Letting go of Negativity.

I’m not sure about you but I feel I’m always more inclined to react negatively than positively to any given situation. When a pimple might break out on my skin my negative brain will moan and get annoyed, thinking of every negative under the sun. If I was positive I may appreciate a pimple is far less to deal with than the eczema I’ve seen over the years but my negative primitive brain takes over and at first I find it beyond difficult to see the positive side. I get caught up in a negative whirlwind of emotion… anger, pain,  constant inner turmoil. I get worked up easily.

I am aware of my negativity, aware of how extreme it can sometimes be. I have begun to reflect on the impact it really has on everyday life,  relationships and the way I feel deep down too. Negativity takes its toll and when you pair that with a good memory you’re left with constant reminders of all the negatives… be it if a person,  place or situation. If I feel let down by a friend,  I find myself getting worked up reminding myself of all the negatives of the friendship. I become fixated on all the negative.

If you know where I’m coming from you’ll know the constant inner struggle of just falling deeper and deeper into a pool of Negativity. You want to get out but you just feel so low and pessimistic and can’t seem to get on over that bridge to positivity even though you know it would be amazing to leave that negativity forever…..

So what do we do? I began mindfulness a few months back but stopped during a busy summer. Mindfulness and it’s goal of allowing you to become less reactive,  more present, calm and accepting is one potential option. If you remember I was using headspace and it allows you just 10 minutes of calm in a hectic life.

Right now,  I’m feeling very negative. My skin is not the worst. It’s manageable yet my relationship with my partner has begun to negatively affect my whole life. I’ve allowed negativity to reside inside me literally throughout the day ongoing for some time now. I feel in constant turmoil in need of some peace.

So tomorrow I start on Headspace take 20. Giving myself at least one sitting a day of mindfulness. I need calm, I need myself to relax and reduce the negativity I’m constantly feeling so I can feel happy. I’m currently my own worst enemy.

Do you ever feel like this?

What do you use to remain positive?

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