Self gratitude. Can you do it?

Self gratitude is the ability to appreciate self without the benefit of an outside influence (Article Source:

I have to admit it is something I find hard to do…. To offer appreciation and gratitude to myself… When was the last time I was thankful for what I do have? Probably awhile back! I’m a pessimist at heart. Guilty, guilty, guilty…. I see the downside before the upside in all situations and to be honest it can be such a downer on life!

Since beginning to meditate,  I started to realise that the negativity caused by my own way of thinking can eat away at me,  making me feel I’m not good enough, not pretty enough and so on (you know how it goes!). This negativity in itself makes me worried because it makes me feel doubtful of myself in my career,  my relationships,  my appearance, you name it. It feeds into every aspect of life.

Life throws so much at us that and the question is do you ever stop for a moment to really appreciate what you do have,  what you have accomplished, the things that you are grateful for? Now if you’re reading this you probably have problem skin and that can get us down, I don’t know about you but I find it hard to offer myself gratitude when I feel negative about my skin…I see all the bad,  tunnel vision. …. But actually when I look back I’ve accomplished so much….. without the pain of flare ups and the change to appearance skin problems cause,  I doubt I’d be a strong as I am now, I am strong, I am grateful for that truly. I’ve come through flare up after flare up with a smile on my face, I wouldn’t have this blog with over 600 followers if it wasn’t for eczema and I appreciate that this has made me a better person in general….I am grateful for all of that but I never truly reflect on it enough to appreciate it. The same applies to other aspects of my life…

I don’t know about you but I’m quick to be appreciative of those around me… so I thought it is about time I offered myself some self gratitude. Not only will it allow me to focus more on positivity but also help me to appreciate why I love me just the way I am πŸ™‚ something I easily forget. … You don’t need someone else to persuade you you’re amazing,  you need to remind yourself and self gratitude can help πŸ™‚

There are so many ways to practise this and some gratitude ideas I liked from other bloggers can be seen here:

The Seeds of Beauty
Gala Darling
Mel Hunt

I absolutely LOVE the jar idea! You get a jar,  write notes for everything you are grateful for and perhaps read it at the end of the year to reflect.

If this post hits home with you,  why don’t you practise some self love with me this July? I’ll be waking up daily and reflecting on 3 things I’m grateful or thankful for or love about myself. As long as it’s something positive, you can say it!  I’ll be posting for you guys so please join in.

Let’s get away from the negativity a skin disorder can cause by focusing on the positive things we are happy with. … Sometimes we just need a little push to really remember all we love about life and are grateful for. So do it with me this July.

Do you offer yourself gratitude and self love? Will you join in this challenge?

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