The Organic Pharmacy Skin Rescue Oil : It does not disappoint!

OP Skin Rescue Oil Size Skin Rescue Oil OP Box OP Box 2

I have had this bottle for nearly a year and it is still a product I turn back to when my skin is dry, itchy and snake like (you know the feeling!) and I thought it is time to review it! The Organic Pharmacy has been great for my skin. I really do love the ethos and quality of the products and though they are more expensive in relation to other all natural/ organic products I use, I would still purchase the products without hesitation. The tailoring to skin type for me is amazingly precise and the products are comforting to skin. With eczema, that feeling of comfort for me is so important as it calms and soothes. As you can see from the photos, this oil has great benefits for our skin type.

I purchased this oil at the start of 2014 when my eczema was quite dry, red and I was recovering from steroid damage (You can see the state of my skin by looking back at photo diaries from early 2014 and on my About page) and it is such a wondergul and healing oil! The organic pharmacy state :

The ultimate skin oil, specially designed for stubborn, dry flaky conditions. Restores elasticity to the skin and reduces scarring.

I have to say I definitely think it is great for dry, flaky skin and its ingredients including tamanu oil, rosehil, sandalwood all promote healing and reduction in scarring (great for my hyperpigmented neck!) and you really do not need a lot of the oil at a time! I don’t use it daily as my skin was calm for months at a time but it definitely is my go to product when I begin to get stubborn, pesky dry patches and it has lasted me so long. It is rich and you only need a few drops to feel the benefits.

So what do I think?


  • Luxurious when applied to skin – rich and nourishing
  • Helps to soothe and smooth out dry patches
  • Calms itch
  • Great under a moisturiser for extremely stubborn patches
  • Can be used on the face and small patches on the body
  • Can also be used on combination skin to help balance skin (don’t over use of course)
  • Great in winter
  • Great customer support! I messaged them about concerns and they were really helpful, they also have a lot on their website about the products.
  • I currently have a spout of skin infection on my neck (not attractive!) and whilst I’m on antibiotics, its become so itchy and dry. It became unmanageable with just a standard lotion or spray and so I turned to this oil to help and it feels so much better. More than anything, it is so soothing and stops any itch for me. Over time it helps to soften my skin up. The antibiotic cream I have also stings so applying this after has helped!
  • Before and after one day below 🙂 the spots are part of the skin infection but the dryness has smoothed out around them.
  • Current SkinSkin


To be honest, I don’t really have any. The price is steep but at the same time I feel this is the best oil I have used for eczema and so I think it is worth it. But if you aren’t sure, it does last for ages. An alternative would be to make your own!

Take a look at the organic pharmacy website for more info!

Have you used this oil?

Have you used another oil which is great for eczema?

Share below!

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