The Gratitude Challenge #Day 3

I’m actually so glad I started doing this gratitude challenge as I feel that today I actually started to think about what I have done that is positive without even meaning to. It’s like I automatically begun to think about it and that’s definitely a good sign. It is all too easy to forget about yourself!

So here is my self-gratitude list for today:

1) I am so happy to have received my oils from the Soap Kitchen in the UK today! I am so glad I am back to actively creating DIY beatuty solutions for my skin. I started to consider it ages ago but gave up too easily so I’m really glad that I am really motivated to do it this time! I realised I was way above my head last time, so trying it one step at a time this time around and I think this will make it more manageable! Tonight I can’t wait to try the oil cleansing method and I’ll update you guys on that soon! I’m grateful for being open to the new and sometimes strange ways of cleansing the body (remember the oil pulling challenge?!). I think sometimes people are too used to the “norm” of doing things that they forget a lot of the “norm” in today’s western society involves using harsh chemicals, preservatives and harsh products instead of using nature at its best. I’m glad I have finally realised this because over the last couple of years it has really helped me to find great solutions to eczema naturally. I guess I’m glad for my open mind to new ideas and being up for trying these methods to help my skin. If I didn’t, I would still be at the doctors asking for steroids ….(*shudders at the thought*)

2) I have a job interview! I am currently finishing the majority of my MSc and so have been applying for jobs. I am literally so skint at the moment that I miss a full time income so badly so it is great news, I’m so glad I applied! If any of you know the field of psychology in the UK, its pretty competitive and hard to get the good old “assistant psychologist” break so fingers crossed I begin to get some luck! I’m so glad I have been applying with the hopes that eventually someone will like my skills and hire me (let’s hope!) sooner rather than later!

3) I am grateful that I have begun to dedicate more time to my skincare routine. Time has always been an issue for me. I am such a faffer in a sense, I waste time and so I’m glad I have begun to think about my time to make better use of it. I went through a “lazy” phase where I couldn’t be bothered to do my skincare routine diligently and fully, like I knew that one cleanse wouldn’t probably be enough to remove my make up and then cleanse my skin too at night (I tend to wear make up daily when I’m out of the house at the moment because of the scars!) and to be honest this lack of thorough cleansing, it is probably one of the reasons I begun to break out more. I’m glad I have put skin back as top priority and put it into perpective that 10-20 minutes on my skincare is actually no time at all! I have that time so why not put it to good use? I’m grateful that I am actively seeing my own role in my bad skin and trying to change it. Not only with products but also with the lemon water in the morning (this is handy as I can use some of the fresh lemon juice for application on my scars too as a bonus 🙂 ) and lifestyle changes. If my skin is important to me which obviously it is as I blog about it constantly I need to pull my socks up and I think I have! My morning and evening skincare routine is a priority and I’m glad I haven’t been slacking recently.

I went on a bit today! But that is what I am grateful for of myself today. How about you? Have you managed to be grateful to what you have accomplished throughout the day? The week? Share it below, I’d love to hear!

One Response to “The Gratitude Challenge #Day 3”
  1. Patricia says:

    Yikes–I wrote this down and it’s been so long I’ve forgotten, but I have been writing things down in my journal. That’s one thing I’m grateful for: that I’ve been journaling daily.


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