What’s been good?

As humans it’s in our nature to think of the worst case scenario, what could go wrong in any given situation. It can help us with survival in evolution terms but it also means we focus our energy on the bad.

How often do you think about everything that is going well? I’ll admit I’m definitely someone who focuses on all of the negatives first. I have to say British people like to moan don’t we. So I thought why not do a weekly check in on a Sunday where we discuss what’s been good in the past week. A time to focus on the good and the good only.

Firstly since its the new year how about a year of good.

So what’s been good?

1) I passed my MSc with a distinction

2) I got a new job delivering psychological Interventions just what I wanted!

3) I got my eczema under major control. I don’t live in fear it will get to its extremities anymore

4) I finished the year with a skincare routine in place which I like.

5) I applied for the clinical doctorate. Though it’s a trial run it felt good to get onto this final step to become a psychologist πŸ™‚

6) I’ve moved away from home. Though this may seem strange its given me perspective on what’s important to me and I’ve needed that

7) I got to see the lion king in theatre πŸ™‚

It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, a focus on positives can really help to bring the good to the focus.Β 

So what’s been good?

One Response to “What’s been good?”
  1. Claire says:

    In 14 days it will mark 12 months without any medicated cream. In 2015 my goal is to make sure that after every bath/shower I use moisturisers. I have dry skin any way regardless to the eczema although if I don’t use moisturisers on the rest of my body it doesn’t create a big problem although on the flip side my skin is better using cream. My second goal is to get my face more used to wearing makeup. My theory is to split the year up. Jan-mar I will use makeup 1 day a week, Apr – Jun 2 days Jul-Sep 3 days Oct – Dec 4 days. I suppose this time next year I can tell you if my theory has worked. Happy New Year to all.


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