Tips for Naturally Healing Eczema

If you’ve followed me on my blog since the beginning, you will have witnessed me go from out of control eczema to a place I can physically and emotionally manage my skin. So here are my tips for you on your natural journey:

1) Don’t lose hope. 

I never thought it was possible and so many times I wanted to give up but the journey has taught me so much. It’s taught me to listen to my body, my skin and give it what it needs so if you’re on this journey don’t give up! You will find solace and you grow as a person in such great ways. But the key is to keep your motivation, remember what you are striving to achieve. Every thing you try is one step closer to finding your skin solace. Need a boost? Chat to those like us who can give you the reassurance that you’re on the right path


I stopped the steroids as they are SHORT term and my body told me “no this isn’t going to stop the eczema” with every further flare up. Every further flare up was emotionally harder to deal with. I thought the eczema was gone and it’s return was always hard. It was s viscous cycle. They weren’t the answer so I gave them up, you have to be willing to let the “quick fixes” go. You have to believe that you can manage your skin naturally. If steroids aren’t offering long term relief then deep down you know you haven’t healed your skin and they’re not the solution. You’re only placing a bandaid on it. So it’s time to look forward WITHOUT steroids and synthetic chemicals. This one is hard! If you feel you can’t even imagine it, reduce your steroid use whilst promoting the healthier alternatives and gradually fade them out. It’s trial and error not everything will work so be patient. That’s why I started the Restore & Repair box to give people a chance to try different  natural products more easily for less money since trial and error isn’t always cheap! You can get yours here Restore & Repair Box . Over £45 worth of products for £18.99.

3) Use Support

My readers have been amazing at giving recommendations and this along with good old Google has helped me. So make use of others who have gone through what you are! You don’t have to do it alone. Use blogs, heck start your own like I did! Find a place you can get tips and support. Facebook has lots of groups including a natural healing for eczema one!

4) Listen to your body. 

My digestion felt in need of a cleanse, my stomach would make the strangest noises digesting so I thought it’s not liking everything I’m putting in, so i listened. I tried to cut out my gluten, my dairy, my sugar, I took probiotics to help strengthen my gut and drank cleansing herbal teas, I drank smoothies. I listened to my body, my aches and pains and worked with it and trialed things. Did everything benefit me? Probably not but trying it boosted my motivation to work with my body and strengthened my resolve to heal my body through diet. I didn’t think “no it’s going to be too hard”, I planned it and did it. At the end of the day if your skins at an all time low you will do anything, and if you aren’t willing to do anything that’s hard are you really prioritising healing your skin? You have to make it priority. YOU. And only you. It’s your Battle. I reduce dairy and gluten now and my sugar intake because I’ve realised through listening to my body that they don’t sit well with me in large doses, and trying different things helps you to figure out what your body likes and doesn’t like. Cutting my gluten gave me back my energy! Not necessarily great for my skin but great for my mood and energy levels so I found what my body can do when I feed it well. You don’t have to make drastic changes. Gradually consider what your body doesn’t take well to and start reducing it. The positive effects will spur you on! Need help? Use the Internet to find what you can eat when restricting your diet. Lots of great recipes

5) Don’t dismiss Stress as a trigger 

One thing many seem to fight against is the concept that stress is linked to eczema. What I don’t understand is why are we so inclined to refuse to even give stress relief a chance? Trust me, you might not feel stressed but your skin could be telling you otherwise!!! When you’re fixated on how bad your skin is, it cannot be great for your mental state and so factoring in doing things you enjoy and stress relief techniques can only help you further! Negative thinking is a powerfully destructive tool and so managing our wellbeing and stress is key in maintaining hope and happiness. Stress also affects the immune system, so the more stress we have the more likely our immune system will attack our bodies when stress levels get too high. It doesn’t mean you have to become a yoga master. Not at all. It means you have to find your peace, your happiness, your go to to heal your mind. Journaling can be a really great way to vent out all of the frustrations, spending time doing a hobby which you love can help boost your serotonin levels and reduce the stress related hormones. Give yourself time to be happy and joyful. Find your “me time” and prioritise it. This takes practice but the key is to do things you enjoy and let go of the frustrations of having eczema.

This is what I did and this is how it’s affected my skin:


So don’t give up! Healing your body through nature can work, you just have to believe that you know your body best and can do it.
So what helps you? What tips for natural healing have you got? Are you on your natural healing journey?

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