The Gratitude Challenge #Day 5

My post is a tad late today (I was way to into the World Cup game! That was a game and a half if you watched too!).

Today I realised that my thinking about gratitude began to think about other people and the benefits of just letting people know what I am grateful for that they do. I have begin to find it a bit harder to find my own gratitude but thought it best to try and still find 3 things I am grateful for about myself even its not about the dat at hand.

Self Gratitude List:

1. I am grateful that I spent some time reading before bed last night (after my #Day 4 post hence it is part of today’s list!). I really enjoy reading and to be honest when life gets busy or so it seems, that seems to be the first thing that goes off of my leisure list. I decided that I’m not going to stop that anymore as 1) My to read list is getting longer by the day! 2) For me, it is a great way to unwind at the end of the day, after I’ve done my evening skin routine, after I’ve got into bed and put all of the electronics away. I think electronics are not the best (says the girl sitting at her laptop blogging!) but you know what I mean. The overuse of electronics for me feels like a waste of time. Like I could sit on my laptop for hours, but unless it is for a reason such as blogging, or doing research, or uni work. You can really waste away the hours just surfing the web, checking social media etc. I’m really trying to cut that down at the moment, because realistically I want to focus more on my world and me. After a couple hours of just being on my laptop or my phone, I think what a waste of time so I’m trying to proactively change that. This reading before bed is a great way to spend my last 30 mins and sometimes my first 30 minutes of the day too just focused on me, my book and maybe a cup of herbal tea!


2. I am glad that I have actually focused on the good of others today. I get into this really bad habit of doubting others, assuming the worst…its my pessimistic nature talking! Probably my own insecurities shining through but when your mind begins to hit overthinking mode…its like a losing battle at times… you ruin positive moments and moods of others. So yesterday I decided that I really need to begin to be more grateful toward others and that’s when I realised how helpful gratitude can be at truly appreciating people you take for granted in your daily life as well. To just remind you of what the positives are rather than focusing on the bad they do. I think for me this is definitely a great thing. I thought about perhaps starting a list for my BF, not even to share with him but just for me to look at when I begin to think negatively as a reminder of the positive. I’m glad that I sat and thought about what I am grateful for about him today. It really does help to put me in a better mood by focusing on the good which in turn means I’m even better as a gf! Win win!


3. I am glad that I have recieved my last semester exam results and am right on the path towards a distinction in my MSc!! In my bachelors degree I was very nearly close to a first (I got 68.2 and needed 70 to achieve a first!) so it would really e so great to gain a distinction in my MSc now.I am glad that my work so far is paying off and I’ve got to just keep pushing on now until its all handed in!



I thought I would share a couple points from my boyfriend gratitude list also:


1. I am grateful that you are always so positive. I am such a negative person at times, that its great that you take everything as it comes, let things go and see the positive in things. It makes me see things differently. It is an attitude I guess I try and strive for and I’m grateful you are so positive as an example for me.


2. I am grateful that you take me as I am. I can be so embrassed around people, feel uncomfortable and I have a tendency to overthink situations…you have always tried and made me feel more comfortable, I thank you for being patient with me at times when I have been negative and it has spread into our relationship. Now when I really sit and think about it, I remember the times you had me over when I had called saying I felt horrible as my face had flared up and I didn’t want to go out, the time you realised I had this blog and you didn’t laugh or make me feel like it was a bad thing but encouraged it, the number of times you have allowed me to get angry when it was not fault of your own….and easily got past it after I have let the mood pass (I can be stubborn I know!) so thanks for your patience.



So what are you grateful for today?

One Response to “The Gratitude Challenge #Day 5”
  1. Patricia says:

    I’m grateful that:
    1. I walked more today than I have all year! Over 16,500 steps, and I wasn’t planning on it.
    2. That I found that overcharge for $12.45 on a receipt and went back and got my refund. Thank goddess I just didn’t put it in the recycle pile! Yay for being diligent.
    3. That I treated myself to a new yoga mat and a couple of other things, including some cute cheap sunglasses for $2.50 each. I deny myself “fun” stuff too often.
    4. That the roses I bought before have opened up and look beyond stunning. I have never had such luck with roses and they were so worth the money I spent on them. I can’t stop staring at them.


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