The Gratitude Challenge #Day 4

1. I’m glad that I took some time out today and chilled out. I’ve been working a lot recently on a stressful assignment so I’m glad I took the evening off to watch the football (I do get into my football! ) and spend time with my brother for a whole which I don’t often get the chance to do. It’s back to work tomorrow but I’m glad I took the time to chill out today.

2. I’m glad I have been sticking to my July challenges. I have been having lemon water every morning,  doing this gratitude challenge and began my oil cleansing yesterday. I’m not rushing it either but taking my time. Usually at around day 3 I’m ready to give up but I feel really determined this month and have seen it as a positive addition to my routine rather than “Ugh I’ve got to do so and so now”. I think that the change in attitude is definitely good! I see it alot more positively.

3. I have recently felt quite self conscious of my skin. I’ve worn make up literally every time I am out of the house even when I go and see my loved ones in their own homes…I guess since the spots started to become an issue, I’ve got scars on my face which make me feel uncomfortable when my skin is bare. I know the eczema gives me hyperpigmentation but I’ve never had to deal with acne scars in this sense and I really don’t like it. It’s something else to add on top of eczema. Today I came to visit my boyfriend without my usual make up and I’m glad that I did this. I have got myself into a bad habit of wearing make up so much I really have started to hate my skin without it (bad habit I know! ). Its not that I all of a sudden love my skin but I’ve come to realise I can’t realistically feel better about my own skin mentally if I’m so afraid of having it on show even to those I love. I guess I’m glad I made a first step today. My skin isn’t perfect and I will continue to wear make up I know that but wearing it to only pop out to me is becoming unhealthy so I’m glad I took the plunge without today.

What are you grateful for today? 

A happy 4th July weekend to all that celebrate too!  šŸ™‚

One Response to “The Gratitude Challenge #Day 4”
  1. Patricia says:

    I’m grateful that I:
    1. Got so many steps in today: over 13,500. Beautiful weather for walking.
    2. Bought spirulina at my local health food store. I take it in tablet form every day, but this is a great brand at a great price and adding it as a powder to my vegan smoothie every morning will make things easier.
    3. That I did such good stretches first thing and also used my resistance band.
    4. That I finally began brushing with turmeric powder–tastes weird, but nothing ventured…
    5. That I bought absolutely gorgeous roses–18 stems for $10! Nine of them are a deep fuchsia and the other nine are a deep orange. And baby’s breath came with them.


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