Nail Polish Review for those who itch: Kiko nail lacquer

Ever since my eczema sprung up,  immaculate nails has been impossible to achieve easily. I would paint my nails ( two coats and a clear coat) only to have them chip within a day and need repainting. They would look as though I had painted them awhile back,  not a day ago! I got so fed up I turned to acrylics for awhile. Now these were great and the softness of the acrylic also meant it was softer when I itched. But they cost at least £18 to fill in….

I love having polished nails but with the constant itching that can come with eczema,  I have always found it hard to find a polish that actually stays without having to visit the salon….

Last weekend by chance my sister purchased this nail colour and on a Sunday afternoon out in the sun, I decided to paint my nails. I haven’t painted my own nails in so long!  Now 6 days later the Polish is just starting to chip and I had to share with you because for me this is AMAZING!

I painted a clear protective under coat and two coats of the nail colour amd here are my nails today:


For me this is actually incredible. I try not to itch but I know I’m guilty of doing it especially in my sleep. As a girl,  it’s now to finally find a polish that stays on for those with itchy skin! I don’t have to repaint my nails every other day with this so I will be purchasing more!

I have used Barry M, Rimmel, 17, L’oreal to no avail but this Kiko nail colour has been one I had to share with you!

Have you used a nail Polish brand that stays on?

4 Responses to “Nail Polish Review for those who itch: Kiko nail lacquer”
  1. I haven’t painted my fingernails since I found out I was allergic to various chemicals (contibuting to my rosacea and eczema), but I use 3-free and 5-free brands on my toes in the summer. No formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl pthalate and other chemicals. Yours look pretty! That’s a nice red!


    • Selina says:

      Which nail polishes do you use? And I don’t usually like such bright colours but thought I’d try it! Glad I did as its stayed on pretty well!


  2. Zest says:

    That’s a great find! I also haven’t painted my nails since I started with the eczema, coz the constant chipping annoyed me. I definitely want to get back to it again though 🙂


    • Selina says:

      I used to always get so downhearted when I knew it just takes so much upkeep to have pretty nails I.e. painting then all the time!

      Glad this one has stayed so well after just under a week 🙂


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