Lyons Leaf Calendula Cream: a Review for eczema

This is a product I really love so hope this review is helpful! 

Ingredients as stated on Lyon’s Leaf:
prunus amygdalus dulcis [cold pressed almond oil] • butyrospermum parkii [organic shea butter] • prunus armeniaca [cold pressed apricot kernel oil] • calendula officinalis • [calendula flower extract] • borogo officinalis [cold pressed borage oil] • tocopherol [vitamin E oil] • juniperus communis [juniper essential oil] • boswellia serrata [frankincense essential oil] • lavendula angustifiolia [lavender essential oil] • pelargonium graveolens [geranium essential oil] note: the essential oils naturally contain: citral, citronellol, eugenol, geraniol, limonene, linolool

Almond oil, Shea butter and Apricot Kernel make the base for the calendula flower extracts and all of the ingredients have great healing, nourishing and restorative properties making this a great blend. An all natural formulation makes it skin friendly for the whole family.

Calendula (also known as marigold) flowers themselves have healing properties which help to heal wounds and promote restoration of skin, making it perfect to soothe and calm chapped and irritated skin. What’s more the flowers are anti-inflammatory and anti-septic making it even better for eczema.

The cream has a consistency similar to a butter but slightly easier to liquefy. 


It melts on contact and is easy to blend. 


I don’t find it overly greasy as it spreads and sinks in to skin. It would be too heavy as a face moisturiser though and I don’t use it on generally dry skin as the surface area vs ease of application doesn’t really make it practical for the whole body. Instead I save this for my patches of eczema and skin irritation.

At night I apply it more liberally and in the day time I apply a lighter later so my make up can still be applied without a greasy look! 

My thoughts

My cracked skin around my lips has been a pain for weeks! Never healing, the sides have been cracked and sore. My upper lip eczema too is always a place I can never shift the eczema.   

The Lyons leaf calendula cream has eased the tight feeling. I am actually able to open my mouth without looking stiff! The “yellow” crust has now disappeared but the skin itself hasn’t effectively healed entirely. However I have to admit that I also have a habit of picking the skin! This means I am preventing it from healing! However the cream has helped reduce the “infectious” look and make the skin more supple so the dry patch isn’t so hard or tough. The cracks are also less deep and so healing is happening, it’s just taking longer with my added picking! Memo to self: need to get skin picking under control! Increased elasticity has helped me to feel less stiffness and so generally my face feels more at ease. The minute I apply this I feel like skin is soothed so this is great, no stinging either. Applying this and then putting make up on has helped to reduce the dry look also.

It hasn’t completely reduced the rough upper lip patch I am constantly battling with but it keeps it moisturised for a few hours. Not all day unfortunately.

This is after around 5 hours.


However, using it daily I find it has slowly helped reduce the flakiness coming back as quickly. 

One thing I’ve found really great with this product is I have had lumps form on my upper arm – small, irritable bumps. These get itchy and seem to be my skin’s way of telling me eczema is due! The cream has helped to ease the irritation and so the itch. This is great as my skin scars very easily and my skin feels soothed when I apply this and prevents me from wanting to scratch.

I would definitely recommend this for the agitated, irritated skin as it helps to reduce the itching. I wouldn’t say it will completely rid of dry patches but it softens them noticeably. If you want a soothing and calming cream for aggravated and itchy skin, it’s definitely worth trying. With eczema I definitely feel this is a must have when it comes to soothing skin! I feel relief on application and not all creams I’ve tried give me that feeling so this gets brownie points for me!

Lyons Leaf is an affordable and sensitive skin friendly range. Has anyone tried their products? I’m hoping to try their beauty balm next! 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this?

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