update:

April began with cracked lips, upper lip eczema which wouldn’t relent and I had small bumps form on my upper back which turned to scars when I itched….not sure if that was eczema or not but I tend to get irritated spots of my back and arms before eczema? My face at the moment is doing a lot better though. The cracks have now stopped scabbing over around my mouth, though they have left dark pigmentation on my face (again!). 


These photos were taken today after I had showered, used toner, applied facial oil and a bit of organic spritz spray to my mouth area. This seems to be enough at the moment. My skin flits between dry and oily and at the moment it is definitely more on the oily side! I’m not sure if this is linked to hormones but does anyone else find this? 

I have to say I’m really, really happy for my skin to be this settled. I can deal with pigmentation issues on my face and neck far more than with active eczema. It’s not nice having a dark neck which doesn’t match my skin tone but compared to a full flare I think I’m extremely lucky! I sometimes feel a bit of a fraud on my blog now as I don’t have flare ups anymore to talk about, but I hope hat my blog helps people to see you can go from chronic full blown flare ups to clearer skin naturally and without steroids! Yes there isn’t a cure, but my working solution is enough for me.p and you really cannot tell I have eczema anymore. Anyone with chronic eczema I can imagine would also be happy with this skin, it beats the itching and red weeping so I’m definitely happy.

So what’s been new that has led to this? I think there has been a mixture of things that have helped this month. Firstly, the weather is better in the UK (well sometimes!). My skin has always been better during summer months and so the summer approaching seems to have helped. In addition, I’ve been attempting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, without this I do feel my skin takes a hit! I’ve also been balm cleansing every night and this has been great to manage my eczema and also breakouts a it is such an easy way to take off make up too in a gentle way. Sometimes having eczema AND acne at the same time (I say acne as a loose term, as its spots but manageable) makes skincare difficult. Do I moisturise the eczema or dry out the acne. But my routine seems to keep both at bay and so I’m happy! Balm cleansing involves oils but they don’t provoke spots. 

Products up for review this month include :

Organics at home First aid spritz 

My Roo facial oil

Oil of oregano

The hot cleansing method – I’ll be vlogging how to use balm cleansers!

Salt baths 

These have all helped me to heal my skin this month. The Trilogy Rosehip oil I was using was becoming too heavy and so swapping seems to have helped keep moisture in my skin but reduce the thick heaviness which was making me look greasy! Facial oils are literally great for dry skin! The spritz has been cooling and I love products which cool the skin! The baths have been great for the irritation and to be honest they have given me some time out to relax which has been great. I’ll review all of these this month so you can gain more information about each.

If there are any that you would like to hear about as a priority, then let me know so I can focus in that first!

Work and Play

I’ve come to realise we can always feel stressed if we let it consume us. I hear so many people these days talk about being stressed but the harsh truth? A lot of our stresses are man made and not important in the bigger scheme of our wellbeing. For example, people staying at work late? Why is this becoming normal? It worries me that we think we should stay and don’t prioritise other aspects of our lives. This is something I have personally stopped. I now ensure I do my 8 hours at work and leave. Life is about more than work. Yes we need money but is it worth dying for? Ermmmm no! I switch off and make sure time at home is time at home not at work! I need to ensure I do switch off as otherwise having stresses from work added to my own life make me irritable, exhausted and pretty horrible to those around me! 

Excitingly, we are also launching the Restore and Repair boxes this month so I have been busy with these but at my own choice so I can’t really complain….but I’m so glad to be able to bring products to us all for less! When I first had the chronic flare ups on my face, I wished here had been an avenue like this for me so I could see what worked but there just wasn’t. 

Here’s a peak at this month’s box


What could be better than getting products for less 🙂 I just hope those of you who purchase it enjoy it and feel relief, I’m hoping being able to trial more products will help more of us take responsibility for our skin and find what works for us. I love trying new products that work and so I hope you will. I aim to put mostly full size products in each box, a newsletter about ways we can heal and just help you get to your working solutions using products I stand by. I don’t sell a cure, I share products which can help manage the eczema. I hope it helps get your skin to the same stage as mine as that would be great!

May goals

1. Do my first official vlogging video! I’ve been playing around with the idea for awhile but her felt confident enough to be on a screen so let’s see what happens! If there are any videos you think would be helpful, please let me know! 

2. Finish my current book (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen) and start a new one!

3. Take time to have a bath once a week to keep irritated spots at bay. 

4. Try the balm balm balm face cleanser, heard so many great things about this! 

5. Moisturise my non-eczema skin! My legs get dry, not eczema anymore but dry skin. I’ve been really bad at moisturising unless it’s eczema and my skin is showing this. 

Not pretty! But my legs and feet are cracked and I need to start looking after them. Because they don’t aggravate I ignore them but the dryness has become a lot more noticeable now! 
So here are my updates and May goals! What are your goals for May? How has your skin been this past month?

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