My Skin Journal: Life, Skin and Me

I was looking through some of my old posts earlier today and realised I haven’t done a general update for awhile as I used to so I thought I would!


So how’s my skin?


Well compared to when I began this blog, you could say it’s “normal”. I still get upper lip eczema I just don’t seem to be able to shift it, my lips crack, my face can have dry patches at times and my arms tend to be itchy. They don’t always flare but I get small bumps on my arms which if itched turn more like eczema. I had this on my elbows last week and it’s just smoothing over this week though it’s still had time to scar (Scarring is so annoying!). My hands don’t seem to get eczema anymore but they do get extremely dry and my fingers tend to peel when I’ve done any cleaning. Not so nice! Other than this, I currently have no weeping eczema so I class myself as pretty lucky as far as eczema goes hence I said my skin is pretty normal…I’m still dealing with scarring, hyperpigmentation and minimal flare ups but I would say that I no longer feel like eczema is in control. I feel as though I could manage it now and I feel in control of my skin for once. The eczema used to make me feel like I had no control and it felt relentless but now I feel like I do have control. What I do does feel important and it’s such an empowering place to be!


Acceptance is a blessing (sort of!)


I came to terms with the fact I would always have eczema and accepted that it’s a long term routine that will help keep it at bay. Instead of searching for a “cure”, a search for good management has made it easier. It means when it crops up I’m not as frustrated. That being said, I would love for it to disappear but I’m not pining for that anymore if that makes sense? When you’ve been in the lowly depths of eczema you kind of figure a spot here and there really, really isn’t the end of the world so I can live with my forever lasting chapped upper lip ….(never thought I’d say that!). Don’t get me wrong it’s a right pain I mean I’m a girl who needs to get rid of hair and eczema is so frustrating here but it used to cover my face so the patch is more manageable. I am still moving towards completely natural skincare too and if you are, you can check out my go to boxes here.  I’ve created these so we can feel empowered to naturally heal our skin together. The added community would definitely help me, I have tried great products so sharing the natural healing journey with you to get us managing skin would be amazing! Accepting that I can manage my skin is not giving up, it’s empowering me to feel in control.


So what’s the catch?


This notion that my skin is doing well recently has been both good and bad for me. The good being I’m not left awake scratching all night and I don’t get unexpected flares. Since I was no longer dealing with too many eczema patches (the main one is around my lips and upper lip), I began to slack on my healthy living. Food has been the worst aspect. I kept gluten at a minimal intake for so long but now I find myself being less structured with my diet because my skin isn’t as bad, my smoothies are hit and miss and exercise…..lets just say hmmmm! I feel guilty just writing it! I decided a long time ago I didn’t want to just manage but I wanted to be healthy and live well and just feel better in myself and I’ve been letting myself down on this front. Why does it matter if my skin is calm some might say? But I don’t feel great in myself, my energy levels feel drained, I’m getting headaches and that anxious, stressed feeling is looming over me. My skin may not be at its worst but the cracked lips, the lumps and eczema patches on my arms could be prevented if I practised a bit of TLC. The eczema on my arms has been getting worse so I know I need to start pro actively taking care of myself again!


Life Stress and lifestyle 


In terms of life, I began my clinical psychology training in September. I did so well for the first month. I used YouTube yoga videos daily to get my daily fix of relaxation and exercise (if you don’t think yoga is exercise, try ab day here! ), I had my smoothies, I ensured I ate a gluten free breakfast and prepared healthy lunches. Now it wasn’t always easy to keep up with the yoga but I followed 30 day routines so I would keep motivated. I actually felt really good doing this, I felt like I was being proactive! I’d go to sleep light minded and sleep really well. But now I’ve started placement, the training is a bit more stressful I feel I’ve allowed life to take over. I’ve stopped taking me time and let stress get the best of me. Even reading has been more difficult as I can’t switch off. When I feel like this, I get itchy lumps and this has now spurred me on to start taking care of me again :). For those of you who also know, I am launching the Restore and Repair box for skin healing and healthy living so I don’t make life easier for myself…but I couldn’t help but want to do this! As I mentioned before, I’m feeling empowered, in control and trying so many amazing products and techniques constantly that I want this to be a reality for us all! Products cost so much so I can’t help but feel passionate about giving you guys products for less for us to experience this together. Is it hard work? Hell yes! But I enjoy it. Check it out here. I’d love to have you on board with me! But my want for perfection means I’m always re thinking what products should go in the box so even more reason to take time to chill out! I’m also a hypnotherapist but I feel this has taken a back seat as I feel the Restore and Repair boxes sit closer to my heart. I could give it all up but hey, that would be no fun! I really believe in holistic healing and so my career in psychology and hypnotherapy helps me to really think more holistically. I just need to prioritise it more! We often neglect time out and it’s probably the worst thing we could do when we feel stressed. I’m definitely guilty of this and get annoyed at myself for letting life get on top of me, but it happens and instead of beating ourselves up over it we need to use this reflection to sour ourselves on to improve!


What next?


So right now I’m going to set my goals for the months ahead to get that sense of peace and wellbeing back and it would be great to have you on board too! Remember when making goals always make them SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound!). This makes them more attainable. So what are your goals both skin based and life based? It would be great for you to share them with me on my next post where my goals will be listed.

Until then I hope you are feeling positive about your skin healing journey. We can do this.




One Response to “My Skin Journal: Life, Skin and Me”
  1. bethwalker85 says:

    I can totally relate to your journey at the moment Selina! My eczema was behaving itself and so I started allowing myself little unhealthy things that I had cut out of my diet. I had that extra glass of wine, or said yes to the chocolate biscuit in the office and now it’s punishing me for it! So, back on the alcohol-free, caffeine-free gluten-free and dairy-free diet for me! Good luck with your goals this month.


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