Current Eczema Care Routine

I haven’t shared my current routine for awhile now and so this will be the focus of my next posts. My eczema routine is one of my most viewed posts and it’s about time I updated it! 

My eczema is now really calm compared to the days of flare ups and this means my routine has changed with emergency products always on the ready! I still stick to three main areas:

  1. Natural skincare
  2. Minimal intake of refined foods
  3. Physical fitness and mental wellbeing 

I’ll cover these in my next few posts in more detail in terms of morning routine, evening routine and the in betweens and odd bits! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m switching off for the weekend 🙂 hope the eczema stays calm 

One Response to “Current Eczema Care Routine”
  1. Laurenpowers says:

    Can’t wait for your new posts. My eczema is actually pretty calm today for once 🙂

    Lauren x |


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