Relaxation for better sleep….

When your mind is obsessing over all of your worries, the stresses of the day andthe urge to scratch that eczema patch it can be so hard to fall asleep without just feeling agitated. As a Hypnotherapist in training and after listening to my own audio when I can’t sleep, I cannot express enough how much regularly listening to such an audio (and it doesn’t have to be mine) can help you to drift off in a calm and relaxed way and help you to sleep fully through the night with continued use. It means you go to sleep in a good state and wake up feeling like you’ve actually had a good sleep.

If you have trouble getting to sleep try it and give me your feedback. Would love to see if it helps!

5 Responses to “Relaxation for better sleep….”
  1. Manfred says:

    Wow I didn’t realize you were training to be a hypnotherapist! Must be exciting. How’s that working out for you?


    • Selina says:

      Thank you for asking! It’s been hectic with long hours whilst I study (offering free therapy) and work full time hence my lack of blogging but it’s going really well! I really enjoy it! It’s all about looking forward towards what you want and reducing stress and anxiety and it fits in nicely with the reason i have this blog 🙂

      Its nice to see people feeling and looking better after a couple sessions. And the audio really helps people sleep 🙂

      How are you? How are things?


      • Manfred says:

        Interestingly enough not too long ago I myself was doing a lot of intensive reading on hypnosis and hypnotherapy- therefore I am well aware of the benefits and help that you will be providing for people (much better than pharmaceuticals anyway). I’m really glad and supportive of your decision- you’re absolutely right, it is significant when we have the ability to facilitate the relaxation of others. I’m doing fine, not really much I could say about that- I am studying as an English Lit. major and to be honest look forward to natural healing as an occupation in the future 🙂 Eczema has changed my perspective on things…


      • Selina says:

        Yes I’m definitely into reducing mental anxiety etc as i think your outlook on life etc can impact skin so easily.

        I remember the days when i used steroids it would be great for a week then my prescription would run out and the eczema was back within a week even worse than it started. Noone tells you how to manage that, having to go through that cycle of hope and fear all the time.

        Where are you studying at the moment?


      • Manfred says:

        i’m studying in Dubai


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