Eczema Care Boxes

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am developing a beauty box specific for eczema and wanted your thoughts on what you would want or think those beginning their journey would benefit from.

I dabbled with a few ideas and was hoping to get your views on what you would want most. I greatly appreciate any help as I really want this to be meaningful – I want people to feel they have a place to start and begin to learn how to manage their skin in an easier way. The ideas I have are as follows:

  1. A box every two months of different products to try for face and body, this could include ways to also de stress and manage the anxiety having eczema can cause!
  2. A box quarterly one specific to face, one to body and one for children or dedicated to hands
  3. A box every two months but one for face and one for body and one mixed

What do you think you would want? Each box will contain information about each product alongside the newsletter which will have articles about holistic ways to manage eczema. What I want to get right though is 1) the cost and no. of products that would be useful 2) how specific / generic each box is.
Your thoughts are welcome!

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4 Responses to “Eczema Care Boxes”
  1. I think this is an amazing concept that many people will benefit from. I would totally love this! Something I don’t have to worry about buying products as much and try something new that might work even better. Would this be available in the UK aswell? I suggest adding in some ointments and medium-thick creams for during the day seeing as the weather will be changing soon. I also suggest a lighter but moisturising cream for night time. Some cotton/silk accessories that can be used in hair or to improve an outfit maybe. Just some thoughts if I think of anymore I’ll get back to you for sure! Xx


    • Selina says:

      Thanks for your feedback!! I really want to make it specific to what we need!! So far I have a salve, potentially a soap, a lotion. I am looking to add cleanser for the face and cream as body creams are too thick as well and also think about relaxation and holistic healing. I’m a hypnotherapist so a CD Perhaps to listen to when sleep is feeling non existent! What do you think?


      • Yeah ofcourse it would need to be specific lol. A salve is a must have in my opinion. Something that is thick that can be used to protect and promote healing of the skin is essential! Some people do not use soap but I guess others will. Depends which soaps because I find most quite harsh. I really like the idea of the relaxation and holistic healing thing. I find some music to help me unwind and de-stress which others may too. However just keep in mind some people may not use CDs anymore. Overall its fantastic, i’ll be supporting this 100% xx


    • Selina says:

      I’m UK based so it will be here first. I’ll post when the website is up to order xx


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